Who Makes Genmax Generator? How Good Are They?

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Genmax generators are an exceptional brand of power equipment known for their quality and reliability. But have you ever wondered who makes Genmax generators and what sets them apart from the competition? Let’s uncover the truth about this renowned manufacturer and explore the impressive features and performance of Genmax generators.

Key Takeaways:

  • Genmax generators are produced by Chongqing DK Power Machinery Co. Ltd., an established and trusted manufacturer in the industry.
  • With over a decade of experience, Genmax has consistently delivered innovative power solutions for a wide range of applications.
  • Genmax generators are designed to provide clean, stable power with minimal Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), ensuring the safety of sensitive electronics.
  • The Smart Economy Mode feature of Genmax inverters reduces electrical load for quieter operation, extended engine life, and improved fuel efficiency.
  • Genmax generators boast a variety of advanced features, including a power panel with low oil and overload alarms, multiple outlets, and a USB Duplex.

Genmax generators are the brainchild of Chongqing DK Power Machinery Co. Ltd., a highly reputable company with years of experience in designing and manufacturing power supplies. Known for their commitment to quality and innovation, Genmax has earned the trust and loyalty of customers worldwide.

Whether you need a reliable power source for your home, work, entertainment, or disaster preparedness, Genmax generators offer a range of models to suit every need. From portable generators to gasoline and dual-fuel inverter generators, Genmax has you covered.

What sets Genmax generators apart is their exceptional power delivery and quality. With a starting wattage of 2200W and a running wattage of 1800W, these generators provide the power you need to run essential appliances and equipment.

Equipped with a 4-stroke 79.7cc OHV engine and a 1.1-gallon fuel tank, Genmax generators offer a runtime of up to 10.5 hours, ensuring long-lasting performance when you need it most. The compact dimensions of 18.9″ x 11.5″ x 17.3″ make them highly portable and easy to transport.

The inverter technology used in Genmax generators ensures clean and stable power output with less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). This means your sensitive electronics, such as laptops, smartphones, and TVs, are protected from power fluctuations.

Genmax generators also feature the Smart Economy Mode, which optimizes fuel consumption and reduces noise levels. This intelligent mode adjusts the electrical load according to the power demand, allowing for quieter operation, extended engine life, and better fuel economy.

The power panel of Genmax generators is loaded with convenient features that enhance usability. It includes a low oil alarm, overload alarm, and an output indicator for easy monitoring and maintenance.

With two 120V/20A outlets and one USB Duplex with 5V DC (1 amp and 2.1 amps), Genmax generators offer versatile connectivity options for various devices and appliances.

For those requiring extra power, Genmax generators can be paired with another similar model using the optional parallel kit, effectively doubling the output power and expanding the range of applications.

From powering two RV 15K ACs to handling 25 amps/220 volts for charging electric vehicles, Genmax generators offer impressive capabilities that cater to diverse power needs.

Now that you know who makes Genmax generators and have explored their remarkable features, you can confidently choose them as your reliable power source. Whether you’re camping, working on a construction site, or simply preparing for unexpected power outages, Genmax generators deliver the performance and peace of mind you deserve.

Genmax Generator Models and Features

Genmax offers a diverse range of generator models, each designed to meet specific power requirements. From portable generators to gasoline inverter generators and dual-fuel inverter generators, Genmax has a solution for every need. Let’s take a closer look at some of their popular models and the features they offer.

Genmax GM3500iAED

The Genmax GM3500iAED is a powerful generator with a running watts capacity of 3200W on gasoline and 2800W on propane. It provides a starting watts capacity of 3500W on gasoline and 3100W on propane, ensuring reliable power for your needs.

This model features a fuel-efficient 145cc engine displacement, delivering impressive performance and fuel economy. It is equipped with both gasoline and propane starting amps at 120V, with running amps that provide efficient operation.

The GM3500iAED generator is designed for convenience, featuring an electric start for effortless operation. You can also rely on its parallel capability, allowing you to connect two units for increased power output.

With its EPA certification and PGMA G300-2018 compliance, this model meets industry standards for safety and performance. It incorporates essential features like covered outlets, covered circuit breakers, low oil shut-off, and wheels for easy portability.

Genmax GM2000i

The Genmax GM2000i is a compact and efficient generator, perfect for smaller power needs. It is powered by a reliable 79.7cc 4-stroke OHV engine, producing 2,000 surge watts and 1,600 rated watts. This model’s recoil start and variable engine RPM ensure reliable performance.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the GM2000i features a low oil shutdown mechanism, protecting the engine from damage due to insufficient oil levels. It operates at a rated voltage of 120V and a frequency of 60Hz, providing stable power for your essential devices.

