Who Makes Detroit Axle Parts? How Good Are They?

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Detroit Axle, a well-known brand in the automotive industry, is responsible for manufacturing a wide range of automotive parts. As a trusted manufacturer, they have gained recognition for producing rack & pinion assemblies, suspension components, wheel hub assemblies, and various other parts. With their claim of manufacturing their products in-house in Detroit, they are often regarded as a reliable choice for car owners.

Founded years ago, Detroit Axle has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. Their dedication to producing high-quality parts has earned them a significant customer base. However, recent customer experiences and feedback have shed light on some concerns regarding the quality and reliability of their parts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Detroit Axle is a manufacturing brand that creates various automotive parts.
  • They are known for manufacturing their products in-house in Detroit.
  • Recent customer feedback raises concerns about the quality and reliability of their parts.
  • Thorough research and consideration of customer feedback are advisable before purchasing Detroit Axle parts.
  • Exploring alternative options from reputable manufacturers may be a wise choice.

Customer Feedback and Experiences

When it comes to Detroit Axle parts, customer reviews and feedback paint a less-than-pleasant picture. Numerous customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the performance and quality of Detroit Axle products. Reports of leaks, failures, and poor performance after installation have been common.

What’s more concerning is that some customers have experienced recurring issues, forcing them to replace the same part multiple times. This suggests a lack of quality control on Detroit Axle’s part, as customers have faced similar problems with different products.

These customer experiences raise valid concerns about the overall reliability and durability of Detroit Axle parts. It’s important to consider these feedback and experiences before making a purchasing decision.

Take a look at some examples of Detroit Axle customer reviews:

  1. “I bought a Detroit Axle wheel hub assembly, and it started leaking within a month of installation. I had to replace it with a different brand, and the new one has been problem-free so far.” – John D.
  2. “I’ve had the worst luck with Detroit Axle parts. I purchased a suspension component for my vehicle, and it failed within a few months. I contacted customer service for a replacement, but they were unhelpful and refused to cover any costs.” – Sarah F.
  3. “The rack & pinion assembly I got from Detroit Axle started making strange noises after just a few weeks. I had to get it replaced, and the second one had the same issue. I ended up buying from a different manufacturer and haven’t had any problems since.” – Michael G.

These customer reviews highlight the consistent theme of dissatisfaction and reliability issues with Detroit Axle parts. It’s essential to weigh these experiences when considering purchasing their products.

Warranty and Returns

When it comes to warranty and returns, customers who have had issues with Detroit Axle parts have faced numerous challenges. Many have encountered difficulties with warranty claims, experiencing frustration and dissatisfaction with the process. Some customers have even reported that Detroit Axle refused to issue refunds or cover shipping costs for defective parts, leaving them feeling let down by the company’s customer service.

It is important to note that a reliable warranty and return policy can play a crucial role in providing peace of mind for customers and building trust in a brand. Unfortunately, Detroit Axle’s approach to warranty and returns might leave customers uncertain about the level of support they can expect if they encounter any issues with their purchased parts.

Customer service is a key component of any company’s success, and Detroit Axle’s customer service response has been described as unhelpful and unsatisfactory. This further adds to the frustration experienced by customers who seek assistance with warranty claims or returns.

Improving the warranty and return process, as well as addressing concerns about customer service, can go a long way in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Clear policies, responsive communication, and a commitment to resolving issues in a prompt and satisfactory manner are crucial for building a positive reputation and trust among customers.

Next, let’s take a closer look at other customers’ opinions to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Detroit Axle’s reputation and overall customer satisfaction.

Other Customers’ Opinions

The reputation of Detroit Axle has taken a hit due to numerous negative reviews and a low rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These customer opinions and reviews indicate that Detroit Axle may not have a strong reputation within the automotive industry. It is important to consider these sentiments before making a decision about purchasing their parts.

