10 Ways to Protect Your Personal Data

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As a technology user of a mobile phone or any other gadget, you probably want to ensure that your personal data remains in safe hands. Indeed, today’s statistics show that around 44 cyber crimes happen every second and more than 2,645 every minute. What is more, Juniper Research reveals that cyber thieves steal up to 3,809,448 records each day! 

Therefore, the more our everyday technology develops, the more cyber security we need for our data protection. Luckily, there are several easy and quick ways for you to keep your data intact. Health-related data, home or work address, genetic, and biometric information are examples of sensitive personal data that needs to remain private and secure.

How to Protect Your Personal Information in the Online World?

10 Ways to Protect Your Personal Data

Despite the risks of cybercrimes, there are always lots of ways to protect your personal information. Take a look at some of the easiest yet most effective solutions to ensure the safety for your online personal data below.

  1. First of all, make sure to make strong passwords once you create accounts on any websites. Among the basic data security tips, this piece of advice is often unreasonably neglected. However, to minimize the risk of your account being hacked, think beyond the basic words and numbers while creating a password. Avoid such easy-to-guess options like your birthday or letters or your first or last name. Instead, combine numbers and symbols with lower and upper-case letters. 
  2. Regarding your online passwords, try to use unique passwords for each of your accounts. It will protect your data even if one of your accounts gets hacked. Also, make sure to change your passwords from time to time for the same reason. If you are anxious about forgetting your passwords, use a password manager tool that records all your passwords and lets you easily keep track of them. 
  3. Next, as an active user of social media, you perhaps wonder what can help to protect the data on your personal mobile device. The most effective yet simple solution is to avoid oversharing information about yourself on online platforms. You probably know people who post every detail of their lives — varying from the daily food they eat to their romantic interests — to the public. Such publicity is not only annoying but also puts the user’s private data at risk. So, check your social-media privacy settings and see who is allowed to see your online updates including your birthday, location, other people’s names, and hometown. 
  4. As well, be careful with external links and attachments. One of the cybercriminals’ most common strategies is spreading phishing scams and making them look similar to legitimate communications. They pretend to be a utility company, bank, and other corporate entities. The signs of the probable spam sender are spelling mistakes or an email address that differs from the typical sender’s. 
  5. Besides, check the security of the websites you visit. Look at the top of your browser window before entering your personal information. The marks of a secure page are a lock symbol, a “verified secure” seal, and “https” at the beginning of the URL. There are a few other ways to determine if the site is trustworthy, such as a website privacy policy, contact information, or a “verified secure” seal.
  6. To continue with, be careful with using free Wi-Fi. The reason behind such caution is that the majority of public Wi-Fi networks free of charge have very few — if any — security measures. It means that other users of the free network can access your activity within a few clicks. Therefore, avoid online shopping and overall disclosing your personal information when on public Wi-Fi. 
  7. Also, make sure to set up two-step authentication on your email and financial accounts. To make sure that set-up is available, you can check your account settings. Keep an eye on your DMARC reports to avoid any security vulnerabilities. 
  8. In addition, regularly check your software’s updates. It also applies to checking the operating system, antivirus software, and any other software facilities you use. While cyber threats develop quickly, lots of today’s updates effectively address those issues. 
  9. Another key to your online safety is to avoid using your personal devices for work. Currently, several companies require their employees to do online operations only through the encrypted private network of the organization. 
  10. Finally, stay away from sharing your personal information via phone calls, text messages, and emails. Yet, if you are confident that the online request for private details is legitimate, make sure to look up the company’s phone number and follow up by phone.

These easy cybersecurity practices will help you keep your data intact within a few seconds. 

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