With dimensions of 18.7 inches in length, 10.6 inches in width, and 15.9 inches in height, this generator is compact and easy to transport. Despite its lightweight of 34.2 lbs, the GM2000i offers a fuel tank capacity of 1.2 gallons, providing a runtime of 10 hours at 1/4 load.

Equipped with covered outlets, circuit breakers, and a traditional inverter system, this model ensures safe and reliable power delivery. Although it does not include wheels, a fuel gauge, or a voltmeter, it stands out with its efficiency and durability.

Genmax GM2800iAE

The Genmax GM2800iAE is another reliable generator model offered by Genmax. It provides a running watts capacity of 2,500W and a starting watts capacity of 2,800W, making it suitable for various applications.

With an engine displacement of 145cc, this generator delivers consistent and efficient power. Its gasoline starting amps at 120V are rated at 23.3A, while running amps at 120V are at 20.8A, ensuring stable power output.

The GM2800iAE features a noise level of 62 dBA, ensuring quiet operation that won’t disturb your surroundings. Its compact and portable design, with dimensions of 20.7″ x 12.2″ x 19.7″ and a weight of 54 lbs, allows for easy transportation wherever you need power.

Like other Genmax models, the GM2800iAE meets strict standards, including low oil shutdown for engine protection and parallel capability for increased power options. Its traditional inverter technology ensures reliable power delivery.

Genmax Generator Models Comparison

Model Running Watts Starting Watts Engine Displacement Noise Level Parallel Capability
GM3500iAED 3200W (gasoline)
2800W (propane)
3500W (gasoline)
3100W (propane)
145cc 62 dBA Yes
GM2000i 1600W 2000W 79.7cc 58 dBA Yes
GM2800iAE 2500W 2800W 145cc 62 dBA Yes

These tables and models provide an overview of the Genmax generator lineup, showcasing their varying power outputs, engine displacements, noise levels, and parallel capabilities. Whether you need a generator for camping, job sites, or emergency backup power, Genmax has the right model for you.

Genmax Generator Power Delivery and Quality

When it comes to reliable backup power solutions, Genmax generators are a top choice for homeowners. Their widespread popularity can be attributed to the impressive power delivery and quality they offer.

Genmax generators are renowned for their reliable performance, delivering consistent power output to meet various needs. Whether you need to power essential appliances during a power outage or run tools and equipment on a job site, Genmax generators have you covered.

With a rated wattage of 1,000 W and a starting wattage of 1,200 W, the Genmax GM1200i provides more than enough power to handle different tasks. Equipped with a 57 cc Dinking OHV 4-stroke engine, this generator ensures optimal performance while maintaining fuel efficiency.

One of the key aspects of power quality is voltage stability, and Genmax generators excel in this area. They deliver clean power with minimal fluctuations, making them suitable for powering sensitive electronics and appliances that require stable voltages to operate efficiently.

Genmax generators also prioritize fuel efficiency, helping homeowners save on fuel costs. With advanced fuel management systems, they are designed to optimize fuel consumption, providing extended runtimes of up to 6.5 hours at 50% load and 10 hours at 25% load for the GM1200i model.

Moreover, Genmax generators are equipped with advanced features and technology to enhance usability and convenience. The GM1200i model, for example, comes with a duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) outlet and two 5V USB ports (USB-A), allowing you to power multiple devices simultaneously.

To ensure user safety and protection, the GM1200i includes features such as parallel capability, low oil shut-off, and overload protection. Additionally, it is equipped with CO DETECT technology to detect and alert users to the presence of carbon monoxide, keeping them safe during operation.

Genmax generators are manufactured by Chongqing Dinking Power Machinery Co. LTD., a company founded in 2010 with a commitment to innovation in the power generation industry. Based in Chongqing, China, Chongqing Dinking Power Machinery Co. LTD. has gained notable achievements, including an exclusive contract with Hyundai and a 5th place ranking among Chinese foreign trade exporters in the general motor industry in 2016.

Overall, Genmax generators provide reliable power delivery, excellent power quality, and advanced features, making them a dependable choice for homeowners seeking backup power solutions. They offer the perfect combination of performance, fuel efficiency, and convenience to meet the power needs of various applications.

Genmax Generator Noise Levels

When considering a generator for your power needs, it is essential to take noise levels into account, especially if you live in a residential area or plan to use the generator in close proximity to neighbors. Genmax generators are designed with quietness in mind, ensuring a peaceful environment for both you and your neighbors.

