Who Makes Citadel Levtac-92? How Good Are They?

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The Citadel Levtac-92 is a popular tactical rifle known for its reliability and performance. But who exactly manufactures this impressive firearm? Look no further than Citadel, a reputable firearms company with a long-standing reputation in the industry.

Citadel is a trusted name among gun enthusiasts, known for their commitment to producing high-quality firearms. When it comes to the Levtac-92, you can expect nothing less than exceptional craftsmanship and precision manufacturing.

Whether you’re a new shooter or an experienced gun owner, Citadel firearms are designed to meet your needs. They are built to last with durable components and excellent build quality that ensures years of reliable service.

When you choose the Citadel Levtac-92, you’re choosing a brand with a proven track record in the firearms industry. Rest assured that you’re investing in a rifle that is backed by a reputable manufacturer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Citadel Levtac-92 is manufactured by Citadel, a reputable firearms company.
  • Citadel firearms are known for their high-quality components and precise manufacturing.
  • The Levtac-92 offers durability, reliability, and excellent build quality.
  • Citadel firearms are suitable for both new shooters and experienced gun owners.
  • Investing in a Citadel Levtac-92 means investing in a rifle backed by a reputable manufacturer.

The Features of Citadel Levtac-92

The Citadel Levtac-92 is a versatile rifle that combines lightweight design, accuracy, and convenience. Let’s explore its key features:

  • Weight: The Citadel Levtac-92 is crafted with a lightweight build, making it easy to handle and carry during extended shooting sessions or tactical applications.
  • Accurate Shooting: This rifle offers impressive accuracy, allowing shooters to aim precisely and hit their targets with ease. It delivers consistent performance and can achieve 2-inch groups at 100 yards when using factory ammunition.
  • Ammunition Compatibility: The Citadel Levtac-92 demonstrates excellent ammunition compatibility, efficiently feeding various types of ammunition without any reliability concerns. This versatility ensures shooters can use their preferred ammo for different shooting requirements and scenarios.
  • Red Dot Sight: A red dot sight enhances target acquisition and improves shooting accuracy. The Citadel Levtac-92 comes equipped with a reliable red dot sight, enhancing the rifle’s usability right out of the box.
  • Quality Build: The Citadel Levtac-92 features a durable and sturdy construction, ensuring its longevity and reliability. The fit and finish of the rifle are of good quality, lending a satisfying overall feel during use. However, it’s worth noting that the receiver may scratch easily, requiring users to handle it with care.
  • Polymer Buttstock and Reliable Handguard: The rifle features a polymer buttstock that provides comfortable shoulder support while maintaining lightweight characteristics. Additionally, the handguard is equipped with two securing screws, contributing to its stability and reliability.
Feature Description
Weight Lightweight design for easy handling and portability
Accuracy Precise shooting capabilities, delivering 2-inch groups at 100 yards
Ammunition Compatibility Efficient feeding of various types of ammunition
Red Dot Sight Equipped with a reliable red dot sight for enhanced target acquisition
Quality Build Durable construction with a good fit and finish, although the receiver may scratch easily
Polymer Buttstock and Reliable Handguard Comfortable and lightweight buttstock, reliable handguard with two securing screws

Modifications and Upgrades for Citadel Levtac-92

When it comes to enhancing the performance and functionality of your Citadel Levtac-92, there are several recommended modifications and upgrades that you can consider. These upgrades can help you optimize the rifle’s reliability and overall shooting experience. Here are some common modifications to explore:

1. Magazine Upgrades

Replacing the magazine spring, magazine follower, and ejector spring can significantly improve the feeding and ejection process of the Citadel Levtac-92. Upgrading these components enhances the rifle’s reliability, ensuring smooth and consistent cycling of ammunition.

2. Hammer Spring Replacement

Swapping out the hammer spring with a higher-quality spring can enhance the trigger pull and reset, providing a crisper and more responsive shooting experience. This upgrade can contribute to better accuracy and improved overall performance.

3. Front Sling Stud and Lever Loop

Some users have reported that changing the front sling stud and lever loop can enhance the rifle’s functionality, particularly when it comes to attaching slings or accessories. Upgrading these components can provide a more secure and reliable attachment point for added convenience during your shooting sessions.

4. Addressing Minor Issues

While the Citadel Levtac-92 is a reliable rifle, some users have encountered minor issues such as loose screws and the need to adjust the round feed through the magazine tube.

