Who Makes Palomino Campers? How Good Are They?

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Palomino Campers are manufactured by Palomino RV, a well-known brand in the camping industry. Acquired by Forest River in 2002, Palomino RV benefits from the buying power and extensive resources of its parent company. With a focus on quality and innovation, Palomino RV offers a range of camper models to cater to different needs and preferences.

The Features of the Palomino HS-2910 Max

One notable camper from Palomino RV is the HS-2910 Max. This flagship truck camper is designed with a full-wall slide-out, providing additional living space and comfort. With impressive options and a lower price compared to its competitors, the HS-2910 Max offers excellent value for money. It demonstrates Palomino RV’s commitment to delivering durability and modern design in their campers.

The Benefits of Forest River’s Buying Power

As part of Forest River, Palomino RV leverages the company’s extensive resources and buying power. This advantage allows Palomino RV to prioritize cost efficiency without compromising the quality of their campers. With easy access to supplies and materials, Palomino RV maintains high standards in their manufacturing process.

Exterior Design and Construction of Palomino Campers

Palomino Campers are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. The campers are constructed with sturdy frames and reliable axles, ensuring durability and longevity. However, some owners have reported signs of rust on the frame and axles, which can be addressed through sanding and painting with rust preventative paint. Additionally, minor issues such as inefficient rubber clamps on the propane tank cover have been noted.

Interior Features and Design of Palomino Campers

Palomino RV pays attention to the interior design and features of their campers. The campers offer comfortable living spaces and well-thought-out floorplans. Some owners have made modifications to enhance comfort, such as upgrading the mattress to an 8″ memory foam and replacing the dinette with leather chairs. The addition of a digital thermostat allows for improved temperature control inside the camper.

Appliances and Furnishings in Palomino Campers

Palomino Campers come equipped with a range of appliances and furnishings to enhance the camping experience. The campers include standard features such as refrigerators and stoves, allowing for convenient meal preparation on the go. However, occasional issues with appliances have been reported, such as malfunctioning refrigerators.

Quality Concerns and Improvements in Palomino Campers

While Palomino RV strives for quality, some owners have experienced manufacturing issues with their campers. Problems like poorly done fiberglass installation, visible seams, and minor delamination have been reported. The owners have taken it upon themselves to make significant modifications and improvements to address these concerns.

Positive Owner Experiences with Palomino Campers

Despite the quality concerns mentioned, many owners have had positive experiences with Palomino Campers. Certain models, such as the 2021 Palomino Puma 31RLQS, have received top ratings across various aspects, including livability, overall quality, floorplan, driving/towing, and factory warranty/support. These highly rated models reflect the commitment of Palomino RV to providing exceptional campers for their customers.

Opinions on New Palomino Campers

Reviews of new Palomino campers vary. While some models have received excellent ratings, others have faced challenges. The 2023 Palomino Puma 32rbfq, for example, has encountered various issues reported by owners, including leaking skylights, a malfunctioning refrigerator, plumbing issues, and tight door hinges. It is essential for potential buyers to consider both positive and negative reviews when choosing a Palomino camper.

Discussion and Recommendations for Palomino Campers

Based on the reviews and feedback from owners, Palomino Campers offer a range of options with varying levels of quality and performance. It is advisable for potential buyers to thoroughly research the specific models they are interested in and consider their individual camping needs. Examining the overall ratings and feedback, including both positive and negative experiences, can help make an informed decision.