The Genmax GM2800iAE, for instance, has a noise rating of 62 dBA, which is slightly noisier than an office environment. This means that while it does produce some noise, it won’t cause a significant disturbance and is unlikely to draw unwanted attention from neighbors.

To put this noise level into perspective, imagine the sound of a typical conversation or the background noise in an office. That’s the level of noise you can expect from a Genmax generator.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to consider noise measurement in ideal conditions. It is important to note that generator noise levels may vary depending on factors such as load, distance, and environment. While Genmax generators are designed to minimize noise, it is recommended to be considerate of your neighbors and take appropriate measures to further minimize noise if necessary.

Quiet Power, Happy Neighbors

Thanks to their thoughtful design, Genmax generators provide a balance between power and quiet operation. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a reliable power source without causing unnecessary disruptions to those around you.

With Genmax generators, you can confidently power your essential appliances and electronics without any concerns about disturbing your neighbors or violating noise regulations. Whether you’re using the generator for outdoor events, camping trips, tailgating, or as a backup power solution, the quietness of Genmax generators ensures a harmonious environment for everyone.

It’s worth noting that noise perception is subjective, and different people may have varying tolerance levels. To ensure you and your neighbors’ comfort, it is advisable to place the generator at an appropriate distance from living spaces and consider using noise-reducing measures such as soundproof enclosures or mufflers, if necessary.

Overall, Genmax generators are designed to strike a balance between power and quietness. By minimizing noise levels and offering efficient power delivery, Genmax generators ensure a positive experience for both users and their neighbors.

Genmax Generator Ease of Use

Genmax generators prioritize ease of use to provide homeowners with a hassle-free experience. Whether it’s starting the generator or transporting it to different locations, Genmax generators are designed to make the process as convenient as possible.

One of the key features that contribute to the ease of use is the electric start option available in certain models. With just a push of a button, homeowners can quickly start the generator without the need for manual pulling or complicated procedures.

In addition to the electric start, Genmax generators are built with user-friendly design and helpful features that simplify the operation process. These features include clear and accessible control panels, intuitive controls, and informative displays that provide real-time information on power output and fuel levels.

When it comes to transportation, Genmax generators are designed to be portable and easy to transport. Their compact dimensions of 30.9″ x 22.6″ x 29.3″ and 253 pounds weight make them manageable for homeowners to move them around as needed.

Furthermore, Genmax generators come with advanced technology and features that further enhance usability. These innovative features may include automatic voltage regulation, low-oil shutdown, and remote start capability, among others. These advancements make it even easier for homeowners to operate the generator efficiently and effectively.

Overall, the Genmax Generator’s ease of use is a well-regarded aspect among homeowners. From the simple start-up process to its convenient transportation and user-friendly features, Genmax generators are designed to provide a seamless experience during power outages or any emergency situation.

Genmax Generator Pricing and Value

When it comes to Genmax Generator pricing, value is at the forefront. Genmax offers a wide range of models with different features and power capacities to suit various needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a generator for personal use or professional applications, Genmax has options that provide great value.

One popular model is the Genmax GM2800iAE inverter generator with a running wattage of 2,500W and a peak wattage of 2,800W. Powered by a 145 cc Dinking OHV 4-stroke engine, this generator delivers reliable and efficient performance.

The Genmax GM2800iAE is not only cost-effective but also offers long-term savings. With its fuel tank capacity of 1.7 gallons, it can run continuously for up to 10 hours, providing power during extended outages or outdoor activities without the need for frequent refueling.

Additionally, Genmax generators are designed with user convenience in mind. The GM2800iAE is relatively lightweight at 54 lbs, making it portable for various applications. It includes outlets such as a duplex 120V 20A, a 120V 30A TT-30R receptacle, and 2 DC outlets with 5V USB ports, allowing you to power multiple devices simultaneously.

Genmax also incorporates advanced features into their generators, such as remote starting, overload protection, automatic low oil shut-off, CO DETECT technology, and a digital data center on the control panel. These features enhance user safety and provide peace of mind.

Furthermore, Genmax generators come with RV readiness and parallel capability, allowing you to connect multiple units for increased power output. This versatility ensures that you can meet your power needs, whether you’re camping, working on a construction site, or dealing with a power outage at home.

While specific pricing information may vary, it is worth noting that Genmax offers various savings amounts on purchases. By using the code NEW10, customers can enjoy price range savings from $140.00 to $15,510.00. This further validates Genmax’s commitment to offering cost-effective solutions.

With a limited 1-year warranty, Genmax stands behind the quality and durability of their products. You can trust that your investment is protected.

