Who Makes Panera Chips? How Good Are They?

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When it comes to finding a tasty, crispy snack to satisfy your cravings, Panera Bread’s chips have become a popular choice. But who exactly is behind the creation of these delectable treats?

According to multiple sources, the company responsible for manufacturing Panera chips is Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks. With a rich history of snack production, Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks is also known for other well-loved brands like Rachels and Old Dutch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Panera chips are manufactured by Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks.
  • Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks is known for other popular snack brands.
  • Panera chips are made using a kettle cooking method which contributes to their crispy texture.

Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks: The Manufacturer Behind Panera Chips

When it comes to Panera Chips, one may wonder about the company responsible for manufacturing these delectable snacks. Look no further than Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks, the trusted manufacturer behind Panera Bread chips. Known for their commitment to quality and taste, Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks has become the go-to supplier for Panera Bread’s snack line.

Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks has built a strong reputation in the industry for their production of high-quality snacks. Not only do they manufacture Panera Chips, but their expertise extends to producing kettle chips for various private-label brands as well. With a focus on delivering delicious and crispy snacks, their partnership with Panera Bread highlights their dedication to meeting the demand for top-notch products.

Recently, Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks expanded their operations by opening a new plant in Pennsylvania. This expansion showcases their commitment to keeping up with the increasing demand for snacks like Panera Chips. With their state-of-the-art facility and a highly skilled workforce, they are well-equipped to manufacture and distribute Panera Chips to meet the needs of snack enthusiasts nationwide.

Number of Employees at KLN Family Brands’ Hometown of Perham, Minnesota 1,300
Number of Job Openings at KLN Family Brands 25-40 (by July 1)
Number of Applications Received by KLN Family Brands 700-800
Private Labels Supplied by Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks Panera Bread, Target, and more
Population of Perham, Minnesota Approximately 3,000
Unemployment Rate in the Area Approximately 4%

The Quality and Taste of Panera Chips

When it comes to finding the perfect snack to complement your meal, Panera Bread has got you covered. Not only is their menu filled with a variety of delicious and wholesome options, but they also offer their own line of high-quality Panera chips. These chips are crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring a taste that is truly satisfying.

Customers have consistently praised Panera chips for their exceptional quality and taste. Made with a blend of carefully selected potatoes and seasoned with just the right amount of salt, these chips provide a delightful crunch that is hard to resist. The flavor is perfectly balanced, allowing the natural taste of the potatoes to shine through.

Interestingly, many customers have compared the taste of Panera chips to that of Target’s in-house brand “Good and Gather” chips. This observation suggests that both brands are likely produced in the same factory, further emphasizing the reliability and consistency of Panera chips. Whether you’re enjoying them on their own or pairing them with your favorite Panera menu item, these chips never disappoint.

As a snack vendor, Panera Bread understands the importance of offering a range of flavors to suit different preferences. That’s why they have expanded their chip selection to include various options like Sea Salt, BBQ, and Sour Cream & Onion. Each flavor is expertly crafted to provide a satisfying snacking experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

In fact, the quality and taste of Panera chips have become so well-regarded that they have gained popularity beyond just being a side item at their restaurants. Many customers choose to purchase bags of Panera chips separately, enjoying them as a standalone snack at home or on the go.

To give you a visual representation of the flavors Panera chips offer, here’s a comparison table showcasing the different options:

Flavor Description
Sea Salt A classic flavor with just the right amount of salt to enhance the natural potato taste.
BBQ A smoky and tangy flavor that adds a savory twist to your snacking experience.
Sour Cream & Onion A creamy and zesty flavor combination, perfect for those who enjoy bold and tangy tastes.

Whether you’re a fan of the traditional Sea Salt chips or prefer the bolder BBQ or Sour Cream & Onion varieties, Panera chips are sure to satisfy your snack cravings. The combination of quality ingredients, careful craftsmanship, and delicious flavors make them a standout option in the world of snack foods.

Distribution and Availability of Panera Chips

Panera chips, known for their delectable taste and quality, are widely available across various distribution channels. While Panera Bread locations are a primary source for obtaining these chips, they can also be found in select grocery stores and online retailers.

Panera Grocery, the brand’s expansion into offering essential pantry items, provides customers with the convenience of ordering through multiple channels. These include the Panera app, the official website, and delivery platforms like Grubhub. Additionally, options like Rapid Pick-Up, Drive-Up, and Drive-Thru allow customers to choose contactless methods of collecting their orders.

