Who Makes The Predator Generator? How Good Are They?

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The Predator Generator, known for its reliability and affordability, is manufactured by Harbor Freight, a reputable retailer of various tools and equipment. With over 1,000 stores across the United States, Harbor Freight has become a trusted name in the industry.

Predator generators have gained popularity among consumers for their impressive performance and power capabilities. These portable inverter generators, typically in the 2,200-watt range, are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for activities such as camping, tailgating, and light construction work. They weigh around 50 pounds and are about the size of a piece of luggage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Predator generators are manufactured by Harbor Freight, a reputable retailer of tools and equipment.
  • Harbor Freight operates over 1,000 stores in the United States.
  • Predator generators are popular for their reliability and affordability.
  • These portable inverter generators are small, lightweight, and highly portable.
  • They are designed to handle a consistent electrical load of approximately 1,800 watts.

What sets Predator generators apart is their ability to produce cleaner power with low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 5%. This reduced level of electrical distortion makes them safer for delicate and sensitive electronic devices, minimizing the risk of malfunctions compared to traditional generators that can have THD levels higher than 20%.

Predator generators offer a range of convenient features. They can be linked together to double the available power, allowing two 2,200-watt generators to operate as a single 4,400-watt generator. They also come equipped with various outlets, including 120V, 240V, 12V DC, and USB ports, providing flexibility to meet different power needs. Additionally, Predator engines are built using high-quality materials, ensuring ample power supply with a range of horsepower options from 2.8 to 22 HP for various applications.

Safety is a top priority for Predator generators. They are designed with features like low oil shutdown and overload protection to prevent potential damage and ensure safe operation. Furthermore, newer models come equipped with carbon monoxide (CO) detectors that automatically shut down the generator if the CO levels from the exhaust reach dangerous levels. This feature aims to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning incidents, which have unfortunately led to numerous deaths and hospitalizations in the past.

Overall, Predator generators have received positive reviews from both consumers and experts. Consumer Reports has tested and reviewed the Predator generators, noting their ability to meet power demands, operate quietly, and achieve high ratings. While they might not be suitable for powering an entire house during a storm, they are highly recommended for recreational use, such as tailgates and campsites.

Key Features of Predator Generators

Predator generators are known for their outstanding features that set them apart from other portable power solutions. Designed to meet the diverse needs of consumers, Predator generators offer a wide range of features that ensure reliable and efficient performance across various applications.

Inverter and Conventional Models

Predator generators are available in both inverter and conventional models. Inverter models have gained popularity due to their quiet operation and fuel efficiency. These models are perfect for activities where noise reduction is essential, such as camping trips or outdoor events. Conventional models, on the other hand, offer more power output, making them suitable for heavier applications.

Versatile Power Output

Predator generators come with different power outputs to cater to various power needs. The generators range from smaller models, ideal for charging electronics or powering small appliances, to larger units capable of running multiple power tools or appliances simultaneously. With power outputs ranging from 1,400 watts to 9,000 watts, there is a Predator generator for every power requirement.

Fuel Options

One of the standout features of Predator generators is the availability of different fuel options. They offer models that run on gasoline, propane, or dual fuel, providing users with flexibility and convenience. The ability to choose between fuels allows generators to be used in various settings, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in any situation.

Diverse Outlets

Predator generators offer a wide range of outlets, making them compatible with multiple devices. The generators are equipped with 120V, 240V receptacles, 12V DC output, and USB ports, allowing users to power different devices simultaneously. Whether you need to charge your smartphone, run power tools, or connect appliances, Predator generators have the outlets to meet your requirements.

Long Run Time and Durability

With advanced fuel tank designs, some Predator generator models can deliver up to 11 hours of run time at a 50% load, ensuring prolonged power supply. Additionally, Predator engines are made from durable cast iron, enhancing longevity and resistance to wear and tear. These features make Predator generators a reliable choice for both recreational and heavy-duty applications.