Genmax, a new portable generator brand registered by Chongqing Dinking Power Machinery Co. LTD, has been designing and manufacturing power supplies for over a decade. Their focus on performance excellence, market expertise, and specific applications in home, work, entertainment, and disaster preparation sets them apart from the competition.

When it comes to Genmax Generator pricing and value, customers can rely on their products to provide reliable power and affordability without compromising on quality.

Genmax Generator Reputation and Customer Reviews

When it comes to assessing the reputation of Genmax Generator, customer reviews and experiences play a crucial role. Users have shared their feedback and opinions, shedding light on various aspects of these generators.

One of the key factors that customers appreciate is the reliable performance of Genmax generators, particularly during power outages. Users have reported that these generators provide consistent power delivery, ensuring that their essential appliances and devices remain operational.

The ease of use of Genmax generators is another aspect that has received positive feedback. Customers have praised the user-friendly design and intuitive interfaces, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to operate the generators without any complications.

Furthermore, customers have highlighted the overall value for money that Genmax generators offer. With competitive pricing and a wide range of features, these generators have been deemed as a worthwhile investment by many users.

It is essential to note that individual experiences may vary, and it is important for potential buyers to consider their own power needs and preferences. However, Genmax has built a strong reputation for producing quality generators that meet customer expectations.

Genmax Generator GM6000iED Wen (Competitor) A-iPower GXS7100iRD
Peak Watts 9000 3500 7100
Running Watts (Gasoline/LPG) 7600/7200 3200/2800 N/A
Engine Displacement 458cc 145cc 322cc
Noise Level 62 dBA 62 dBA N/A
Outlets 2pcs 5-20R/20A/125V, 1pcs 14-30R/30A/125V-250V, 1 pcs/125V250V50A, 12V DC Automotive, Parallel, 5V DC Automotive N/A N/A
Fuel Type Gasoline N/A Dual-fuel (Gasoline/LPG)

It’s evident that Genmax Generator offers a diverse range of models with varying power capacities and features. This allows customers to choose the generator that aligns best with their specific power needs and requirements.

With a commitment to innovation, Genmax continues to develop and enhance their generators to meet the evolving demands of customers. Their dedication to providing reliable power solutions further adds to their positive reputation among users.

In conclusion, Genmax Generator has garnered a strong customer following through their reliable performance, user-friendly design, and overall value for money. With positive customer reviews and a commitment to innovation, Genmax has established itself as a reputable brand in the generator industry.

Genmax Generator Product Range

In addition to their high-quality generators, Genmax offers a diverse product range that caters to various power needs. Whether you’re looking for portable power stations, pressure washers, water pumps, or accessories, Genmax has you covered. Their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for power requirements is evident through their wide selection of products.

One notable product in their range is the Genmax GM2800iAE portable inverter generator. With a rated wattage of 2,500 W and a starting wattage of 2,800 W, this generator delivers reliable power. Equipped with a 145 cc Dinking OHV 4-stroke engine running on gasoline, it can run for up to 10 hours continuously on a full 1.7-gallon fuel tank. Despite its power, the GM2800iAE only produces a noise level of 62 dBA, ensuring a quieter operation.

The Genmax GM2800iAE is relatively lightweight, weighing in at 54 lbs. This makes it easy to transport and suitable for various applications. The generator also features parallel capability, allowing you to double its power output when connected to a similar unit. This versatility ensures that you have sufficient power for your needs.

When it comes to outlets, the GM2800iAE offers a Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) outlet, a 120V 30A (TT-30R) receptacle, and 2 DC outlets with 5V USB ports. These outlets provide flexibility in connecting your devices and appliances. To prioritize safety, the generator includes features such as automatic low oil shut-off, overload protection, and CO DETECT technology.

Pricing competitively within the 2000-3000W inverter generator category, the Genmax GM2800iAE is an excellent choice for those seeking reliable power at an affordable price. Genmax, a brand under Chongqing Dinking Power Machinery Co. LTD. founded in 2010 in China, specializes in portable generators and related equipment. With a limited 1-year warranty, you can trust in the quality and durability of their products.

Aside from generators, Genmax also offers other power-related equipment to meet your needs. Their range includes portable power stations, providing a convenient way to charge and power devices on the go. Whether you’re camping, traveling, or working remotely, these power stations ensure you stay connected.

For outdoor cleaning tasks, Genmax offers pressure washers. These powerful machines help you remove dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces, making them perfect for cleaning decks, driveways, and vehicles.

