17 Artificial Intelligence Startup Ideas for New Entrepreneurs

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Technology has taken over every industry recently, from health to food to security. Technology is an endless worldwide transformation since it has made life simpler for people and continues to make it easier with each passing day. That is to say; a technological firm is like an old wine; it only gets better with age. Artificial intelligence businesses have effectively established themselves as a technology that draws development and growth. With the advancement of AI, the IT industry needs more precise artificial intelligence service providers. Finding out what could work for you in this vast market might be challenging, but we’ve compiled a list of 17 AI startup ideas for you to test out and develop a lucrative firm in 2023.

Healthcare Startup Using Artificial Intelligence     

In healthcare, artificial intelligence has the potential to have a substantial influence and might even save the lives of a significant number of people. Even before patients know they have a problem, artificial intelligence systems may evaluate their medical records, diagnose concerns, and propose therapies by utilizing data from wearables and other sources. Diagnostic mistakes, which are responsible for a tragically high number of deaths each year, may be mitigated by applying AI algorithms to the analysis of patient data. Artificial intelligence is well suited to monitoring patients, and the healthcare industry requires reform. It is not out of the question that within the next five years, wearable technologies such as smartwatches and smart glasses may be able to monitor a user’s vital indicators, including their heart rate, irregular breathing pattern, and other symptoms that may require immediate medical attention. Because it is becoming more advanced and accessible, a growing number of people are using wearable technology, such as smartwatches, for healthcare applications such as monitoring their heart rate and calculating the number of steps they take.

AI-Powered Educational Apps And Online Learning Startups

Many of the most successful AI companies have also expanded into eLearning. With the advent of AI and ML applications, the power of written language has grown significantly. Artificial intelligence can teach individuals using individualized lesson plans. It has been established that individuals can learn more successfully and rapidly when their education is tailored to their skills and characteristics. An AI computer can identify, through testing, the best approach to designing personalized lesson plans that will enable people to hold down many jobs while honing their skills. It will make people more marketable in today’s competitive labor market. Students need to catch up on their schoolwork to get the assistance they need in some areas because there need to be more human teachers. Businesses that will demonstrate individualized learning in various settings, including formal and informal learning contexts, are now being developed using AI. AI can assist people in better preparing themselves for the challenges currently blocking them from moving forward by determining the most effective learning style for each learner. In the nearest future, this concept should launch both scalable and lucrative firms. Companies could make massive profits if they can comprehensively promote this notion to the general public, even for individuals with low technological expertise.

1. AI Wealth Builder

Internet trading is one of the prosperous businesses that has contributed to increased financial prosperity. Because no middlemen are involved in the system’s operation, you will receive the best return on your humanly viable investment. You may avoid making decisions based on assumptions and preconceptions by using an AI-based wealth generator to build a solid financial future for yourself. It will allow you to avoid leaving your money vulnerable to the whims and prejudices of other people.

2. AI-Powered Shop-Tech Start-UPS

In retail e-commerce, there are many applications for artificial intelligence. For example, consider shopping applications that offer a degree of personalization. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also implemented as a virtual assistant to provide customers with product recommendations tailored to their previous purchases. It is because customers are very forthcoming about the things they desire, the things that attract them, and the prices they are ready to pay for various goods and services. To gather this information, smart stores may make use of equipment connected to the Internet of Things as well as connected platforms. They might also use deep learning with AI to provide customers with the most convenient and individualized purchasing experience possible.

3. Startups With AI-Based Marketing Strategies

A system that AI powers can provide an accurate evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing due to the accumulated knowledge it has and the enhanced workflow automation analytics it offers. As a consequence of this, a system like this can provide a guarantee of minimal performance to prospective clients. In marketing, it is not difficult to understand how this could give you a considerable advantage over other businesses in the same field. Researchers and marketers can benefit from using AI and ML techniques for market forecasting because they can quickly collect and use accurate data. In addition, these programs are used in place of standard programs in any circumstance, including the personalization of services for each customer, the simplification of business processes, the performance of more accurate searches, and the suggestion of products that are complementary to one another.