Palomino RV, the manufacturer of Palomino Campers, offers a diverse range of campers for outdoor enthusiasts. While there have been some reported quality concerns, the company’s dedication to design and innovation is evident in their campers. By considering the features, feedback, and recommendations, buyers can find a Palomino camper that suits their camping lifestyle and preferences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Palomino RV manufactures Palomino Campers, offering a range of models to cater to different needs and preferences.
  • The Palomino HS-2910 Max stands out with its full-wall slide-out and impressive options at a lower price.
  • Forest River’s buying power benefits Palomino RV, ensuring cost efficiency and access to supplies.
  • Palomino Campers have sturdy exteriors but may require rust prevention measures and improvements in rubber clamps.
  • The interior design of Palomino Campers offers comfortable living spaces, with the option for owner modifications.
  • Appliances and furnishings in Palomino Campers contribute to a convenient camping experience, though occasional issues have been reported.
  • Quality concerns have been raised regarding fiberglass installation, visible seams, and minor delamination.
  • Some Palomino Campers have received top ratings, highlighting the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Opinions on new Palomino Campers vary, with some models facing challenges and issues.
  • Thorough research, considering overall ratings and feedback, is essential when choosing a Palomino camper.

The Features of the Palomino HS-2910 Max

The Palomino HS-2910 Max is the epitome of luxury in the world of truck campers. Introduced nine years ago as Palomino RV’s flagship truck camper, it quickly garnered attention for its exceptional features and competitive pricing. With a full-wall slide-out, the HS-2910 Max offers ample living space and versatility for the adventurous traveler.

One of the standout features of the Palomino HS-2910 Max is its construction. The camper’s aluminum-framed walls, floor, and roof are not only standard in the industry but also contribute to its durability and structural integrity. This sturdy construction ensures that the camper will withstand the rigors of the road and provide a safe and comfortable living environment.

The HS-2910 Max’s full-wall slide-out floor plan is a sought-after feature among truck camper enthusiasts. It maximizes the living space, allowing for a more open and spacious interior. Whether you’re relaxing in the dining area or preparing a meal in the well-appointed kitchen, the slide-out provides ample room to move around and enjoy your surroundings.

Palomino RV, in partnership with Forest River, has continued to refine and improve the HS-2910 Max over the years, ensuring that it maintains its status as a luxury flagship truck camper. Thanks to Forest River’s purchasing power, Palomino is able to source premium supplies and materials at a reduced cost, allowing them to offer a high-quality camper at an advantageous price point.

In addition to its construction and floor plan, the Palomino HS-2910 Max boasts several unique features that set it apart from the competition. One such feature is the innovative front windshield nose cap with automotive quality sealed windshields by Guardian Glass. Not only does this add to the camper’s aesthetic appeal, but it also enhances visibility and provides a luxurious touch.

The HS-2910 Max is also equipped with a reliable Schwintek slide mechanism, ensuring smooth and hassle-free operation. This mechanism has undergone enhancements over the years, and owners have reported no issues with its performance.

Other notable features of the Palomino HS-2910 Max include two power awnings, courtesy of combined orders with other Forest River RV brands, providing shade and protection from the elements. It also boasts a Girard tankless water heater, offering unlimited hot water and quiet operation when connected to city water. For winter camping, the water heater provides freeze protection, ensuring your comfort even in colder temperatures.

With a dry weight of 3,493 pounds and a wet weight of 4,525 pounds, the HS-2910 Max is designed for one-ton long bed trucks. Its weight and capacity limitations should be considered when selecting a compatible truck for towing.

The Palomino HS-2910 Max goes beyond functionality with its rear deck bumper that enhances safety and comfort. It also provides additional storage compartments, adding convenience and functionality to the camper’s design.

Specification Dry Weight Wet Weight Fresh Water Capacity Grey Water Capacity Black Water Capacity Propane Tank(s) Batteries
Palomino HS-2910 Max 3,493 pounds 4,525 pounds 45 gallons 20 gallons 20 gallons 1 (30-pound) 2
Palomino HS-2902 Max 3,261 pounds 4,293 pounds 45 gallons 20 gallons 20 gallons 1 (30-pound) 2
Palomino HS-2901 Max 3,037 pounds 4,069 pounds 45 gallons 20 gallons 20 gallons 1 (30-pound) 2

The Palomino HS-2910 Max offers a luxurious and comfortable camping experience for those seeking the ultimate adventure. With its exceptional features, durable construction, and continuous refinements, it’s easy to see why it remains a top choice among truck camper enthusiasts.