Safety and Reliability

Predator generators prioritize safety with features like low oil shutdown and overload protection. These safety mechanisms safeguard the engine and connected devices, providing peace of mind to users. Moreover, Predator engines undergo stringent testing for quality assurance and are supported by a robust warranty policy, ensuring reliability in demanding situations.

Affordability and Availability

Predator generators are produced and sold by Harbor Freight Tools, a well-established company known for providing affordable and reliable power tools and equipment. With over 1,000 stores in the United States, Harbor Freight Tools ensures widespread availability of Predator generators, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Overall, Predator generators offer excellent features and capabilities that meet the needs of various users. From their versatility in power output and fuel options to their long run time and emphasis on safety, Predator generators are a reliable choice for anyone in need of a portable power solution.

Performance and Reliability of Predator Generators

When it comes to performance and reliability, Predator generators are highly regarded by consumers. These generators have proven themselves to be dependable power sources that consistently deliver the electricity needed for various applications.

Predator generators, such as the Predator 13000, are designed to meet the power demands of both residential and commercial users. With a tri-fuel technology that allows them to operate on gasoline, propane, or natural gas, these generators offer versatility and flexibility in fuel options.

One of the key performance metrics of the Predator 13000 is its wattage output. When running on gasoline, it provides 10,000W of running wattage and 13,000W of peak wattage. The generator also delivers 9,100 rated watts and 12,000 peak watts when powered by propane, and 7,800W of rated wattage and 10,000W of starting wattage in natural gas mode.

In addition to impressive power output, the Predator 13000 offers a noise rating of 78.5 dBA, making it quieter than the average dishwasher. This noise level ensures that the generator operates without causing significant disruptions in residential or commercial settings.

When it comes to durability, Predator generators have gained a reputation for their longevity and reliable performance, even after extensive use. Many owners have reported using their Predator generators for extended periods without encountering any issues.

Furthermore, the availability of replacement parts and ease of maintenance contribute to the overall reliability of Predator generators. Owners can easily access and replace any necessary components, ensuring that their generators continue to operate at optimal levels.

The Predator 13000 is equipped with various features that enhance its performance and reliability. These include GFCI outlets, automatic low oil shut-off, overload protection, a CO gas monitoring system, as well as convenient features like remote start and included accessories.

With a full gasoline tank (10.7 gallons), the Predator 13000 can run for approximately 12.1 hours at 50% load, consuming around 0.88 gallons per hour. When using propane, it can operate for about 3.2 hours on a 20 lb tank, providing ample runtime for various power needs.

The portability of the Predator 13000, weighing 226 lbs and measuring 30.3 x 29.2 x 27.2 inches, makes it convenient for transportation with its wheel kit and folding handle.

With a limited warranty of 90 days, the Predator 13000 offers consumers some reassurance regarding its reliability.

In conclusion, Predator generators consistently demonstrate excellent performance and reliability, meeting the power demands of users across various applications. Their durability and ability to deliver consistent power make them a dependable choice for residential and commercial use.

Comparison with Other Generator Brands

When it comes to selecting a generator brand, it’s essential to compare different options to ensure you make the right choice for your needs. In this section, we will compare Predator generators with two other popular brands: Champion and Wen.

Predator Generator vs Champion

Champion is renowned for its reliable generators and wide availability of parts, making it a popular choice among consumers. However, when comparing the Predator generator vs Champion, one significant advantage of the Predator is its lower price point. According to the article, the Predator 3500 is priced at $749.99 on eBay, offering a more budget-friendly option for those looking to save on their purchase.

Predator Generator vs Wen

Wen generators, on the other hand, offer unique features that may be appealing to some users. For instance, the WEN DF400i boasts a higher starting wattage of 4,000 W compared to the Predator 3500’s 3,500 starting watts. Additionally, the WEN DF400i weighs 100 lbs, slightly lighter than the 102 lbs Predator 3500. This can be a crucial factor for those needing a portable generator.

