Is Top Flite A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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Whether searching for golf clubs or golf balls, avid golfers almost unquestionably have come across the Top Flite brand when shopping at one of the many golf shops worldwide. They are a well-known brand that mainly produces clubs for players with severe handicaps and novices just starting. Even though Top Flite golf clubs are not likely to be found in the bags of Tour pros, they have something to offer players at the average skill level. If you are looking for a new set of clubs or clubs to replace your old ones, you might wonder whether Top Flite is a decent option. The question of whether or not Top Flite is a good golf club brand arises because Top Flite golf balls and clubs are significantly less expensive than premium clubs.

 We have given you all the information you need to decide if Top Flite is a company that could help your golf game.

 Let’s review everything you need to know about the Top Flite brand.

A Brief History Of The Top Flite Brand

In 1971, Spalding introduced their Top Flite line of golf balls. In 1996, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts acquired Top Flite with the assistance of external investment. As demand for golf balls was declining at the beginning of the new millennium, Nike and Callaway entered the market. The leveraged transaction by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts ran into issues with the loan payments. In April 2003, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts changed the firm’s name from Spalding to Top Flite after selling the ball line and the company to Russell Corporation. In 2003, the company sought protection under Chapter 11 after selling Spalding and rebranding itself. Callaway saved the company by purchasing Top Flite for the intellectual property (IP) linked to the production of golf balls. It allowed Callaway to continue operations. All three brands, Ben Hogan, Strata, and Top Flite, were acquired. For nearly ten years, before its sale to Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2012, Callaway made use of the intellectual property owned by Top Flite to manufacture improved golf balls. The golf ball plant in Chicopee did not end up being sold. Following the acquisition of Top Flite Golf Clubs by Dick’s Sporting Goods, the clubs were designed, manufactured, and assembled in a state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible plant that Top-Flite Golf Club Company operates in Costa Mesa, California. The brand’s resuscitation is supported through distribution across over 850 Dick’s Sporting Goods stores and other resellers. In addition, the advancements made by Top Flite made it possible for the company to be the first to market multi-layered and two-piece golf balls, both of which were firsts in the history of the sport.

What Is Top Flite Best Known For, And What Products Do They Offer?

The brand Top Flite is rarely discussed by industry professionals. However, the company is well-known for producing clubs suitable for beginners. A significant portion of the technology that goes into their clubs is designed to improve forgiveness and distance.

For instance, because high MOI is in such high demand among players with high handicaps, many clubs that cater to these players prioritize providing it. Yet, despite this, they use the same forgiving technology and features as other manufacturers, such as Taylormade and Callaway.

1. Golf balls

The first company to sell multi-layered and two-piece golf balls were Top Flite. Callaway used the company to launch their famous golf ball line, produced at the original Top Flite ball factory.

2. Golf Clubs

Complete box sets from Top Flite include a variety of golf clubs with graphite and steel shafts. These sets are ideal for beginners.

 If you are concerned about whether or not you will have a long-term interest in golf, purchasing a set that includes a bag will help lower the initial investment required.

3. The Top Flite Gamer Tour driver 

The Top Flite Gamer Tour driver features some draw bias because the weighting is positioned toward the club’s heel. The titanium composite face provides exceptional comfort for a driver of this caliber. However, it generates a great deal of ball speed. The enormous head and the broad face will make it easier for you to hit the sweet spot more frequently.

 4. Junior Golf Clubs

Juniors need assistance to get the ball as far as it can go when they throw it. The junior clubs that Top Flite sells are also available at reasonable prices, which makes it possible to generate excitement without going overboard.

5. Women’s Golf Clubs

Because of their lower stature, on average, women require lighter clubs than men to reach the same level of speed and distance. In addition, this set’s irons, wedges, and hybrids are all perimeter weighted, which improves accuracy in the areas where it is most important.

6. Top Flite Top Flight 5.0 Soft Feel Mallet Putter

When you need to see how the face lines up with the ball, the Top Flight 5.0 mallet putter is a fantastic option, as a result of the single bend in the neck, you will have a more transparent and unobstructed view of the ball when you are squared up to it.

 What Does XL In Top-Flite Mean?

On Top-Flite golf clubs and balls, the designation XL stands for extra-long. According to Top-Flite, the construction of these golf balls may cause them to go further than standard balls when struck by golfers who swing the club at a faster rate than average. The same holds for Top-Flite XL clubs, and contrary to widespread assumption, the shaft length is not necessarily a determining factor in every situation. In general, casual golfers will notice little difference in whether they use XL or standard Top-Flite equipment. Still, it’s essential to utilize equipment that matches your swing speed whenever it’s possible to do so. When you are just starting, you can invest in golf balls or clubs that promise to improve your driving distance. But instead, as you focus on developing your swing and talents on the golf course, one of your primary objectives is to select clubs like Top-Flite that are generous in their forgiveness and very simple to hit.

What Are The Pros Of Top Flite Brand Products?

Here is a list of the brand advantages you may find helpful:

  • The lower center of gravity and the cavity-backed heads make it easier for beginners to strike the ball.
  • Top Flite junior clubs are known for their excellent play and long-term viability.
  • The Top Flite complete golf set comes with a mallet putter and a golf stand bag for your clubs at a price that won’t break the bank.

What Are The Cons Of Top Flite Brand Products?

Before deciding to purchase a product from Top Flite, there are a few key considerations you need to give some thought to, as we are all aware that for every pro, there is a con:

  • Top Flite provides a few shaft alternatives.
  • Their clubs are stiff and heavy.
  • There are only a few work abilities, and the driver is prone to dents.

Is Top Flite A Good Brand?

Top-flite clubs are strongly encouraged for beginner golfers and younger players just starting. Because of their cutting-edge construction, Top Flite golf clubs are designed to be highly forgiving and easy to hit. As a beginner, one of the worst things that can happen to you is having to cope with the difficulties of hitting bladed irons from the grass, which is one of the worst things that can happen to you. The graphite shafts of Top-Flite drivers and woods are flexible, enabling them to maintain constant contact with the golf ball. The clubs have an offset design, which is advantageous for beginning golfers since it lowers the probability of slicing the ball, which is one of the most common difficulties beginning golfers face. In addition, irons with a wide sole and a shaft made of stainless steel make it easier for novice golfers to maintain control of the ball and make it less likely that they will make a mistake when they strike it.

Do Any Professionals Use Top-Flite?

Because Top Flite balls are not made for professional golfers and need the spin necessary for experts to maintain outstanding control of the ball, you will never see a professional golfer using one of these balls. There are three different brands of golf balls that professional golfers utilize. Titleist, Srixon, and Callaway are those three brands. It is not to imply that Top Flite produces golf balls of inferior quality. However, no pro can afford the distance loss that Top Flite balls have compared to premium ball makers.


Even though not every golfer would consider utilizing the Top-Flite brand, the golf clubs and balls produced by Top Flite are, without a doubt, the best option for beginner golfers looking to enhance their set of clubs without breaking the bank. You will only find a more affordable option for golf clubs here. In addition, top Flite golf clubs are forgiving and simple to hit because they were developed with the novice golfer in mind when designed.