As a prominent producer and distributor, Panera Grocery ensures availability of a wide range of products. In addition to their popular chips, customers can find other grocery items such as fresh produce, dairy products, bakery treats, and refreshing beverages. The selection includes favorites like avocados, blueberries, assorted cheeses, bagels, muffins, cookies, lemonade, and Panera’s acclaimed kettle-cooked potato chips.

Panera takes pride in offering high-quality products that are free of artificial preservatives, flavors, sweeteners, and colors. This commitment to providing wholesome food extends to their chips as well. With their dedication to consumer health and wellness, Panera ensures that their chips are made with carefully selected ingredients and prepared to meet the brand’s strict standards.

To access the convenience of Panera Grocery, customers have the option to order delivery or pick-up online. By visiting the official Panera Bread website or using the Panera Bread app, customers can seamlessly browse through available items and place their orders.

It’s important to note that the distribution and availability of Panera chips may be influenced by various factors, including regional proximity to the manufacturing plant. Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks, the esteemed producer of Panera chips, recently established a new manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania. This strategic location ensures efficient distribution across the country, particularly in the eastern regions, including North Carolina.

Availability in Grocery Stores

While Panera Bread locations remain a reliable source for Panera chips, they can also be found in select grocery stores. This expansion into retail distribution allows customers greater accessibility and convenience when purchasing their favorite chips. By collaborating with grocery retailers, Panera ensures that their chips are within reach for those seeking a satisfying and flavorful snack option.

In some cases, customers may come across other private-label brands that are produced by Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks, such as Rachels and Old Dutch. The expertise and dedication of the production company ensure consistent quality across these different brands.

The popularity and demand for Panera chips have made them a sought-after snack choice. To cater to a wider audience and meet the growing demand, Panera continues to expand its distribution channels, ensuring that these delectable chips are readily available to satisfy snack cravings.

The Manufacturing Process of Panera Chips

Panera Bread, one of the leading snack manufacturers in the industry, takes pride in producing high-quality and flavorful chips. The manufacturing process of Panera chips involves meticulous attention to detail and the use of top-notch ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at how these delicious snacks are made.

Selection of Potatoes

The journey of creating Panera chips starts with the careful selection of potatoes. Panera sources premium quality potatoes to ensure that each chip delivers the perfect crunch and taste. This commitment to quality is what sets Panera apart.

Kettle Cooking

Panera chips are kettle-cooked, an age-old method known for producing exceptional results. This traditional approach involves cooking the chips in small batches, allowing for precise control over the cooking process. Kettle cooking gives Panera chips their crispy texture and distinctive flavor that snack enthusiasts love.

Quality Control Measures

Panera Chips suppliers uphold rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. Every batch of chips undergoes careful inspection to ensure that they meet Panera’s highest standards. This unwavering commitment to quality is what makes Panera chips consistently delicious and satisfying.

Environmentally Responsible Packaging

Panera Chips suppliers, in alignment with Panera’s sustainability goals, utilize packaging solutions that are reusable, recyclable, and compostable. As part of their commitment to the environment, Panera plans to transition to 100% circular packaging, minimizing waste and reducing their carbon footprint.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Panera Bread snack manufacturers are actively striving to reduce their environmental impact. They aim to use green, renewable electricity for at least 50% of Panera Bread owned operations and have already reduced material use in packaging by 60% through sustainable practices. By setting a goal to become climate positive by 2050, Panera is taking significant strides in creating a better future for the planet.

With their dedication to quality, sustainability, and responsible manufacturing practices, Panera continues to provide snack enthusiasts with exceptional chips. Whether you’re enjoying their classic flavors or exploring their seasonal varieties, you can trust that Panera chips are made with care and passion.

Comparison Between Panera Chips and Target’s “Good and Gather” Chips

When it comes to snacking, Panera Bread Chips have become quite popular among chip enthusiasts. However, Panera is not the only brand that offers delicious, crispy chips. Target’s “Good and Gather” chips have also gained a considerable following among snack lovers. Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between these two brands.

Taste and Quality

Customers have noted that Target’s in-house brand “Good and Gather” chips bear a striking resemblance to Panera chips, both in taste and overall quality. While there may be slight differences in the recipe and nutritional content, the overall production process and quality of ingredients are likely similar. The availability of the chips under different brands provides options for customers to enjoy the same delicious snack.

Product Variety

Both Panera and “Good and Gather” offer a wide range of chip flavors to cater to different taste preferences. From classic flavors like Sea Salt and BBQ to unique options like Sour Cream & Onion and Salt & Vinegar, both brands strive to offer diverse choices to satisfy every snacker.