Another advantage of Wen generators is the option for a 240v output, which provides greater flexibility for powering various appliances and devices. However, it’s important to note that the Predator generator vs Wen offers a more cost-effective solution, as the Wen generator typically comes at a higher price point.

Furthermore, warranty coverage is an important consideration when comparing these brands. While the WEN DF400i warranty covers up to 2 years, providing added peace of mind to consumers, the Predator unit’s coverage is limited to 90 days without an extended warranty.

Ultimately, the decision between Predator, Champion, and Wen will depend on individual requirements and preferences. It’s crucial to assess factors such as price, power output, weight, special features, and warranty coverage before making a final decision.

Predator 3500 Champion Wen DF400i
Running Wattage 3,000 W 3,200 W
Starting Wattage 3,500 W 4,000 W
Noise Level 56 dBA 58 dBA
Weight 102 lbs 100 lbs
Warranty Coverage Up to 90 days without extended warranty Up to 2 years

Customer Reviews and Feedback on Predator Generators

Customer reviews and feedback play a crucial role in the decision-making process when it comes to purchasing a generator. Hearing from real users who have experienced the product firsthand provides valuable insights and helps potential buyers make informed choices. In the case of Predator generators, customer reviews have generally been positive, highlighting the product’s affordability and reliability.

Many customers have praised the Predator generator for its ability to power essential appliances during power outages, ensuring that their homes remain functional even in challenging situations. The generators have also received kudos for their impressive performance in outdoor activities such as camping, tailgating, and RV trips.

One customer shared their experience with the Predator 9500 Inverter Generator, stating that it exceeded expectations in both power output and fuel efficiency. They were able to run multiple appliances simultaneously without any issues, thanks to its 9500W starting and 7600W running power.

While the majority of reviews have been positive, it’s important to note that there have been a few negative reviews as well. Some customers have reported specific issues with certain models or components, such as durability or noise levels. It’s essential for potential buyers to consider a range of reviews and feedback before making a purchasing decision, as individual experiences may vary.

To provide a comprehensive comparison, it’s worth discussing customer feedback on a competitor’s generator in relation to the Predator 9500. The Honda EU7000iS, a renowned brand in the generator market, has also received positive reviews for its performance and reliability.

Predator 9500 Inverter Generator Honda EU7000iS
Power Output (Starting/Running) 9500W / 7600W 7000W / 5500W
Fuel Tank Capacity 6 gallons 5.1 gallons
Run Time at 25% Load 14 hours Up to 18 hours
Noise Level 67 dB 58 dB
Weight 200 pounds 261 pounds
Safety Features CO SECURE™ technology CO-MINDER™ carbon monoxide detection
Electric Start Availability Yes Yes

The statistics provided in the table above showcase the notable differences between the Predator 9500 Inverter Generator and the Honda EU7000iS. While both generators have their strengths, customer reviews and feedback emphasize the Predator generator’s affordability compared to the Honda brand, making it an attractive option for those looking for a reliable power source.

It’s essential for potential buyers to carefully consider customer reviews and feedback along with their specific power needs before making a decision. By doing so, they can ensure they invest in a generator that meets their requirements and provides reliable power during emergencies or outdoor adventures.

Tips for Safely Using a Predator Generator

When it comes to using a Predator generator safely, there are a few essential tips to keep in mind. By following these guidelines, you can ensure the longevity of your generator and protect yourself and others from any potential hazards.

1. Proper Placement and Ventilation

Always set up your Predator generator in a well-ventilated outdoor area. Keep it at least 10 feet away from any structures, including walls, windows, and doors. The generator should be placed on a stable, level surface to prevent tipping or accidental damage.

2. Use a Transfer Switch

When connecting your generator to your home’s electrical system, it is highly recommended to use a transfer switch. A transfer switch allows for safe and seamless switching between utility power and generator power during an outage. This protects both the user and utility workers by preventing electricity from backfeeding into the grid.

3. Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your Predator generator is crucial for its proper functioning and longevity. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, including oil changes and air filter cleanings. Consider using ethanol-free gasoline and marine stabilizers to prevent fuel-related issues. Upgrading to a magnetic dipstick and oil plug can help monitor any metal debris during the break-in period and detect potential issues early.