4. Data Entry Automation Using Artificial Intelligence

It is common practice in the business world to use automated data entry to reduce the amount of money spent on manual data entry. However, if you have been relying on the manual way, now is the time to put the automated process through its paces. A program that automates data entry and is powered by artificial intelligence will help speed up the processing of invoices, make sales orders, and expedite the full-time heavy workload. In addition, incorporating computerized data entry into corporate solutions like Google Apps and Microsoft’s offerings can be accomplished relatively easily.

5. AI-Powered IT Services, Security, And Cyber Security Firm

When starting an AI business, one of the most promising industries to do so is the security technology sector. Conversational user interfaces are constructed on AI systems, which would be helpful to voice assistants, interactive voice response services, and cutting-edge talking applications, among other potential applications. There is the potential for hyper-converged infrastructures to incorporate both artificial intelligence and machine learning. Businesses worldwide are adopting novel information technology services and safety precautions to satisfy the ever-increasingly sophisticated requirements of IT infrastructure. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications may one day make it possible to automatically identify anomalies that point to a potential risk in a safe place. As a direct consequence of this change, there will be fewer costly data breaches. Both digital and physical security could benefit from implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are highly accurate in detecting software vulnerabilities and predicting where they may arise. If firms are aware of these vulnerabilities, they can take precautions against hackers taking advantage of them before it is too late. Maintaining an offensive advantage will win potential investors’ trust, resulting in better valuations, quarterly projections, initial public offerings, and other forms of financial success. Throughout the entirety of an artificial intelligence startup’s existence, there are a plethora of possibilities to invest in.

6. Smart Home Management With Artificial Intelligence

Regarding artificial intelligence, one of the most popular applications is home automation. Companies with this goal envision a future in which homeowners may manage their properties with the tap of a Smartphone screen. They can do so in another room or other side of the world. Compared to software and apps that don’t use AI for home automation, software and apps using AI for home automation usually have a significantly positive outcome. The primary goal of house automation is to facilitate household administration. As a result, millions of homeowners can now manage their homes with the press of a button, regardless of where they happen to be.

7. AI-Based Personal Shopping Service Market

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps businesses gain instant insights, improving their capacity to give outstanding customer service. For example, it allows retailers to stock the proper items for their client base of informed customers who demand multimodal superiority, accessible style, and customized marketing. On most e-commerce websites, customers have access to AI assistants that can guide them through selecting things that will make them look their best. If you want to get into artificial intelligence, helping this organization grow could be an excellent first step. 

8. Entertainment Startup With Artificial Intelligence

The glitzy entertainment business is attracting an increasing number of artificial intelligence companies, most of which provide AI-driven leisure apps with speech and image recognition. This trend is expected to continue. The incorporation of machine learning into these apps may inspire the development of more advanced voice assistant features as their popularity grows. The way that people watch movies, TV shows, videos, games, and sports will all be affected by AI shortly. Industry professionals have identified artificial intelligence (AI) as having the potential to increase productivity by automating various repetitive operations and providing a competitive advantage. Automation fueled by AI may make it possible for artists and content creators to devote more time to their craft while maintaining the same level of audience engagement. AI will also be able to help manufacturing companies make intelligent decisions about marketing and promotion by looking at essential data. 

9. Automating Workflow Using Artificial Intelligence

Implementing automated Workflow will enhance both the quality of the user experience and the level of productivity, even though many companies continue to rely only on manual Workflow. Because there are only so many companies that offer to design this kind of Workflow for other companies, starting a business, creating this fully automated Workflow, and selling it to others provides a large margin for profit. Artificial intelligence makes commercial operations more efficient by automating repetitive jobs, analyzing large volumes of data, and improving user interfaces. Data analysis, machine learning, and predictive analytics are three methods used to automate much key decision-making processes a company utilizes.