Panera Bread Chips Good and Gather Chips
Sea Salt Sea Salt
Sour Cream & Onion Sour Cream & Onion
Salt & Vinegar Salt & Vinegar

Price and Accessibility

When it comes to price, Target’s “Good and Gather” chips are generally more affordable compared to Panera Bread Chips. This accessibility makes it easier for customers to enjoy a tasty snack without breaking the bank. “Good and Gather” chips are readily available at Target stores nationwide, offering convenience and accessibility to snackers everywhere.

Variations in Flavors and Ingredients

While Panera chips are known for their classic salted flavor, it is worth mentioning that variations in flavors and ingredients may exist. Customers have expressed preferences for saltier chips, while others have mentioned a liking for chips made with olive oil. These variations in taste and ingredients may be influenced by regional preferences or specific product lines offered by Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks, the manufacturer behind Panera chips.

Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks is a well-known manufacturer that produces Panera chips, including popular varieties like “Rachels” and “Old Dutch.” They are also responsible for Target’s in-house brand of chips, called “Good and Gather.” Panera chips and Target’s chips, both coming from the same manufacturer, likely have comparable production processes, ensuring similar overall quality.

When it comes to nutrition content, there are some differences between Panera chips and Target’s “Good and Gather” chips. Panera chips tend to have a higher salt content and are exclusively fried in sunflower oil. On the other hand, Target chips are fried using a combination of sunflower and/or Canola oil. Despite these differences, both brands strive to provide a delicious and satisfying snacking experience.

One interesting aspect to consider is the regional variations that may influence the flavors and ingredients of these chips. Some reviews mentioned that Target’s chips were not salty enough, indicating that flavor preferences may differ among consumers. Additionally, there was a peculiar note from one review suggesting that the chips were made in olive oil, which is not a standard ingredient for these chips. This hints at potential regional variations in chip recipes, further adding to the diversity of flavors available.

To provide an idea of the cost-effectiveness, Target’s “Good and Gather” brand chips are priced at $1.80 for an 8oz bag. This makes them a pocket-friendly option for consumers looking for a delicious snack without breaking the bank.

Overall, the variations in flavors and ingredients within Panera and Target chips highlight the flexibility and creativity that customers can exercise when placing their orders. Different combinations of soups, salads, sandwiches, and chips can create diverse taste experiences, showcasing the marriage of flavors and textures that Panera Bread offers.

Chips Manufacturer Flavors Ingredients
Panera Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks Classic Salted Potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt
Target’s “Good and Gather” Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks Various flavors Potatoes, sunflower and/or Canola oil, seasonings

The Popularity and Affordability of Panera Chips

Panera chips have become a beloved choice among snack enthusiasts, thanks to their exceptional taste and quality. As part of the Panera Bread brand, these chips have gained popularity for offering a satisfying snacking experience. Not only are Panera chips delicious, but they also come at an affordable price point, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

With over 1,420 stores in the U.S. and a market capitalization of roughly $3 billion, Panera is a well-established player in the food industry. The brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality products resonates with customers, and their chips are no exception.

Amid a recession, Panera managed to increase its salad business by 30%, demonstrating its ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences. Panera’s consistent ranking as the third-best performer in financial performance among quick-serve and quick-casual establishments further solidifies its position in the market.

Not only do Panera chips offer great taste and quality, but they also align with the growing trend towards healthy eating. With nearly one in three children in the U.S. being overweight or obese, there is a heightened focus on finding healthier snack options. Panera understands this demand and ensures that their chips meet consumers’ expectations for nutritious and satisfying snacking.

Furthermore, Panera’s commitment to providing healthy options has been recognized by respected sources. A survey by Zagat ranked Panera as the top choice for the “best healthy option,” while Health magazine has named it one of the healthiest “quick-serve” restaurants. This further strengthens the appeal of Panera chips as a wholesome and guilt-free snacking choice.

At Panera, there is a wide variety of chips available, catering to different taste preferences. From classic flavors to unique combinations, Panera chips offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of traditional flavors or seeking adventurous options, Panera chips have you covered.

With their popularity and reputation, Panera chips continue to be a go-to choice for snack lovers. Their affordability and commitment to quality make them an excellent option for those seeking a delicious and satisfying snacking experience.

The Importance of Snack Manufacturers in the Food Industry

Snack manufacturers play a crucial role in the food industry, ensuring that consumers have access to a wide range of delicious and satisfying snacks. One such manufacturer is Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks, known for their partnership with popular brands like Panera Bread. Their expertise in snack production and commitment to quality contribute to the success and popularity of snack products like Panera Chips.

Panera has strategically expanded its product offerings both nationally and in select regional markets over the past year, including a diverse range of grocery products. These offerings encompass bakery-cafe favorites across various categories, such as artisan bread, sliced bread, and bagels. Panera’s grocery products now feature updated packaging with distinctive brand elements and a more prominent logo, making it easier for shoppers to identify the brand they love.