4. Additional Safety Precautions

Take extra precautions when handling and storing fuel for your generator. Store fuel in approved containers in a cool, well-ventilated area away from any open flames or sparks. Never refuel a hot generator or when it is running. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergencies and regularly test it to ensure it is in working condition.

5. Consider Additional Accessories

Consider investing in additional accessories to enhance the safety and convenience of your Predator generator. A battery keeper can help maintain the generator’s battery life during storage periods. A natural gas kit can be a valuable addition to reduce dependence on gasoline during emergencies, such as hurricanes.

By following these predator generator safety tips, you can enjoy the benefits of your Predator generator while ensuring the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your property.

Predator 9500 Inverter Generator Honda EU7000iS Generator
Power Output: 9500W starting, 7600W running Power Output: 7000W starting, 5500W running
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6 gallons Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.1 gallons
Run Time: 14 hours at 25% load Run Time: Up to 18 hours at 25% load
Noise Level: Around 67 dB Noise Level: 58 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): Less than 3%
Weight: Approximately 200 pounds Weight: 261 pounds
Features: Electric start mechanism Features: Electric start mechanism
Ideal for: Home backup, large RVs, outdoor events Ideal for: Home backup, large RVs, outdoor events
Price: $2299.99 Price: Higher-end than Predator 9500

Understanding the Warranty and Support for Predator Generators

Predator generators are backed by a comprehensive warranty and reliable customer support to ensure a hassle-free ownership experience. Let’s take a closer look at the warranty coverage and the support services provided by Predator.

Warranty Coverage

Predator generators come with a strong warranty policy provided by Harbor Freight Tools, the manufacturer of the Predator brand. The warranty duration may vary depending on the specific model and components of the generator. However, it’s important to note that the warranty is solely for the original purchaser and does not transfer to subsequent owners.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and the repair or replacement of defective products. However, it does not cover defects resulting from normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, or exposure to extreme conditions. It’s essential to read and understand the warranty terms and conditions to ensure proper coverage.

The warranty explicitly states that Predator shall not be liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. This means that any damages or losses caused indirectly by the generator will not be covered under the warranty.

Customer Support

Predator understands the importance of providing excellent customer support. That’s why they offer Predator Premier Support, which provides technical support services via phone or internet from 8 am GMT/BST to 5 pm PST, Monday to Friday, totaling 18 hours of service. This dedicated support team is ready to assist customers with any questions or issues they may encounter.

Predator Premier Support goes above and beyond by offering onsite Local Predator Service in 55 US and Canadian cities. This means that if you ever need hands-on assistance with your generator, a trained Predator technician will come to your location to help you out.

Customers with Predator Premier Support also enjoy a 50% discount on hourly remote service rates for Professional Services. This provides additional savings and convenience for those who require specialized technical assistance.

In addition to personalized support, Predator Premier Support subscribers gain access to a wealth of resources. They receive over 100 Self-Help Articles for technical support, covering a wide range of topics and troubleshooting solutions. Furthermore, they have access to over 1750 support documents through the Customer Service Portal, which provides comprehensive information for any generator-related queries.

Even customers without Predator Premier Support can access over 100 Self-Help Articles for free technical support. This shows Predator’s commitment to providing informative resources to help users maximize their generator’s performance.

Lastly, Predator offers various software applications such as Predator CNC Editor v11, Predator DNC v11, and Predator MDC v11. These software applications are designed to enhance the functionality and control of your generator. The flexible software licenses allow customers to own them, transfer them to another manufacturer, and even receive a 100% software trade-in credit when upgrading.

With its reliable warranty coverage and exceptional customer support, Predator ensures that its customers have peace of mind and can rely on their generators for their power needs.

The Environmental Impact of Predator Generators

Predator generators, like any portable generator, have an environmental impact due to their emissions during operation. It is crucial to consider the environmental implications and take steps to mitigate them. Fortunately, Predator has implemented features in their generators to address these concerns, making them a more environmentally-friendly choice.