The Benefits of Forest River’s Buying Power

Palomino RV, a division of Forest River, Inc., has significant advantages due to Forest River’s strong purchasing power in the RV industry. Forest River, Inc., along with its divisions, was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway, providing Palomino RV with increased resources and influence in the market.

Forest River’s purchasing power allows Palomino RV to place large orders with material and component vendors, ensuring priority access to supplies and cost efficiency. This is particularly beneficial during times of supply chain disruptions, such as the shortage of materials caused by the pandemic.

By leveraging Forest River’s buying power, Palomino RV can maintain competitive prices and secure high-quality materials for their campers. This ensures that customers receive a reliable and durable product at an affordable price point.

Furthermore, Forest River’s acquisition of other RV brands and divisions, such as Wildwood and Salem, has further enhanced their purchasing power and market influence. Forest River builds both Wildwood and Salem in the same factory, taking advantage of state laws dictating dealership proximity. This strategy allows the company to put more units in the market, promoting competition among dealers and benefiting both dealers and customers.

In addition to the purchasing power advantages, Palomino RV benefits from the reputation and expertise of Forest River, Inc. as a well-established and respected player in the RV industry. This association with Forest River further strengthens the trust and confidence that customers have in Palomino RV’s campers.

Overall, Forest River’s buying power provides Palomino RV with greater access to supplies, cost efficiency, and the ability to deliver high-quality campers to customers. This partnership enhances Palomino RV’s position in the market and allows them to continue providing exceptional RV experiences to their customers.

Exterior Design and Construction of Palomino Campers

When it comes to the exterior design of Palomino campers, they boast a sleek and modern look. The grey laminated sidewalls, black Rieco-Titan remote electric jacks, and dark tint frameless windows give these campers a stylish and contemporary appearance. But it’s not just about aesthetics; Palomino campers are built with careful attention to construction and durability.

One notable feature is the fiberglass nose cap with an automotive-grade windshield. This not only adds to the visual appeal but also provides protection against the elements. The durable construction of Palomino campers includes aluminum framing and laminated walls, floor, and roof. This ensures a solid and sturdy structure, allowing for a reliable and long-lasting camping experience.

In addition to the sturdy construction, Palomino campers have taken steps to prevent rust. The frame is repainted to minimize rust formation, and other components are regularly monitored and maintained to ensure they remain rust-free.

Palomino campers are also designed with convenience in mind. The exterior features storage compartments that provide ample space for all your camping gear. Whether it’s outdoor equipment, camping chairs, or other essentials, these storage compartments make it easy to keep everything organized and within reach.

Specifications of the Palomino HS-3210:

Interior Floor Length Width Interior Height Dry Weight Fresh Water Capacity Grey Water Capacity Black Water Capacity Price (MSRP)
10′ 8’2″ 6’10” 3,460 lbs 45 gallons 20 gallons 20 gallons $48,000

The Palomino HS-3210 is a prime example of Palomino’s commitment to quality and innovation. With its attractive exterior design, durable construction, rust prevention measures, and ample storage compartments, this camper is built to enhance your camping experience and withstand the test of time.

Interior Features and Design of Palomino Campers

When it comes to the interior of Palomino Campers, you can expect a well-crafted space that combines functional design with a neutral aesthetic. The use of high-quality materials and comfortable furnishings ensures a pleasant and enjoyable camping experience.

Palomino RVs introduced their first truck camper in 2012, and since then, they have been committed to providing campers with exceptional interior features. Regardless of the series, whether it’s the P-series, C-series, or R-series, Palomino caters to different market segments, all while maintaining their commitment to quality.

The interior of Palomino Campers features a mix of traditional RV wood tones and modern elements. The neutral color scheme offers a timeless appeal, matching various personal styles and preferences. This design choice also creates a bright and spacious atmosphere inside the camper.