One notable addition to Panera’s snack lineup is their line of Panera Chips. These delectable chips are available in various flavors, including Garlic Demi Baguette, Plain, Everything, and Cinnamon Swirl. Panera also offers English Muffins (initially available in the Northeast) and Artisan Cheese Crisps in Parmesan, Everything, and Tomato Basil varieties.

As a consumer packaged goods (CPG) business, Panera aims to make their products easily accessible in grocery stores to meet the demand for craveable Panera favorites at home. All Panera grocery items are made with clean ingredients, free from artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, and colors sourced from artificial sources. The commitment to clean ingredients started when Panera phased out artificial ingredients from their menu in 2016.

One of the reasons behind Panera’s success is their dedication to offering whole grain options. In a country where more than half of the top restaurant chains do not provide whole grain options, Panera currently offers six whole grain offerings. Their Farmstyle Loaf, for example, is made with 55% whole grain and provides 1.2 servings of whole grain per slice. This emphasis on whole grains aligns with the USDA’s recommendation that whole grains should make up at least half of all grains consumed in a day.

Promoting Transparency and Educating Consumers

Panera recognizes the importance of transparency when it comes to food choices. They believe in educating consumers about the ingredients and processes used in their products. To further this mission, Panera has launched the “Food Interrupted” video series, which consists of six episodes aired on Facebook Watch. The first episode features Chef Marcus Samuelsson and Jon Hammond from Weiser Family Farms discussing the significance of ancient grains.

The Role of Snack Manufacturers in Meeting Consumer Needs

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and a fulfilling snacking experience are in high demand. Snack manufacturers like Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks work closely with brands like Panera Bread to create snacks that meet these needs. By partnering with reliable snack manufacturers, Panera ensures that their chips and other snack products maintain consistent quality, taste, and availability.

The right choice of co-packers is crucial for successful product launches. Quality control and strong partnerships with snack manufacturers are essential for meeting consumer expectations and maintaining the integrity of the brand. Effective branding strategies, such as Panera Bread’s commitment to organic food, sustainability, and freshness, contribute to increased sales and market share in the competitive restaurant market.

Visual Appeal and Readability in Food Branding

When it comes to food branding, visual appeal and readability are key factors. Colors like red, orange, and yellow are traditionally associated with hunger and warmth, making them suitable for fast food and snack brands targeting consumer attention. Typography plays a vital role in conveying important product information and the unique value proposition to consumers. Clear and legible typography ensures that consumers can easily understand and make informed choices about the products they purchase.

Brand Sales
STōK Cold Brew Fastest-growing brand in the United States
Lay’s Chips Over $4.1 billion in sales
Olipop $20 million per month company within five years


In conclusion, Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks is the manufacturer behind the popular Panera chips. Known for their kettle cooking method and commitment to quality, Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks ensures that Panera chips meet the expectations of snack enthusiasts. With their availability in Panera Bread locations and potentially other retail channels, Panera chips continue to delight customers with their deliciously crispy texture and satisfying taste.


Who makes Panera chips?

Panera chips are made by Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks, a reputable snack manufacturer known for producing other snack brands such as Rachels and Old Dutch.

What is the quality and taste of Panera chips?

Panera chips are highly regarded for their quality and taste. They have a satisfying crunch and are seasoned with just the right amount of salt, making them a popular choice among snack lovers.

Where can I find Panera chips?

Panera chips are likely available across Panera Bread locations in the United States. They may also be distributed through other channels such as grocery stores and online retailers.

How are Panera chips made?

Panera chips are made using a kettle cooking method, which contributes to their deliciously crispy texture. They are carefully fried in sunflower oil to give them a distinct taste.

Are Panera chips the same as Target’s "Good and Gather" chips?

While there may be slight differences in recipe and nutritional content, many customers have noted that Target’s “Good and Gather” chips taste very similar to Panera chips, indicating that they are likely produced in the same factory.

Do Panera chips come in different flavors?

While Panera chips are known for their classic salted flavor, variations in flavors and ingredients may exist. Some customers prefer saltier chips, while others enjoy chips made with olive oil.

Why are Panera chips popular?

Panera chips have gained popularity among snack enthusiasts for their exceptional taste and quality. They are often available at an affordable price point, offering value for money.

What is the role of snack manufacturers like Barrell ‘O Fun Snacks?

Snack manufacturers play a vital role in the food industry by producing a wide range of snacks that cater to diverse consumer preferences. They collaborate with popular brands like Panera Bread to bring delicious snacks to the market.