Who Makes Wolf Appliances | How Good Are They?

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Wolf Appliances are one of the most prominent high-standard brands in both home and professional kitchens. But users often don’t know who makes Wolf Appliances.

Since 2000, the home countertop appliances of Wolf have been owned by Sub-Zero. They manufacture their products in the USA.

The company has several manufacturing sites in Wisconsin and Arizona. Sub-Zero simulates the Wolf product, meeting the same workmanship and quality. On the other hand, commercial-grade appliances are still produced by wolves. These products are made under the cooperation of Vulcan FEG.

No matter which product you buy under the name of Wolf Appliances, it must be the quality that Wolf promotes. To buy the authentic product manufactured by Wolf, you will need to buy it from genuine dealers.

History Of Wolf Appliance

Two brothers, Al and Hyman Wolf, started the journey of Wolf Range Company in 1934. When the company started, it was not a company that made domestic appliances.

Rather it was a company that repaired domestic ranges. In Los Angeles, the company used to rebuild used machines and then sold them in the resale market.

When the Wolf brothers were working their way in the resale market, Al Wolf suddenly realized by accident that their rebuilt products were making their way to professional kitchens. From there, they started to manufacture equipment for the restaurant industry.

Gradually the business expanded to commercial gas ranges and cooking appliances in 1938. They made their name in the USA with good quality products and service.

Manufacturer Of Wolf Appliances

The modern Wolf Appliances are manufactured under the supervision of the Sub-Zero company. The Sub-Zero company directly manufactures the gourmet line of  Wolf Appliances. Sub-Zero also makes the kitchen appliances, but this still holds the quality assurance of the Wolf range.

The products are designed and tested in the USA. The company’s manufacturing site is located in Madison. It is situated in the northern part of the USA. There are also other manufacturing facilities located in Wisconsin and Arizona.

As the product’s primary market is in the USA, manufacturing it domestically reduces the international import cost to a particular range. After producing the appliances in the USA, they are distributed internationally with the help of local distributors.

To avoid product replication, the company has several branches working to locate duplicate production. Therefore, if you see the Wolf Appliances you purchased made in China or any other place, the product is a replica. It will not give you the same quality as the real Wolf Appliances.

History Of Sub-Zero

During World War II in 1943,  Westie Bakke tried to make a freestanding freezer in his basement. Later, in 1945 Bakke launched the Sub-Zero freezer company from his garage after the war ended.

From then to now, Sub-Zero has created Benchmarks in modern appliances. They have expanded their business from refrigerated to other cooking appliances by collaborating with the Wolf Gourmet luxury line.

They are now the sole producer of the line preserving the quality of Wolf Appliances and their innovations.

Merging Of Wolf And Sub-Zero

Both Wolf and Sub-Zero are prominent in their own way. Both of the companies are well established. When Wolf was expanding the business, it came under the attention of Sub-Zero.

Both companies have excellent design quality and service; they merged in 2000. Sub-zero became the official owner of the Wolf Gourmet luxury line. Wolf still manufactures the graded equipment with Vulcan FEG.

The merging of Wolf and Sub-Zero created a new definition of luxury in countertop appliances. Wolf Gourmet products have brought several luxuries and full-quality technology since 2015.

From high standards to artistry, Wolf countertop appliances are creating benchmarks.

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Why Buy Wolf Appliance?

who makes wolf appliances

Price-wise, Wolf Appliances are pretty expensive. But its features make money worth it.


Celebrity chefs and commercial kitchens use Wolf Appliances. So their quality and design justify the price level.

New Technology

Once you start using the product of Wolf, there is no turning back. They introduce the most recent technologies into their products, ensuring the promised quality.


Nowadays, modern kitchens also focus on looks. Especially if the cook has an online presence, Wolf Appliances can help you to attain the required look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wolf made in China?

The original Wolf Appliances are made in the USA and distributed from there. Wolf doesn’t have any manufacturing site in China.

If the Wolf product you have says it is made in China, then, unfortunately, the product is a reply. Even the Wolf products manufactured by Sub-Zero are produced in the USA.

Are Wolf products worth the money?

Whatever product you own from Wolf, it is worth all your investment. They are the top products in the genera.

It gives you design, quality, and customer service all in one. You can use them in your commercial and home kitchen without worry. They are expensive but worth the money.

Does Wolfmake a microwave?

The answer is yes; Wolf makes an extensive range of microwaves. They also have the convection model included in their microwave range.

You can also get a drawer, side swing, and drop-down doors. And every model will survive your cooking disaster for a while.

How long do Wolf Appliances last?

Often cooking appliances are not trusted due to their longevity. But with Wolf Appliances, you can be tension free for at least 20 years. Still, depending on the type of use and how you handle your appliances, the period may vary.

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Final Word

Wolf Appliances has made its way to both professional and home kitchens. People often ask about who makes Wolf Appliances as they are known to all. Over the years, Wolf has manufactured many products. Now they only produce the commercial line. And the home appliances are owned by Sub-Zero.

Even though Sub-Zero is the manufacturer of the gourmet line, they maintain the quality that Wolf prompts. Along with the quality of Wolf now, customers enjoy the advanced technology of Sub-Zero.

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