One notable interior feature of Palomino Campers is the MyStyle cabinets with raised panel doors. These cabinets not only offer ample storage space but also contribute to the camper’s contemporary look. The attention to detail in the interior design showcases Palomino’s dedication to quality craftsmanship.

The campers are equipped with comfortable furnishings that prioritize relaxation and convenience. Whether it’s lounging on the plush seating or resting on the cozy bed, Palomino ensures that campers can unwind and recharge during their outdoor adventures.

To enhance functionality, Palomino includes custom-fit heavy-duty cargo slides, perfect for storing and transporting equipment like skis or snowboards. This feature adds convenience to your camping experience, allowing you to bring along your favorite gear without any hassle.

With the new HS-2912 model, Palomino takes interior design and features to the next level. This model boasts two doors, providing easy access to the interior without the need to lower the deck. This innovative solution addresses a challenge faced by early models and ensures effortless entry and exit.

Additionally, the HS-2912 model includes an outdoor entertainment center and a fold-out patio, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while still having access to modern amenities.

Specifications Details
Weight 3,600 lbs
Length 20 feet
Fresh Water Capacity 45 gallons
Gray Water Capacity 20 gallons
Black Water Capacity 20 gallons
LP Tank Capacity 30 lbs

Appliances and Furnishings in Palomino Campers

When it comes to appliances and furnishings, Palomino campers have you covered. The company understands the importance of equipping their campers with top-notch amenities to enhance your camping experience.

One of the standout features in Palomino campers is the Dometic fridge. These standard appliances provide ample storage space for your groceries and come equipped with separate fridge and freezer compartments. The best part is, they run on both electricity and propane, ensuring your food stays fresh no matter where you are on your camping journey.

Another essential appliance in Palomino campers is the Suburban stove. Whether you’re cooking a simple meal or trying out a new recipe, the stove delivers consistent heat for all your culinary adventures.

For added convenience, Palomino campers also come with a reliable Magic Chef microwave. Perfect for quickly heating up leftovers or making a quick snack, this appliance is designed to make your camping life easier.

In addition to the appliances, Palomino campers also prioritize comfort with their quality furnishings. The company understands that a good night’s sleep is crucial after a long day of outdoor activities. That’s why they ensure each camper is equipped with a comfortable mattress, so you can wake up refreshed and ready for another day of adventure.

Palomino’s commitment to quality extends beyond just the appliances and mattress. The company standardizes features and interiors across their camper and towable product lines, ensuring consistency and improving production efficiency and overall quality.

With Palomino campers, you can expect to find name-brand appliances and furnishings that are built to last. The company’s emphasis on design and innovation, combined with their partnership with Forest River, Inc., allows them to offer customers larger windows, longer awnings, and other high-quality features that provide better value for your investment.

From functional appliances to comfortable furnishings, Palomino campers are tailored to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who value both reliability and comfort.

Year Campers Features
2024 Palomino Max line 12-volt compressor refrigerators, 100Ah batteries, 400-watts of solar panels, exterior Azdel walls
2024 Various models 12-volt compressor refrigerators

Quality Concerns and Improvements in Palomino Campers

While Palomino campers are generally known for their durability and affordability, there have been some quality concerns raised by owners. These concerns mainly revolve around the finish work, plumbing and wiring, and exterior fiberglass of the campers.

Finish Work

Some owners have reported issues with the finish work on their Palomino campers. This includes minor cosmetic flaws, such as uneven paint or small imperfections on the interior surfaces. While these issues don’t typically affect the overall functionality of the camper, they can be disappointing for owners who expect a high level of craftsmanship.

Plumbing and Wiring

Another area of concern is the routing of plumbing and wiring in Palomino campers. Some owners have reported instances of poorly placed pipes and wires, leading to potential leaks or electrical issues. These issues can be addressed through proper inspection and maintenance, but they highlight the importance of checking the camper’s plumbing and wiring during the purchasing process.

