Who Makes Dayton Tires? How Good Are They?

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Have you ever wondered who makes Dayton tires? And more importantly, how good are they? In this article, we’ll uncover the truth behind Dayton Tire manufacturers and the reputation of their products.

Dayton Tires is a brand that has been owned and produced by Bridgestone Americas for several decades. Headed by Gary Garfield, the president and CEO of Bridgestone Americas, the company has control over the production and distribution of Dayton tires.

However, despite being a part of the Bridgestone family, Dayton tires have faced uncertainty in recent years. The production of Dayton brand medium truck radials has been discontinued, and the availability of Dayton tires is limited.

So what does this mean for the future of Dayton tires? With no plans for revitalization and the possibility of the brand being outsourced or phased out entirely, it’s unclear how long Dayton tires will remain on the market.

  • Dayton tires are owned and produced by Bridgestone Americas.
  • The production of Dayton brand medium truck radials has been discontinued.
  • Availability of Dayton tires is currently limited.
  • No plans for revitalization have been announced.
  • The future of the Dayton tire brand remains uncertain.

Dayton Tire Production and History

The Dayton tire brand has a rich history, rooted in its affiliation with the renowned Bridgestone company. Having been a part of Bridgestone for 50 years, the Dayton tire brand traces its origins back to the acquisition of the former Dayton Rubber Co. in 1961. This strategic move expanded Bridgestone’s product portfolio and solidified its presence in the tire manufacturing industry.

However, recent months have witnessed a significant decline in the production of Dayton tires. While the brand continues to offer a limited number of products, the overall availability of Dayton tires has greatly diminished. This reduction in production raises concerns about the future of the Dayton tire brand within the Bridgestone company.

Bridgestone has yet to release any concrete plans for the future of Dayton tires, leaving the brand’s fate uncertain. As a result, it is unclear whether Dayton tire production will be outsourced or if the brand will be phased out entirely. This lack of clarity regarding the brand’s future raises questions about the longevity and sustainability of Dayton tires.

This image provides a visual representation of the Dayton tire production process, shedding light on the intricate manufacturing techniques and attention to detail that goes into creating each tire.

Quality and Reputation of Dayton Tires

The uncertain future of the Dayton tire brand has raised concerns about the quality and reputation of Dayton tires. While some customers still see value in Dayton tires, Bridgestone’s CEO, Gary Garfield, has stated that the brand has limited value. The discontinuation of certain Dayton tire models and the lack of plans for revitalization may impact the overall perception of the brand’s quality and reliability.

Despite these challenges, it’s important to note that Dayton tires have a longstanding history in the industry. They have been a part of the Bridgestone company for over 50 years, which speaks to the brand’s legacy and expertise. However, without clear plans for the future, customers may question the long-term reliability and performance of Dayton tires.

In order to assess the quality and reputation of Dayton tires, it’s crucial to consider customer reviews and feedback. These firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights into the performance, durability, and overall satisfaction of Dayton tires. Additionally, comparing Dayton tires to other reputable brands in terms of performance, safety, and longevity can help in making an informed decision.

Ultimately, the uncertain future of the Dayton tire brand may impact its quality and reputation. However, it’s important to weigh the available information, customer feedback, and individual needs when considering Dayton tires as an option.

Environmental Initiatives of Dayton Tires

Dayton Tires, as a division of Bridgestone/Firestone, is committed to prioritizing pollution prevention and environmental management. The company has invested over $3.5 million in a pollution prevention campaign, resulting in significant reductions in hazardous waste generation and air pollutants.

From 1988 to 1995, Dayton Tires successfully reduced hazardous waste generation by 99.1% and hazardous air pollutants by 93.5%. These impressive achievements highlight the company’s dedication to minimizing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

Through its efforts, Dayton Tires has positioned itself as a leader in environmental protection within the tire industry. The company’s commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also underscores its responsibility as a tire manufacturer.

