Green Technology: Sustainable Solutions for Greener Future

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The Industrial Revolution contributed to a tangible acceleration in the development of progress. Another consequence was an increase in the population. Everything was fine until the disturbed balance of climatic conditions and the ruthlessly depleted mineral reserves forced us to look for alternative technologies.

Most large enterprises consider the need for alternative energy sources and green equipment. And it is despite the increased cost of some sustainable solutions. The concept of green technology allows:

  • reduce the use of non-renewable resources in production and at home,
  • improve energy efficiency and autonomy of devices,
  • ensure environmental impact reduction, 
  • organise waste recycling and consider the possibility of reuse,
  • restore the climate balance by eliminating the consequences of the past.

Find out how to save the planet! Read on to learn more about sustainable innovations and their benefits.

Transport innovations

Exhaust pollution is on the agenda like never before. But it turns out that clean transportation options were in demand as early as the end of the 19th century! It is about the widespread of electric vehicles on lead-acid batteries in New York. The innovation lasted only a few years. Such cars did not have the same range as their gasoline contemporaries.

Modern lithium-ion batteries are also inferior to classic engines in this characteristic. Yet, electric vehicles are a green technology that does not damage the environment. Current electric cars are very comfortable vehicles! Hire a car from for your next trip to the capital to see for yourself and do your bit for the environment.

Compare car hire in London offers in detail and book in advance to make the best choice. When travelling with friends or family, consider a 7 seater car for hire. So you will be one company along the way and find a comfortable space for each passenger. One fuel-efficient roomy vehicle does less environmental damage than a couple of sedans!

Alternative energy sources

With the growth in electricity consumption, humanity faced a resource mining increase. Fossils refer to non- or long-term renewable resources. It leads to the active search for sustainable technologies for energy generation. You have already heard about many of them:

  • solar panels,
  • wind farms,
  • nuclear power plants.

But wind power is irregular and solar panels are expensive. Nuclear power plants can cause technogenic disasters if misused. Besides, uranium waste requires unique disposal, which is a complex issue.

Modern green technologies have made their adjustments to beneficial inventions. It made them more efficient and affordable. For example, wave energy can overcome the problem of wind unpredictability. The installation of weather-resistant underwater buoys holds the promise of zero-emission power generation.

It is possible to install upgraded solar accumulators as panels or tiles. Such blocks can also generate energy from the impact of raindrops. Nuclear power plants are still a good idea. But it needs to replace uranium with thorium to call this technology green. Thorium is more common than uranium on Earth. Besides, the isotopic form dominates, perfect for the reactor operation. It can improve process efficiency and reduce hazardous waste.

Waste disposal can produce energy and fuel while ridding nature of pollution. Electricity can even be generated from wastewater through bacteria and reverse electrodialysis. Purified water can be reused, which will also help save resources.

Plants as a source of inspiration and hope

Such technologies are ‘green’ for a reason. Partly it is because plants play a significant role in saving our planet. Greenery is famous for its ability to store carbon. So, green space reduction leads to an aggravation of pollution problems. The consequences of deforestation can be decreased by:

  • reducing the use of wood
  • and providing artificial landscaping of urbanised areas.

One of the great green technology ideas is multi-level vertical gardens. They take up less space and soil for higher yields. Some growing technologies do not provide for the presence of soil at all (like hydro- and aeroponics). Sensitive analysis systems calculate a certain amount of fertiliser to prevent environmental harm. Such a compact garden can be placed in any suburb. It will shorten the route and time of transporting products.

Repeating the characteristics of natural creatures is optimal for discoveries! The name of this approach is biomimicry. Thanks to it, scientists corrected the plane shape and invented hydrophobic coatings. Plants have a remarkable ability for photosynthesis. The reproduction of this process would be a panacea for the change to a “green” lifestyle. Converting carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy has already been replicated. Yet, scaling up this technology is still a challenge for scientists.


Awareness of the problem opens the way for its solution. So, the coming ecological catastrophe forces humanity to search for reasonable resource usage. It’s time to discard commercialism. It’s time to learn to think about the consequences of our actions. Observe nature, and you will likely have another great idea to improve life on our planet!