Exterior Fiberglass

The exterior fiberglass of Palomino campers has also been a point of concern for some owners. Reports of delamination, particularly on the front of the camper, have raised questions about the long-term durability of the fiberglass. It’s important for owners to inspect the exterior thoroughly and address any signs of delamination to prevent further damage.

It’s worth noting that Palomino campers have undergone improvements in recent years. Following the acquisition by Forest River, quality enhancements began around the 2013-2014 model years. These improvements have addressed some of the previous quality concerns and have contributed to a better overall camping experience for owners.

In addition, Palomino campers come with warranties that provide some peace of mind for owners. However, it’s important to carefully read and understand the warranty conditions, as some activities, such as using the camper for full-time living, may void the warranty.

Overall, while there have been quality concerns with Palomino campers, they are generally well-regarded among owners. The value they offer in terms of features and price makes them a popular choice in the market. By conducting thorough inspections and understanding warranty conditions, potential buyers can make informed decisions and enjoy the benefits of owning a Palomino camper.

Positive Owner Experiences with Palomino Campers

Palomino campers have garnered positive feedback from owners who have enjoyed their experiences with these recreational vehicles. One prominent aspect that stands out is the durability of Palomino campers, which have proven to withstand the test of time.

Owners appreciate the functionality that Palomino campers offer. These campers are designed with practical features that enhance the overall camping experience. From integrated appliances to well-thought-out floor plans, Palomino campers prioritize convenience and ease of use.

One key factor in owner satisfaction is the opportunity for modifications. Palomino campers provide a versatile platform for owners to personalize their campers according to their preferences and needs. This customization allows owners to create a space that reflects their unique style and enhances functionality.

It is worth noting that while Palomino campers offer many positive attributes, there have been reported issues with quality control. Some owners have experienced fabric detachment from the walls, necessitating repairs while on the road. This highlights the need for continued improvement in quality assurance measures to ensure customer satisfaction.

Owner Satisfaction and Customization

Despite encountering challenges, owners remain enthusiastic about their Palomino campers. The freedom to customize and personalize their camping experience is valued, and owners appreciate the process of making modifications to their campers.

Furthermore, owners have expressed satisfaction with the comfort of the camper’s mattress. This aspect contributes to a good night’s sleep and enhances the overall enjoyment of the camping experience.

Real-Life Experiences with Palomino Campers

In one particular instance, a group of campers embarked on a trip to Michigan’s Thumb region, exploring the picturesque shores of Lake Huron. They used the Palomino 2902 model, equipped with a thoughtful six-pack of local Michigan beverages in the fridge, courtesy of the manufacturer.

During the journey, the campers visited various locations, including Veterans Waterfront Park, Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse, and Trescott Street Pier. These diverse sightseeing activities provided a rich and fulfilling experience for the caravan trip.

The Thomas Edison Depot Museum in Port Huron was a notable educational stop, adding a touch of history to the camper journey.

A moment of amusement occurred when a barge passed closely by the parked truck camper, creating a memorable and lighthearted experience.

As the journey came to an end, the campers opted to camp at a Super Wal-Mart near Flint, Michigan, showcasing the practicality and convenience of this choice for overnight stays during the trip.

Service and Support

Palomino RV’s service team, including Service Technician Todd Huggett and Service Manager Mike Kernagis, demonstrated exceptional customer service and technical skills. They promptly addressed and resolved an issue with the swing-out dually brackets, highlighting Palomino’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

The article also mentions a previous article by Mike Kernagis that emphasizes the importance of maintaining camper seals to prevent water damage. This exemplifies the brand’s dedication to educating and supporting their customers.