Customer Opinions:

  1. Many customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Detroit Axle parts, citing issues such as poor quality and performance.
  2. There have been reports of recurring failures and the need for multiple replacements, indicating a lack of reliability in Detroit Axle’s products.
  3. Customers have experienced difficulties with warranty claims and returns, with some stating that they were denied refunds or not provided adequate support from customer service.

These negative opinions and experiences raise concerns about the overall quality and reliability of Detroit Axle parts. It is crucial to take into account the experiences shared by other customers before making a purchase decision.

Detroit Axle customer opinions

Customer Reviews
“Detroit Axle products are of subpar quality. I had to replace the same part three times within a short period.”
“My experience with Detroit Axle was disappointing. The part I purchased started leaking soon after installation.”
“I had a difficult time with the warranty claim process. Detroit Axle did not provide the support I expected.”
“I read the negative reviews, but decided to give Detroit Axle a chance. Unfortunately, I had a similar experience and regret my decision.”

Alternatives and Considerations

Considering the mixed reviews and customer experiences with Detroit Axle, it’s important to explore alternative options for automotive parts. Thankfully, there are numerous reliable manufacturers and brands that offer high-quality parts with better customer satisfaction ratings. To help you make an informed decision, conducting thorough research and reading customer reviews can be immensely beneficial.

Here are a few alternative automotive part brands and trusted manufacturers known for providing high-quality products:

  • 1. AC Delco: A well-established brand known for its reliable automotive parts.
  • 2. Bosch: Trusted for its innovative technology and durable automotive components.
  • 3. Moog: Renowned for its precision-engineered suspension parts and steering components.
  • 4. Denso: A leading manufacturer of automotive electronics and components.
  • 5. ACDelphi: Recognized for its range of high-quality automotive parts, including fuel systems, brakes, and more.

These brands have earned a reputation for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. However, it’s essential to remember that each vehicle and its specific needs may require different parts and components.

Alternatives to Detroit Axle

Exploring alternative options can help you find reliable and high-quality automotive parts that meet your specific requirements. Before purchashing, consider factors such as compatibility, warranty, and customer feedback for a more confident and satisfying purchasing experience.


Final thoughts on Detroit Axle: considering the negative customer feedback, the low BBB rating, and the concerns surrounding the quality and reliability of their parts, it is wise to exercise caution when considering purchasing Detroit Axle parts. While they claim to manufacture their products in-house in Detroit, their track record suggests that there may be issues with the durability and performance of their automotive parts.

Should you buy Detroit Axle parts? It is crucial to carefully evaluate customer feedback and explore alternative options before making a decision. The multitude of negative reviews and recurring issues reported by customers raise doubts about the overall reliability of Detroit Axle parts.

When it comes to automotive parts, reliability is paramount. It may be advisable to consider other trusted manufacturers and brands that have a proven track record of producing high-quality parts with better customer satisfaction ratings. Conduct thorough research, read customer reviews, and choose a brand that offers a reliable and durable solution for your automotive needs.


Who manufactures Detroit Axle parts?

Detroit Axle is the manufacturer of its own automotive parts.

How long has Detroit Axle been in the industry?

Detroit Axle has been in the industry for years.

Are Detroit Axle parts of good quality?

There have been several negative reviews regarding the quality and durability of Detroit Axle parts.

What are some common issues customers have faced with Detroit Axle parts?

Customers have reported issues such as leaks, failures, and poor performance after installing Detroit Axle products.

How responsive is Detroit Axle customer service?

Some customers have reported difficulties with warranty claims and returns, as well as unhelpful and unsatisfactory customer service response.

What is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating for Detroit Axle?

The BBB has given Detroit Axle an “F” rating, indicating a low level of customer satisfaction.

Are there alternatives to Detroit Axle for automotive parts?

There are many reputable manufacturers and brands that offer high-quality parts with better customer satisfaction ratings.

Should I buy Detroit Axle parts?

It is advisable to do thorough research and consider customer feedback before purchasing Detroit Axle parts.