9 Roofing Marketing Strategies That Work In 2023

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Marketing is a method of creating, buying, exploring, advertising, and delivering products to promote a business and meet the demands of the target clients. Marketing strategy is a long-term plan that plays a vital role to flourish business and achieve future goals. Every business needs a strategy because it allows the company to work with limited resources and seeks the best opportunities to increase the sale rate and fulfill the demands of customers within the time- limit. Just like other businesses, the roofing business also needs marketing strategies to promote the services and attract potential clients.

Importance Of Roofing Marketing Strategies

A roof is a top covering of a building, and every building needs a unique style of the roof according to location because a perfect roof style protects the building from the harsh environment, there are three types of roof designs; a gable roof features two sloping sides, a flat roof has a low pitch and horizontal level, and a hip roof characterizes slopes on all its sides. So the roofing industry has become very popular and needs marketing strategies for future planning. These strategies prove beneficial for growth and expansion and make a path for future decisions. Roof marketing is a method to target potential clients and know their demands to give excellent services and promote brands. An effective roof marketing strategy helps to improve roofing services with the help of customers’ reviews and helps in business growth. Thus roofing marketing strategies are crucial for serving clients and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends.

9 Roofing Marketing Strategies That Work In 2022

 A roofing contractor is an expert who replaces, repairs, designs, and installs roofs, and roofing marketing strategies help him to advertise his services and products to attract clients more effectively. Therefore some crucial marketing strategies are listed here to promote your roofing services and to meet your future goals.

1. Build A Seo Optimized Website

SEO stands for search engine optimization and helps to improve the quality of website function, and a website is a great marketing tool. So building a website crucial to maintain an online presence, and uploading content related to roofing services helps to encounter more customers, and it is the best roofing marketing strategy because many people get information about products and services through the internet before approaching a roof designer. We live in a digital era, so an excellent online roofing marketing strategy is crucial for establishing a reputation in the market. Your roofing business website must show an accurate reflection of your work and prove helpful in the following tasks:

  • The website must contain all necessary information related to contact details that help in engaging more customers.
  • Accurate reflection of brand or services and show roofing materials and durability of the work.
  • The website must show the uniqueness and creativity of the work and make it unique among others.
  • Help in promoting roofing services to make more sales.
  • Help in the connection of distant customers with you and develop a healthy business relationship.
  • Must include a landing page for customer convenience.
  • Must ensure fast web page loading speed.
  • Ensure that the website must be mobile friendly.
  • Must include the purpose of the work and how you can give services to your customers to satisfy them with your work.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to a marketing strategy of sending emails and promotional messages to a group of people to promote the brand. Email marketing provides a chance to engage more customers because people like to check their emails and messages regularly and love to be up-to-date with changing situations. It also allows for building the trust of clients and making a connection between you and your customers. Therefore, use a professional email marketing platform that contains pre-making templates and allows you to upload your images and work with little effort. So must include crucial tips and information in email marketing campaigns such as:

  • Tell the customers how you replace old roofs and what type of material is used during the roof construction.
  • Must prepare a customized quote for potential customers that contain reminders associated with replacing their old roofs.
  • Must include the average cost of roof construction or replacement of the roof.
  • Must give a discount offer to get the attention of several clients.
  • Must list the new homeowners and commercial roof leads, it helps you to convey a message to the right people.
  • Focus on collecting email addresses from clients and send an email newsletter weekly or monthly to keep your customers up-to-date with your roofing business progress.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great strategy to build credibility by providing informative content and writing a relevant blog can create several clients. You can take help from a freelance copywriter to write a blog, write answers to the questions of people related to roof maintenance, and show your concern for your clients to attract more customers. Content roofing marketing strategy plays a critical role in the overall marketing plan, focuses to show the context related to services, and proves helpful to make a profit. When you write a blog for content marketing should keep these tips in mind:

  • Writing content related to clients’ concerns and telling about your latest work.
  • Must create fresh content related to roof maintenance services to facilitate your customers.
  • Must update your content and blog posts with the industry’s latest standards or refine content throughout the year.
  • Must focus on the quality of the content despite the quantity and not need to create a blog weekly or monthly basis.
  • Focus on creating high-quality content and try to solve the issues of the clients related to the roofing structure.
  • Your blog must include topics related to roof repair, damage, and emergency services that you provide when the need arises.
  • Must write about your past experiences and explain how you manage project budgets and complete them within the time limit.
  • Must write about your specializations related to your work and quote job site stories.
  • Include a section in your blog to answer the question of potential clients.
  • Must include tips for working with an insurance company after roof damage.

4. Social Media Advertisement

Social media advertisement is a cost-effective marketing strategy but choosing the right option for a roofing business has a strong influence on it. YouTube and Google have become very popular search engines, and people spend a lot of time with these social media apps. Facebook and Instagram are very famous social media platforms to promote a business. Paid advertisements are an expensive method of marketing but prove very useful to advertise a brand or services. Social media advertisements play a significant role in marketing when there is stiff competition and prove helpful in these ways:

  • PPC stands for pay-per-click, and after building the SEO website it proves much more effective for local searches from ideal customers.
  • Google local services help to maintain the interaction between you and your customers and cost-effective than PPC.
  •  Google Ads provides all the necessary information to customers related to your roofing services when they search for a roofer contractor.
  • Skippable, non-skippable, and out-stream ads are examples of YouTube ads and get many potential roofer customer attention.
  • Uploading tailor-make content on Facebook to satisfy particular customers’ needs.
  • Facebook provides a chance for roofers to boost awareness among people related to their services.
  • Must claim a Facebook business page for uploading the latest posts and photos related to your work for online visitors.
  • Make an Instagram account and upload several photos to stay engaged with customers.
  • Instagram helps in defining the niche demography to target specific clients.
  • People also view comments and likes on Instagram and Facebook that are uploaded by customers and make an opinion on the base of these comments.