Owner Review of Palomino Campers

While statistical ratings provide insights into specific Palomino camper models, it is crucial to consider a variety of owner reviews to form a comprehensive understanding of the brand. Here are some ratings and feedback from RV owners:

RV Model Livability Overall Quality Floorplan Driving/Towing Factory Warranty/Support
2016 Palomino Columbus 320RS 5.0 5.0 4.0 5.0 3.0
2020 Palomino Solaire 242RBS 4.0 4.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
2021 Palomino Puma 31RLQS 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
2022 Palomino Backpack Edition SS-1251 1.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 1.0
2021 Palomino Puma 27-RLSS 3.0 3.0 4.0 4.0 2.0
2023 Palomino Puma 32rbfq No specific numerical ratings provided

Opinions on New Palomino Campers

Palomino campers have been a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts since their construction began in 1968. While the brand has had a reputation as a low-end builder in the past, recent models have caught the attention of buyers, especially those featuring a front windshield. These new Palomino campers have generated significant interest, prompting potential buyers to seek opinions and reviews from current owners.

The Palomino Rogue series campers, designed to fit into smaller pickup trucks, have been receiving positive feedback from owners. One notable feature is the eight-gallon water capacity, providing ample supply for camping trips. The spacious bed measuring 62″ x 72″ ensures a comfortable sleeping experience, and the tankless water heater guarantees a convenient and continuous supply of hot water.

Another attractive feature found in the Palomino Rogue camper is the propane-electric bar-sized refrigerator, allowing campers to keep their food fresh and beverages cold throughout their trips. The camper’s kitchen is equipped with a two-burner propane stove top and a sink, enabling campers to enjoy home-cooked meals even in the wilderness.

Owners have also appreciated the advanced technology in these new models. The pre-wiring for solar panels, along with the included 200 Watt solar panel kit, provides campers with the opportunity to harness renewable energy and enhance their camping experience. Additionally, the single AGM battery is sufficient to power the camper’s appliances and devices.

However, it is important to consider both the positives and negatives when evaluating new Palomino campers. While these models offer unique features and an appealing price point, there have been some criticisms from owners. The build quality, interior carpentry, and lack of insulation have been identified as areas for improvement.

In conclusion, the opinions on new Palomino campers, particularly those with a front windshield, have been largely positive. The brand has made significant strides in providing attractive features and competitive pricing, attracting the attention of buyers who may have previously dismissed Palomino due to its low-end reputation. Potential buyers should carefully consider the specific model they are interested in and weigh the opinions of current owners to make an informed decision.

Key Features New Palomino Campers
Water Capacity 8 gallons
Bed Size 62″ x 72″
Water Heater Tankless
Refrigerator Propane-electric bar-sized
Solar Panel Features Pre-wired, includes 200 Watt solar panel kit
Battery Single AGM battery
Criticisms Build quality, interior carpentry, lack of insulation

Discussion and Recommendations for Palomino Campers

When it comes to Palomino campers, there is a lot to discuss and plenty of recommendations to be made. Owners and enthusiasts often engage in lively conversations about their experiences, modifications they have made, and additional features they have added to their campers.

One popular topic of discussion is the additional features that come with certain Palomino camper models. For example, the Badland edition of the 2019 Palomino SS-550 camper offers a 2nd battery tray, solar capabilities, and Thule roof-rack tracks. These features can enhance the functionality and versatility of the camper, making it even more appealing to outdoor enthusiasts.

However, it’s important to note that some owners have expressed dissatisfaction with certain features of Palomino campers. For instance, there have been discussions about the choice of a Girard tankless water heater in some models, with some Forest River owners raising concerns about its performance. These discussions serve as a valuable source of feedback for potential buyers who can weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

Modifications are also a popular topic of discussion among Palomino camper owners. One common modification involves adding an external 2nd-battery tray to the camper. While this allows for increased battery capacity, it also raises questions about the benefits and drawbacks of having one battery inside and one outside. These discussions provide valuable insights for those considering similar modifications to their own campers.

Another modification that has been discussed is the addition of external propane lines. Some owners have noted that the propane lines in Palomino campers are run externally and appear to be made of rubber. This modification can make it easier to access and repair the propane lines if needed.

Additional features, such as flexible solar panels, have also been a topic of discussion. Some owners have expressed concerns about the durability of the installation, as the flexible solar panel on the roof is directly adhered to the roof surface. These discussions can help potential buyers make more informed decisions when it comes to solar power options for their Palomino camper.