One of the significant advantages of Predator inverter generators is their fuel efficiency, which leads to reduced overall emissions. By maximizing the energy output and minimizing fuel consumption, these generators not only save on fuel costs but also help to minimize their impact on the environment. Fuel efficiency is a key focus for Predator, ensuring that their generators provide reliable power while minimizing carbon emissions.

In addition to fuel efficiency, there are other ways to further reduce the environmental impact of using a Predator generator. One option is to use alternative fuels like propane or natural gas, which burn cleaner and produce fewer harmful emissions compared to gasoline. This choice not only helps to protect the environment but also ensures compliance with local regulations regarding noise and emissions.

It’s essential to follow local regulations and guidelines when using a generator to minimize any negative effects on the environment. For example, California regulations require gas-powered generators to be placed outdoors, at least five feet away from windows and doors, to prevent emissions from entering enclosed spaces. These regulations help maintain air quality and protect individuals from harmful pollutants.

While generators are a practical solution during power outages, it’s important to consider other alternatives with lower environmental impact. One such option is the Tesla Power Wall, a battery storage system for energy that can power household needs without relying on generators. With its ability to detect grid power shifts and eliminate harmonic distortion, the Tesla Power Wall offers a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly solution to power backup.

Low-tech alternatives can also be effective in reducing reliance on generators during power outages. Battery-powered fans, dry ice for coolers, and solar-powered LED lights offer cost-effective alternatives that minimize environmental impact while meeting basic household needs.

The Impact on Air Quality

Generators emit fine particulate matter, which can contribute to air pollution and have adverse effects on respiratory health. The California Air Resource Board is actively collecting data on the size and number of generators in the state and their impact on air quality. However, air quality management districts like Placer County and Lake County have not found evidence of generator use significantly affecting air quality.

Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that the surge in generator usage, especially in areas with high concentrations of generators, may lead to localized spikes in emissions. To minimize the impact on air quality, it is crucial to use generators responsibly, follow regulations, and consider cleaner alternatives whenever possible.

Statistics Data
Generac’s market share in the home standby generator market 75%
Champion Power Equipment sales increase during PG&E’s power shut-off Tenfold
Kohler’s planned capacity increase in California 100%
Lifan Group’s stake in supplying engines for Predator generators 60%
Number of Harbor Freight Tools locations across 48 states Over 1300
Range of Predator generator prices $350 to $800
Average price of Predator generators $500
Number of Harbor Freight Tools stores in the 1980s 11

The Future of Predator Generators

As technology continues to advance, the future of Predator generators holds exciting prospects for innovation and advancements. With a strong focus on meeting the evolving needs of consumers, manufacturers like Harbor Freight are expected to invest in research and development to further improve the performance and features of their generators.

One area where we can expect future advancements in Predator generators is fuel efficiency. As energy costs rise and environmental concerns become more prominent, manufacturers are likely to develop new technologies that optimize fuel consumption, allowing generators to run longer on less fuel. This not only helps reduce costs for users but also minimizes the impact on the environment.

Another aspect that is likely to see innovation is noise reduction. While Predator generators are already known for their quiet operation, future models may incorporate even quieter technologies that make them virtually silent. This would be particularly beneficial in noise-sensitive environments such as campsites or residential areas.

Furthermore, we can anticipate additional user-friendly features and technology integration in future Predator generators. For example, advancements in digital displays, remote monitoring capabilities, and smart control systems may be introduced to enhance user convenience and improve overall generator performance.

In terms of portability, manufacturers may explore lighter yet durable materials to reduce the weight of Predator generators while maintaining their robustness. This will make them even more convenient to transport and handle, catering to users who prioritize mobility and ease of use.