Dayton Tires company

Advancements in Environmental Protection:

  • Invested over $3.5 million in a pollution prevention campaign
  • Achieved a 99.1% reduction in hazardous waste generation
  • Decreased hazardous air pollutant emissions by 93.5%
  • Consistently promoted sustainable practices within the tire industry

Dayton Tires’ commitment to environmental initiatives showcases its dedication to responsible manufacturing and its contribution to a cleaner and greener future.

Popular Dayton Tire Models

Despite the uncertain future of the Dayton tire brand, there are several popular models that have gained a loyal following among customers. These models offer a combination of performance, durability, and reliability, making them a trusted choice for many drivers.

1. Dayton Timberline A/T II

The Dayton Timberline A/T II is an all-terrain tire that excels in various road and weather conditions. With its aggressive tread pattern and deep grooves, this tire provides enhanced traction, ensuring excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces. It is known for its extended lifespan, making it a cost-effective option for those seeking long-lasting performance. The rugged appearance of the Dayton Timberline A/T II also adds an aesthetic appeal to any vehicle.

2. Dayton Timberline H/T II

Designed specifically for SUVs and light trucks, the Dayton Timberline H/T II is a popular choice among drivers in need of superior traction and handling. This tire offers a comfortable and quiet ride, thanks to its advanced technology and construction. With a 60,000-mile tread-life warranty, drivers can have peace of mind knowing that this tire is built to last. Whether it’s daily commuting or long road trips, the Dayton Timberline H/T II delivers reliable performance.

3. Dayton Quadra LE

The Dayton Quadra LE is an all-season tire that provides year-round performance and versatility. Designed for passenger cars and minivans, this tire offers a smooth and comfortable ride, while maintaining excellent traction on both wet and dry roads. With a 70,000-mile tread warranty, drivers can trust that the Dayton Quadra LE will provide long-lasting performance. With eighteen different sizes available, it offers a perfect fit for a wide range of vehicles.

These popular Dayton tire models showcase the brand’s commitment to delivering quality and performance. Despite the uncertain future, drivers can still rely on these trusted models for their driving needs.

Dayton Tire Models

Stay tuned for the next section, where we discuss the future of Dayton tires and what it means for drivers.


In conclusion, the future of Dayton tires remains uncertain. With a decline in production and limited support from Bridgestone, the brand faces challenges ahead. These factors may impact the overall quality and reputation of Dayton tires. However, customers can still find popular Dayton tire models that offer performance and reliability.

Despite the uncertainties, Dayton Tires has made significant strides in environmental protection. The company has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability through its extensive pollution prevention initiatives. Dayton Tires has invested in campaigns that have resulted in a substantial reduction in hazardous waste generation and air pollutants.

As the tire industry evolves, it will be interesting to see how the Dayton brand adapts and continues to serve its customers. While the future may be uncertain, customers can still rely on popular Dayton tire models for their performance needs. Dayton Tires remains dedicated to environmental protection, solidifying its position as a responsible and environmentally conscious tire manufacturer. Only time will tell what the future holds for Dayton Tires, but for now, customers can still find value in their products.


Who makes Dayton tires?

Bridgestone owns and produces the Dayton tire brand.

How good are Dayton tires?

The quality and reputation of Dayton tires have been called into question due to the brand’s uncertain future.

What is the history of Dayton tire production?

Dayton tires have been a part of the Bridgestone company for 50 years since the acquisition of the former Dayton Rubber Co. in 1961, but production has significantly decreased in the past 18 months.

What is the current state of Dayton tire production?

Only a small handful of Dayton tire products are still available in limited quantities, and there are no plans to revitalize the brand.

What is the reputation of Dayton tires?

Dayton tires have an uncertain reputation due to the brand’s limited value and lack of plans for revitalization.

What are the environmental initiatives of Dayton tires?

Dayton Tires, as a division of Bridgestone/Firestone, has prioritized pollution prevention and environmental management.

What popular Dayton tire models are available?

Some popular Dayton tire models include the Dayton Timberline A/T II, Dayton Timberline H/T II, and Dayton Quadra LE.