 An AI system may monitor normal business activities to keep an eye out for potential issues. It may have the ability to “assign” users to requests based on their performance in the past as well as their availability at the present moment. An intelligent system may employ speech-to-text conversion to build a voicemail transcript and add it to the service ticket. It would provide customer support representatives with a clear grasp of the issue and make it possible for them to resolve it more quickly. Creating a process like this could be a great way to get into the AI field.

10. AI-Powered Logistics And Supply Startup

There are many leading application AI companies that are working toward the goal of serving the supply chain and logistics industries. The management of supply chains is a vibrant industry that extensively uses artificial intelligence to address complex business challenges such as rising fuel and transportation costs. As a result, it helps the industry stay competitive and thrive. If you decide to pursue this line of work, one strategy that could help your business expand more quickly is to devise innovative ways to save costs while still meeting customers’ needs.

11. Energy Saving With Artificial Intelligence

Establishing an AI company with the primary goal of reducing the energy used and the cost of drilling operations is frequently cited as one of the most promising business concepts in the artificial intelligence industry. It is because of the exponential growth that is expected to occur as a result of the implementation of such a company. Therefore, they want to construct AI programs that can now learn and forecast future energy loads at the most fundamental levels before they combine them with other activities. In addition, it opens the door to a wide range of possible uses for reducing costs and maximizing efficiency in areas like reducing waste and cutting costs. 

12. AI-Powered News App

One AI app concept with the most potential blends cutting-edge machine learning capabilities with artificial intelligence. This application will conduct a taste test on the reader, and based on the results, the news feed’s content is then modified to fit the individual’s preferences. These specifications may also be of assistance to you in the process of customizing advertisements and marketing campaigns, both of which will assist you in bringing in an increased amount of money. You could, for instance, provide tailored notifications to someone interested in entertainment news, encouraging them to download your app. Another example may be someone interested in sports.

13. Audio-Based Search Powered By AI

As a consequence of the favorable results, there is an ever-increasing demand for applications that do searches based on audio and use artificial intelligence. People are turning to speech technology faster than ever before, and in the United States alone, more than one million people used voice assistants in the previous year. It is more than double the number of people who used voice assistants last year. It demonstrates that people’s interest in voice recognition software has steadily increased over the past few years. It is why looking into the notion that this company has might be advantageous.

14. Stock Trading Market Powered By AI

Both artificial intelligence and the financial markets have advanced significantly over time. For example, retail traders in today’s market use several tools for stock trading. Still, they also place a significant value on their intuition and the guidance they receive. For example, suppose artificial intelligence is used to run the stock market. In that case, investors can devise trading strategies, identify changing patterns, keep human feelings out of the decision-making process, and safeguard themselves from making poor decisions.

15. Fintech Startups Using Artificial Intelligence

The application of AI systems and methodologies in the financial sector is expanding at a rapid rate due to the large amount of data that is readily available and the increasing processing capacity. Firms are increasingly implementing artificial intelligence in the financial services industry in areas such as retail and corporate banking, monitoring and detecting fraudulent activity, natural language processing (NLP), customer care, asset management, trading, and insurance. Implementing AI methods in the financial sector may increase efficiency and profitability. It is accomplished by lowering transaction execution costs and fees and boosting productivity. The use of automation and cost reduction strategies allowed by technological advancements also makes it feasible to boost expenditure efficiency, reallocate available capacity, and increase the transparency of decision-making. Applications of AI in the financial industry improve the quality of services and products offered to financial consumers, improve product personalization, and diversify product offers. In addition, AI assists businesses in discovering the possible data insights required to generate investment ideas and enhances financial inclusion by helping companies assess the creditworthiness of clients with little or no credit history.


Technology-driven artificial intelligence and automation are on the rise, and if used properly, these advancements might be helpful for business owners. This compilation of artificial intelligence startup ideas will unquestionably assist the expansion of your business in any sector you choose.