Who Makes Flex Power Tools – Where are These tools Made?

Are you looking for power tools from any company having a success story? Then you may go for FLEX power tools. But who makes Flex power tools? The tools are from such a company that celebrates success again and again. The company tries its best to keep up its commitment.

The very article presents details of the company – like location, place of product manufacturing, comparison between the power tool producing companies, reasons lying behind its popularity, etc.

Going through the article, you will have a very good analysis of the FLEX power tool producing company and its products. It will help you to make decisions while buying the power tools. And ultimately enable you to be a gainer.

Who Makes Flex Power Tools

In the power tool sector, they will be a great force in the years to come. The company profile is as follows:

Company Name FLEX
Founder Name Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmitt
Company sold to Chervon
Year of Establishment 1922
Headquarter Steinheim a der Murr, Germany
Company type GmbH
Total number of employees About 240
Number of locations 30000 stores  
Operate in countries 65
Products Professional power tools 
Website flex-tools.com

Where Are These Tools Made?

Before making any purchase, you must know about the producer and their background. Suppose you opt for FLEX tools. And in the same way, you should know who makes Flex power tools?

The company has been producing different types of power tools since its inception. They sell their products from 30000 stores in different countries of the world. They operate in 65 countries.

Global tool manufacturer Chervon is the owner of Flex power tools. All their products are highly innovative, and it is a market-leading company running the business with a reputation.

The FLEX runs its business independently. Their headquarters is in Germany. The company has been manufacturing the FLEX power tools for the last 90 years in Steinheim, Germany, near Stuttgart. The professionals are getting the FLEX tools made by the professionals.

Besides, the company owns another brand named Devon. It serves as a contract manufacturer of different types of global OEMs. The headquarters is in Hong Kong. In Nanjing, China, the company has production facilities. If you are in Europe, you will get Chervon products in DIY form.  

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Elaborate Why Flex is A Good Brand of Tools 

Undoubtedly, FLEX is a good brand of tools. The company has been producing different types of power tools since its inception. Some of the tools are as stated below:

1922: MS 6 hand-held grinding machine with an electrical motor and flexible shaft.

1954: Produced first high-speed angle grinder – the DL 9.

1987: Polishing with the high finish for automotive paint for stone floors and furniture.

1989: Introduced mirror finish with burnishing surface without producing any extra line on metal or steel.

1996: The long-necked sander Giraffe and sanding paper for ceiling sanding.

2002: Produced angle grinder generation with a new, slim design. The product is innovative and has superior handling features.

2007: FLEX wall chaser.

2009: Vario-Giraffe, with its telescopic function. The heads are exchangeable.

2010: RETECFLEX RE 14-5 115, very good for sanding, grinding, polishing, and perforating.

2011: WSE 7 Vario. Handy-Giraffe as Wall and ceiling sander.

 2012: SUPRAFLEX – smooth running power pack.

2013: FLEX took over by Chervon Holdings Ltd.

2014: The handiest FLEX Giraffe

2015: FLEX cordless tools with impressive features and battery longevity. 

2016: Brought new TRINOXFLEX, FLEX offering a versatile and variable surface system for finishing stainless steel.

2017: Orbital polisher – XFE 7-15 150, suitable for surface finishing.

2018: Cordless rotary polisher named PE 150 18.0-EC

2019: Brought the first cordless smart polisher named PXE 80.

2020: Upgrades VAC 800-EC air purifiers – able to filter about 99.995% of viruses.

The company products are unique, and the production rate is almost uninterrupted. Of course, these are the criteria of a good company.

So, a question may peep through your mind – would I buy Flex Power Tools? To decide upon the issue is not a great deal. Learn about the power tools from different companies. Then go for the tools that suit you the best.  

How is Flex Power tools Compared to Dewalt?

who makes flex power tools

FLEX and DeWalt are both power tools producing brands. When you are determined about using power tools, go for a comparative study of tools from FLEX and DeWalt. Both of them sell different types of power tools in the market. They have a worldwide business. Both produce quality products offering a warranty.


FLEX tools are very much a perfect tool. They are powerful, fast, and accurate. You will be impressed by the power, speed, and performance of the FLEX power tools. FLEX power tools 24V line up has attained popularity over other battery-operated power tools.

Lowe’s Home Improvement market’s capabilities, performance, and technology are praiseworthy. The battery performance cannot be compared to the previous battery version.

You will enjoy the availability of FLEX battery tools ranging from 10.8 to 18 volts, including main machines and required accessories. FLEX offers from light to heavy-duty brushless technology. The products are durable. You may protect yourself from unexpected repair costs for at least three years.


DeWalt is a global manufacturing brand. To people, it is the most trusted brand. The brand produces various accessories, power tools, hand tools, etc. They manufacture tools for the woodworking, manufacturing, and construction industries.

The company maintains the highest standards while producing its products. The company abides by all the rules and regulations set by the relevant industry, and the products are available online. 

But there are some retailers too. They produce their tools in the United States, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, China, the United Kingdom, etc.

People Also Ask

Is flex tools being discontinued?

There was a rumor that the consumers would experience discontinuation of FLEX power tools. The company may not launch any new product on the market in 2022. But the reality is just the opposite. The concerned authority has confirmed that they will announce their existence in the market with the second phase. And it must be on a large scale.

Are FLEX tools worth it?

Flex Power Tools are impressive. The 24V lineup is their key feature along with Battery performance is outstanding. They are accurate, fast, and powerful. Consumers love them for their flawless mechanical Chunk.

Does FLEX have a lifetime warranty?

FLEX products have a five-year warranty. You may enjoy the founder’s lifetime warranty coverage too. Flex batteries, 24v tools, and chargers are under this coverage. There are some terms and conditions to enjoy this coverage. Firstly, your purchase must be made on or before December 31, 2022. And the products need to do online registration within 30 days of purchase.

Is chervon a Chinese company?

Chevron is a China-based power tools manufacturing company. They have a worldwide business. Their marketing offices are located in Germany, Europe, Australia, China, and the US. Their Manufacturing plants are in Nanjing, China, and Stuttgart, Germany.

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