Future Advancements and Innovations in Predator Generators

Area of Advancement Potential Innovations
Fuel Efficiency New engine technologies, improved fuel management systems
Noise Reduction Quieter engine designs, advanced muffler systems
User-Friendly Features Digital displays, remote monitoring, smart control systems
Portability Lightweight and durable materials

With these exciting possibilities on the horizon, the future of Predator generators looks promising. Consumers can eagerly anticipate the arrival of newer models that offer enhanced performance, improved user experience, and greater convenience. As technology continues to evolve, Predator generators are poised to remain at the forefront of portable power solutions.

Recommended Predator Generators for Different Applications

When it comes to choosing the right generator for your specific needs, Predator offers a range of options suitable for various applications. Whether you need a generator for home use, camping, or outdoor events, there is a recommended Predator generator that fits the bill.

Best Predator Generator for Home Use: Predator 3500

For home use, the Predator 3500 is the top choice. With a running wattage of 3,000W and starting watts of 3,500W, this generator provides enough power to run essential appliances during power outages. It offers a maximum runtime of 11 hours when loaded to 25% of its max capacity, ensuring a reliable power source for extended periods.

The Predator 3500 is also fuel-efficient, with a gasoline consumption of 0.24 GPH at 25% load. It features low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 5%, making it safe for powering sensitive electronic devices.

Top Predator Generator for Camping: Predator 2000

If you’re heading out for a camping trip, the Predator 2000 is an excellent choice. This portable generator offers the perfect balance of power and convenience. It provides sufficient power to charge your electronics and run small appliances while being compact and lightweight for easy transportation.

The Predator 2000 has a running wattage of 1,600W and starting watts of 2,000W, making it suitable for most camping needs. With a quiet operation, you can enjoy the tranquility of nature without disturbing your fellow campers.

Predator Generator for Outdoor Events: Predator 8750

For outdoor events or larger power requirements, the Predator 8750 is the recommended choice. With a running wattage of 7,000W and starting watts of 8,750W, this generator can handle the power needs of outdoor events, construction projects, or remote work sites.

The Predator 8750 offers features like an electric start, low oil indicator, shutdown indicator, and multiple power outlets, ensuring convenience and versatility. Its rugged design and reliable performance make it a popular choice among professionals and event organizers.

Choosing the Right Predator Generator

When selecting a Predator generator, it’s essential to consider factors such as power needs, fuel type, portability, noise levels, runtime and fuel efficiency, features and outlets, user reviews, warranty and support, budget, safety, and compliance. By evaluating these factors, you can select the perfect Predator generator that meets your specific requirements.

With their affordable prices, versatility, and wide range of applications, Predator generators provide reliable power solutions for different needs. Whether you need a generator for your home, camping adventures, or outdoor events, there’s a recommended Predator generator that will deliver the power you need.

Choosing the Right Predator Generator for Your Needs

When it comes to selecting a generator, there are various factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a backup power source for your home, a reliable companion for camping trips, or a generator for your worksite, the Predator brand offers a range of options that can meet your requirements.

To begin the selection process, it’s important to assess your power needs. Consider the appliances or equipment you plan to run with the generator and their wattage requirements. This will help determine the running wattage and peak wattage needed for your generator.

For example, the Predator 6500 generator operates with a 301 cc (8 hp) OHV 4-stroke engine, delivering 120/240V, with a running wattage of 5,500W and a peak wattage of 6,500W. This model is suitable for running multiple appliances, power tools, and even large RVs.

In addition to power needs, consider the runtime required. The Predator 6500, with its 8-gallon fuel tank, can provide approximately 14.5 hours of runtime at 50% load. This information is crucial to ensure your generator can sustain power for extended durations without frequent refueling.

Portability is another important factor to consider. Depending on your needs, you may require a generator that is easy to transport. The Predator 6500 weighs 165 lbs, making manual transportation challenging without a wheel kit. Understanding your portability requirements will help you choose a generator that is easy to move around.

Noise levels are also worth considering, especially if you plan to use the generator in residential areas or during camping trips. The Predator 6500 has a noise level rating of 73.5 dBA, slightly louder than a shower. If noise is a concern, opting for a quieter model, such as an inverter generator, might be more suitable.