5. Manage Online Reviews

It is not enough for roofing marketing to build a website and promote services on social media platforms because people need accurate information and positive reviews. Social media also help you keep an eye on your competitors in the market and learn from their experiences and how they manage their clients and online reviews. For this reason, claim online review sites like Google My Business for review management because people care about reviews. Online reviews play a crucial role in to flourish roofing business, and the number of new leads and sales directly affects the customer’s mind and has an impact on the purchase rate. It is an excellent marketing strategy to promote your work, and the following tips prove helpful in replying to every review:

  • Ensures that all information uploaded on different social media apps is accurate and informative.
  • Thanks to customers for their positive reviews.
  • It is crucial to manage online reviews and respond to all reviews.
  • Handle negative reviews carefully and take every opportunity to grow positive reviews that help in boosting sales.
  • Do not be frustrated by negative reviews react thoughtfully and ask them to give you a chance to make things right.

6.  Referral Program Strategy

Referral marketing is a promotional strategy base on word-of-mouth marketing techniques and encourages your loyal customers to refer new customers. You can give some discount offers to your clients for their services to increase the leads. Referral marketing helps in building instant trust and reputation for your business, and your current customers spread positive words about your business. People trust the opinion of other customers and respect the recommendations of their relatives or friends to get services, therefore word-of-mouth strategy proves powerful to grow roofing business. Some tips to help you in creating referral programs for customers such as:

  • Set future goals that you want to achieve from this program.
  • Identify the resources for this program such as family, current customers, friends, team members, and community members.
  • Decide attractive offers that you can give both current and new customers.
  • Tell others how you can bring betterment in customer services to give good products.
  • Tell how your roofing services are different and long-lasting from others and give information about the quality of the material that you used during construction.
  • Educate people about your roofing business and referral program by creating blogs or videos related to the roofing business.
  • Give customer services beyond the customer’s expectations to satisfy them and build trust in your roofing business.
  • Do not disappoint your current customers by not responding to their reviews because they play a significant role in your business growth.
  • Build a business relationship with other investors and property managers to promote your roofing services.
  • Advertise referral programs through easily reachable key marketing channels.

7.  Billboards Roofing Marketing Strategy

Billboards are large panels on which bills are posted and used for outdoor advertisements. It is a large attractive medium used for digital ads to capture the attention of customers and new homeowners. Offline marketing strategies continue to be effective, have long-term effects, and not be neglected in the presence of online marketing strategies and help in approaching old age customers who are not used any social media apps. They have their place and importance and prove beneficial for marketing, roofing business growth, and targeting clients. There are some suggestions for you when you promote roofing services through billboards such as:

  • Select beautiful colors and designs that catch the eye and excellent font style to make posts attractive.
  • Select a busy traffic road or strategic location to place billboards to ensure that many people see them.
  • Showcase brand personality and put a humorous twist to increase purchasing.
  • Customize your roofing services to attract more clients.
  • Must include discount offers to get the attention of potential customers.
  • Must include special offers for the replacement of the roofs.
  • Ensure that your contact details and all the information related to your work are accurate and provide a complete guideline.
  • Focus on the goals, and optimize your billboard services, designs, and locations.
  • Use simple and easy wording for billboard ads to make them clear to read, easy to understand, and memorable.

8.  Business Card Marketing Strategy

Distribution of business cards among target communities is a successful marketing technique because many people judge or select a roofer contractor by the quality of business cards. Many people are impressed with your professionalism and the quality of your roofing services when you have a business card, it conveys clear information and all crucial details of contacts like email address, phone number, and website address of your roofing business and easily saves or stores. To distribute cards to generate more leads, send business cards to your potential customers and place cards on the community notice board. Business cards promote a roofing business in several ways such as:

  • Business cards are crucial to capture the attention of clients because they show your professionalism and has a long-lasting impression on the mind of customers.
  • Select the best paper, color, design, layout, and writing style to make your business card unique and write your roofing services in detail.
  • Business cards tell about the creativity of your roofing work so make it stylish and unique.
  • Roofing business faces many hurdles and competitors, and a unique business card helps you to stand out among others. In addition to conveying essential information, a well-crafted business card design serves as a visual representation of your roofing expertise, leaving a lasting impression that sets your services apart in a competitive market.
  • Business cards are also used for promoting a referral program therefore, write about the roofing business structure on the back side of the card.

9.  Trade Show Marketing

A trade show is a method of marketing where all roofers show their abilities, skills, and new products and services. So attending a trade show is very crucial to learn different roofing techniques from experts and learning about the solution to the problems related to your field from their experiences. You should attend the trade show due to following reasons:

  • Trade shows provide a chance to make new business partners and learn from their experiences.
  • It also gives you a chance to meet your competitors and know the reason for their progress and teach how you stand out among them with your excellent services.
  • You can generate a lead from trade shows and ensures to make a systematic way to follow up with the leads.
  • A trade show is the best way to know the solution to the problems that you face during roofing designs.
  • Trade shows or events keep you up-to-date with changing marketing strategies and the customers’ demands.
  • You learn about the new brands of roofing materials.
  • You know about the desires and expectations of the customers that they expect from your services.


Roofing companies and businesses have multiple marketing options to promote their business and earn profit. In this article, all roofing marketing strategies online and offline, their importance, and their impact on the customers are discussed in detail. Referral programs, billboards, SEO optimization websites, and email marketing are examples of roofing marketing. Both strategies play a crucial role in business growth, online marketing generates leads, and offline turn these leads into customers. Each marketing idea has its advantages and disadvantages but proves effective in business growth. So it is up to you to choose the right strategy or more than one strategy to promote your roofing business and give services to others to earn money.