Who Makes Panda Appliances | Evolution & Benefits Explained

who makes panda appliances

Panda electronics is one of the famous and top brands in China and the international market. You can get all kinds of home appliances from panda electronics with the latest and most remarkable technologies. But ever wondered who makes panda appliances?

The Nanjing Panda Electronics Co Ltd makes panda appliances. The company has a reputation for providing the best quality electronics like data cards, mobile phones, administrative software, and set-top boxes for mobile satellite communication.

They also manufacture electronic appliances like washers, dryers, cookware, etc. Its headquarter is situated in Nanjing, China. 

The joint venture with North Korea greatly enriches its reputation in the international market. However, panda group doesn’t disappoint its customers because its products are affordable, upgraded, and contain varieties. You can get all the electronic home appliances from one single panda shop.

Evolution History Of Panda Appliances

The history of panda appliances is not very complicated. It’s a Chinese manufacturer that produces electronic products. But Panda appliances started its journey as a panda group in 1936, which basically manufactured radios.

During the Chinese civil war, the company shifted its plan to Taiwan. However, their remaining plant became known as Nanjing wireless electronics plant after its re-establishment. And in 1995, Nanjing wireless electronics was named the electronic panda group.

Later in 1996, the company was listed on the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges. It was also linked with the people’s Liberation Army.

After that, the company collaborated with the North Korean Government and got a joint venture. Panda electronics was ranked 6th among China’s top software companies.

But unluckily, Donald Trump issued a U.S. Sanction in 2020, stating that the company has links with the People’s Liberation Army. Things have started going somewhat downhill for Panda Electronics after that.

Good Sides of Panda Appliances

The panda group is a pretty well-established and popular brand in China and worldwide. Obviously, they have the quality to maintain their reputation.

Here are the facts that would change your mind about using the panda appliances:


Panda electronics provide all ranged price products for their customers. Compared to other companies, in panda appliances, you can find low-price and top-notch high-end products such as washers, stoves, thermos, etc.

Latest Technology

Panda electronics also supplies security appliances that contain the latest software.

On top of that, electronic products are updated every year to cope with the latest technologies in the world. So, you don’t need to worry about the old electronic hardware at your home if you buy them from Panda electronics.

Portable And Compact

All the panda electronic products are pretty compact, which makes them portable. The compact design also makes them easy to use. Even the washing machine from panda electronics is comfortable to carry anywhere.


If you get some home appliances from Panda electronics, you can rest assured about the quality of the product. From glassware to washer or dryer, anything you buy, you will get top-notch quality on each product.

As the company has been in the market for more than five decades, you can rely on its reputation. Popularity among the customers is another answer to your concern.

Product Variations

Not only do the panda appliances keep several types of products, but also, they have huge variations on each. For example, buying a dryer or washer will notice huge variations based on build materials, capability, colors, etc.

Get Everything You Need

If you don’t like to wander around for each home appliance you are looking for, you can directly go to panda appliances. You will get everything you need in the panda shop – from an electric fan and a rice cooker to several housewares!

Panda Product Lineup

who makes panda appliances

Panda electronics have provided an enormous variety of home appliances for decades. If you ought to buy some for your home, you can look at the small list of top products from panda appliances. 


You can get premium glassware from panda electronics with various designs. They come with a never-peel-off design, which is also ideal for restaurant use. 


You can buy cookware like an electric kettle, Blender with powerful machines, and an electric jug from panda. They all come with premium quality and durable features.

Electric Fan

Several electric fans like tables or stands are available at panda electronics. Buy the suitable model you need.


Thermos is on hot sale in winter. You can get different models on thermos based on volume capacity, body build, etc.


Single or double! Teflon coating or SS body! Detachable or permanent trivet! You can buy any variations of stoves from panda appliances.

Laundry & Iron

For laundry purposes, you can buy a compact washing machine and dryer from panda. There are also iron boards and premium quality iron to press the clothes.

Rice Cooker

High-quality rice cookers from panda electronics make the day easier when it comes to cooking.


You can buy safety regulators along with the hose pipe from panda electronics. There are rubber and stainless-steel models on the hose and regulators.


Worried about load shedding? There are also rechargeable LED lights on panda electronics to remove the darkness.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any disadvantages of panda appliances?

Despite its rich reputation, the panda group has some disadvantages. You can’t buy any products from their official website. It would be best if you went to the physical stores. Sometimes, there are issues with the warranty claim.

Are panda washers useful?

Yes, the panda washers are pretty helpful. You can buy this compact machine to work comfortably and move it anywhere anytime. However, purchasing it from retail stores would be best because the company doesn’t sell to customers directly.

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Bottom Line

Panda electronics is one of the world’s oldest and most valued brands. They started their journey 86 years ago. Even at present, they are dominating both Chinese and international markets. It’s only possible because of their high-quality materials and good customer service.

Hopefully, you have learned who makes panda appliances after the discussion. You can get your home appliances from panda electronics. But the minor problem is that you have to find retail stores or online platforms like Amazon. 

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