Price is, of course, a factor to keep in mind. Set a budget and compare the prices and features of different Predator generator models. This will help you find the best value for your money while ensuring your power needs are met.

Lastly, don’t forget to read reviews and seek recommendations from experts. User reviews provide valuable insights into the performance, durability, and overall satisfaction of a generator. Experts can also provide guidance based on their experience with different models.

By considering these factors—power requirements, runtime, portability, noise levels, price, and reviews—you can make an informed decision when selecting the right Predator generator for your needs. Whether you choose the Predator 6500 or another model from their extensive line, you can have confidence in your decision to power your home, outdoor adventures, or worksite with a reliable generator.


In conclusion, Predator generators, manufactured by Harbor Freight, offer a reliable and affordable power solution for various applications. With models ranging from inverter generators to conventional ones with dual fuel capability, Predator generators cater to diverse power needs. Popular Mechanics’ testing of the Predator 9,500-Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator proves its outstanding performance, making it a recommended choice for scenarios that require high power output, such as during natural disasters or construction sites.

One of the standout features of Predator generators is their noise reduction capability. Operating at a noise level of 67db, which is equivalent to a quiet conversation, these generators significantly reduce noise pollution compared to other models. Moreover, Harbor Freight’s inverter technology ensures stable, clean power that is suitable for sensitive electronics and larger appliances.

For the convenience and safety of users, the Predator Generator is equipped with the CO SECURE technology, which automatically shuts off the engine if dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are detected. To ensure optimal performance, regular maintenance is advised, including starting the generator every few months, changing oil filters periodically, and using fuel stabilizer for long-term storage. Consulting an electrician for proper installation and connection is also recommended to ensure safe operation.

With its reputation for reliability, fuel efficiency, and high power output, Predator generators have gained popularity among consumers. The user-friendly control panel provides essential information such as voltage output, fuel levels, and running hours. The large fuel tank capacity allows for extended periods of operation before refueling, while efficient fuel consumption extends the generator’s runtime and makes it more environmentally conscious.

Overall, Predator generators provide a robust power solution for a wide range of applications, including home backup power and outdoor activities. With their competitive pricing, averaging around $500, they offer excellent value for money. As Harbor Freight continues its partnership with Lifan Group, one of the largest engine providers globally, Predator generators are set to maintain their reputation as reliable, efficient, and powerful tools in the tool and equipment industry.


Who makes the Predator Generator?

The Predator Generator is manufactured by Harbor Freight, a well-known retailer of various tools and equipment.

What are the key features of Predator generators?

Predator generators come with various features, including inverter and conventional models, dual fuel operation, and a maximum power output of 2,000 watts.

How reliable and durable are Predator generators?

Predator generators have shown excellent performance and reliability, with users reporting long-lasting performance even after extended use.

How do Predator generators compare to other brands?

Compared to brands like Champion and Wen, Predator generators offer affordability, while other brands may have specific features or options that may be appealing.

What are customers saying about Predator generators?

Customers generally have positive feedback, appreciating the affordability and reliability of Predator generators.

How can I safely use a Predator generator?

It’s important to set up the generator in a well-ventilated area, away from flammable materials, and follow guidelines for proper maintenance.

What are the warranty and support options for Predator generators?

Predator generators come with a warranty provided by Harbor Freight, and customers can seek assistance from the manufacturer’s customer service.

What is the environmental impact of Predator generators?

Predator inverter generators are designed to be fuel-efficient, reducing emissions. Following regulations regarding noise and emissions is also important.

What is the future of Predator generators?

As technology advances, Harbor Freight may invest in further research and development to enhance the features and capabilities of Predator generators.

Which Predator generator is recommended for different applications?

The Predator 3500 is highly recommended for home use, while the Predator 2000 is popular for camping and outdoor events.

How do I choose the right Predator generator for my needs?

Consider factors such as power requirements, runtime, noise levels, portability, and budget when selecting the right Predator generator.