Addtionally, Genmax’s water pumps are designed to efficiently transfer water for various applications. From draining pools to irrigating gardens, their pumps provide reliable performance.

To complement their generators and equipment, Genmax offers a wide range of accessories. These accessories enhance the functionality and usability of their products, allowing you to customize your power solutions according to your specific needs.

With their extensive product range, Genmax ensures that you have the right tools to meet your power demands. Whether you’re in need of generators, portable power stations, pressure washers, water pumps, or accessories, Genmax has you covered with their reliable and innovative solutions.

Genmax Generator Commitment to Innovation

Genmax is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of power generation technology. With a strong focus on innovation, they consistently deliver new and exciting products that meet the evolving needs of their customers. Genmax’s commitment to innovation is evident in their continuous efforts to develop lightweight and greener generators that offer enhanced performance and efficiency.

By investing in research and development, Genmax stays at the forefront of the industry, ensuring that their generators incorporate the latest advancements and features. They understand the importance of staying ahead of the competition and strive to provide cutting-edge solutions that set them apart.

Their innovative approach is driven by a deep understanding of customer requirements. Genmax actively seeks feedback from customers to identify areas for improvement and develop solutions that address specific challenges. This customer-centric approach ensures that their new products meet and exceed expectations.

Genmax’s commitment to innovation extends beyond their product offerings. They also focus on finding greener and more sustainable solutions to minimize environmental impact. By developing generators that are lightweight and fuel-efficient, they enable customers to power their devices while reducing carbon emissions.

In summary, Genmax’s dedication to innovation drives their development of new and exclusive products. Their lightweight and greener generators, coupled with their focus on performance and efficiency, make them a top choice for customers looking for cutting-edge power solutions.


With a strong brand overview and a commitment to providing reliable power solutions, Genmax Generator has established itself as a reputable player in the industry. Their range of generators and power equipment offers a variety of user-friendly features, making them a popular choice among customers.

The Genmax Inverter Generator stands out for its ability to adjust engine speed, reducing fuel consumption and emissions while optimizing fuel efficiency through eco-mode. Additionally, this generator operates at significantly lower noise levels compared to traditional models, ensuring a quieter user experience.

The compact design of the Genmax Inverter Generator enhances portability, making it easy to transport for various purposes. Furthermore, the dual-fuel capability of these generators delivers stable and clean power output, minimizing the risk of power surges and fluctuations.

Customer reviews highlight the powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use nature of Genmax generators. While some customers mention the generator’s weight and noise levels as areas of improvement, the overall satisfaction score remains high.

Whether you’re looking for a backup power solution for your home or require portable power options, Genmax Generator offers a range of models to meet your needs, backed by robust construction and high-quality components. Consider Genmax as your reliable power partner for any situation.


Who makes Genmax Generator?

Genmax Generator is produced by Chongqing DK Power Machinery Co. Ltd.

How good are Genmax Generators?

Genmax Generator is a reputable brand known for producing reliable and high-quality power solutions.

What models and features do Genmax Generators offer?

Genmax Generators offer a variety of models, including portable generators, gasoline inverter generators, and dual-fuel inverter generators. They come with features such as electric start and different power capacities to suit various needs.

What is the power delivery and quality of Genmax Generators?

Genmax Generators provide excellent power delivery, handling power demand effectively and delivering clean and consistent power without fluctuations.

Are Genmax Generators noisy?

Genmax Generators are designed to operate at a relatively quiet noise level, making them pleasing to neighbors. It is recommended to use hearing protection if you are standing close to the unit while it’s running.

Are Genmax Generators easy to use?

Yes, Genmax Generators are designed with user convenience in mind. They are easy to start, with options like electric start available in certain models. The generators are also portable and designed for easy transportation.

How much do Genmax Generators cost?

The specific pricing information may vary, but Genmax Generators aim to provide great value for their customers. They offer a range of models with different features and power capacities to fit different budgets.

What is the reputation of Genmax Generators?

Genmax Generators have received positive feedback and reviews from customers. They are praised for their reliability, performance, ease of use, and overall value for money.

What other products does Genmax offer?

In addition to generators, Genmax offers a diverse range of power solutions, including portable power stations, pressure washers, water pumps, gasoline engines, and accessories.

How committed is Genmax to innovation?

Genmax is committed to innovation and constantly strives to develop new and exclusive products. They invest in research and development to introduce innovative features and technologies that enhance the performance and efficiency of their generators.

Are Genmax Generators a reliable power solution?

Yes, Genmax Generators are known for their reliability and performance. They offer a range of models to suit different power needs and have built a strong reputation in the industry.