Considering all the discussions and recommendations surrounding Palomino campers, it is clear that there is no shortage of ideas and opinions within the community. Prospective buyers are encouraged to thoroughly research and assess their individual needs and preferences before making a decision. With proper consideration and understanding, a Palomino camper can provide memorable outdoor experiences for years to come.


In conclusion, Palomino Campers, founded in 1968, is one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America. Known for their Puma travel trailers, Palomino RVs offer a range of models that cater to diverse traveler needs. Puma RVs are competitively priced, making them more affordable compared to other brands, while also backed by Forest River’s reputation for quality and reliability.

While there may be some quality concerns and improvements that can be made, Palomino Campers still provide overall durability, functionality, and value for their price point. Ownership of a Puma RV can potentially be a smart investment as these RVs tend to hold their value over time. Additionally, Puma RV owners often form a tight-knit community, enhancing the overall RV experience.

Buyers considering a Palomino camper should carefully evaluate their specific needs and preferences. Thoroughly inspecting the camper before purchase is essential, as regular maintenance and knowledge of replacement parts are also important. Personalizing the camper through modifications can further enhance the overall experience, addressing any potential shortcomings, such as interior build quality.

In summary, Palomino Campers, with their various models and continued improvements, offer a range of options for travelers seeking a reliable and affordable RV. With features like energy-efficiency and community support, Palomino Campers blend functionality and enjoyment, making them a compelling choice for buyers in the market for a camper.


Who makes Palomino Campers?

Palomino Campers are made by Palomino RV, a company that is a subsidiary of Forest River.

What is the flagship truck camper of Palomino?

The flagship truck camper of Palomino is the HS-2910 Max, which features a full-wall slide-out and impressive options at a lower price than competitors.

What are the benefits of Forest River’s purchasing power for Palomino RV?

Forest River’s purchasing power gives Palomino RV the advantage of cost efficiency and access to supplies, allowing them to maintain competitive prices and high-quality materials for their campers.

What is the exterior design and construction of Palomino Campers like?

Palomino Campers have a sleek exterior design with dark tint frameless windows, a fiberglass nose cap, and convenient storage compartments. The construction includes aluminum framing and laminated walls, floor, and roof.

How is the interior design of Palomino Campers?

The interior of Palomino Campers features a blend of traditional RV wood tones and modern aesthetics. The neutral color scheme and high-quality materials create a comfortable and inviting space.

What appliances and furnishings are included in Palomino Campers?

Palomino Campers are equipped with reliable and high-quality appliances, including a Dometic fridge, Suburban stove, and Magic Chef microwave. The furnishings, including the mattress, are comfortable and made to withstand regular use.

Are there any quality concerns with Palomino Campers?

Some concerns have been raised about the finish work, routing of plumbing and wiring, and exterior fiberglass of Palomino Campers. Delamination of the fiberglass has been reported by some owners, particularly on the front of the camper.

What are the owner experiences like with Palomino Campers?

Many owners have reported positive experiences with their Palomino Campers, praising their durability and functionality. Owners have also made modifications to personalize their campers, further enhancing their overall experience.

What is the opinion on the new models of Palomino Campers?

The new models of Palomino Campers, particularly those with a front windshield, have caught the attention of buyers due to their unique features and appealing price point. However, Palomino has had a reputation as a low-end builder in the past.

What are the recommendations for Palomino Campers?

Recommendations for Palomino Campers include thorough inspections before purchase, considering modifications to improve functionality and comfort, and researching additional features that may be desired. This ensures buyers can make an informed decision based on their individual needs and preferences.

What can be concluded about Palomino Campers?

Palomino Campers offer durability, functionality, and value for their price point. While there may be some quality concerns and improvements that can be made, overall they have been well-received by many owners. Buyers should carefully consider their specific needs and preferences and thoroughly inspect any camper before purchase.