Addressing these issues can be done through routine maintenance and inspection. Regularly tightening screws and ensuring proper round feed alignment can help prevent malfunctions and keep your Citadel Levtac-92 in top shape.

Remember to consult a professional gunsmith or manufacturer guidelines when making any modifications or upgrades to ensure proper installation and compatibility.

By considering these modifications and upgrades, you can fine-tune your Citadel Levtac-92 to better suit your shooting preferences and optimize its overall performance.

Modifications and Upgrades Benefits
Magazine Upgrades (spring, follower, ejector) Improved feeding and ejection, enhanced reliability
Hammer Spring Replacement Crisper trigger pull and reset, increased accuracy
Front Sling Stud and Lever Loop Enhanced functionality and attachment options
Addressing Minor Issues Prevention of malfunctions, optimal performance

Ammo Compatibility for Citadel Levtac-92

The Citadel Levtac-92 is a versatile rifle that offers compatibility with a wide range of ammunition. Whether you prefer .357 Magnum or .38 Special, this rifle can handle various calibers without compromising its performance. Users have reported smooth feeding and reliable cycling with different loads, making it a reliable choice for shooters of all skill levels.

Here are some examples of compatible ammunition for the Citadel Levtac-92:

Ammunition Caliber
Federal 158JSP .357 Mag
Fiocchi Soft Point 357 Mag 158gr .357 Mag
Hornady American Gunner .357 Magnum, XTP 125 Grain .357 Mag
Federal Hammer Down 170grain .357 Mag
Armscor 158grain .38 Special
Streak 38 Special 125 Grain JHP Tracer .38 Special

Comparing Citadel Levtac-92 with Other Lever-Action Rifles

The Citadel Levtac-92 is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts looking for a reliable lever-action rifle. Let’s compare it to two other well-known rifles in the same category: the Marlin Dark and the Henry BBX.

The Citadel Levtac-92 vs Marlin Dark

The Marlin Dark is a highly regarded lever-action rifle known for its exceptional build quality and smooth operation. It features a durable laminate stock and a threaded barrel for adding muzzle accessories. While the Marlin Dark offers these advantages, it tends to be priced higher than the Citadel Levtac-92. If affordability is a priority, the Citadel Levtac-92 is a compelling option.

The Citadel Levtac-92 vs Henry BBX

The Henry BBX lever-action rifle is lauded for its beautiful craftsmanship and refined finish. It boasts a unique side-loading gate, enhancing its visual appeal and ease of use. However, the Henry BBX typically comes at a higher price point compared to the Citadel Levtac-92. Those seeking a budget-friendly alternative without compromising performance may find the Citadel Levtac-92 to be a suitable choice.

In addition to these two rifles, some users have drawn similarities between the Citadel Levtac-92 and the Rossi 92. It is important to note that while both rifles offer lever-action functionality, the Citadel Levtac-92 is manufactured by Legacy Sports, while the Rossi 92 is produced by Rossi. Each rifle has its own unique features and characteristics, so it’s worth considering your personal preferences and needs when making a decision.

Ultimately, whether you choose the Citadel Levtac-92, Marlin Dark, Henry BBX, or Rossi 92, you can expect a reliable and enjoyable shooting experience. Take the time to research and handle each rifle to determine which one aligns best with your requirements and shooting style.

Citadel Levtac-92 vs Marlin Dark vs Henry BBX

Boyd’s Stock Compatibility for Citadel Levtac-92

Many users of the Citadel Levtac-92 have shown interest in replacing the standard sloped stock with a Boyd’s stock due to its superior aesthetics. Boyd’s stocks are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and quality, which can elevate the overall look and feel of the rifle.

While the specific compatibility between Boyd’s stocks and the Citadel Levtac-92 is not explicitly documented, it is worth exploring as a potential stock replacement option for those looking to customize their firearms. The Boyd’s stock upgrade can provide a personalized touch and enhance the visual appeal of the rifle.

Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or improved ergonomic features, upgrading the stock of the Citadel Levtac-92 with a Boyd’s stock is an exciting possibility to consider for gun enthusiasts seeking personalization and customization options.

Citadel Levtac-92 Boyd's Stock


The Citadel Levtac-92 review demonstrates that this tactical rifle, manufactured by Citadel, is a reliable and affordable option for shooters. Its lightweight design and accuracy make it suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals. With its compatibility with various ammunition types, the Levtac-92 offers versatility in the field.

While minor issues such as loose screws and adjustments to the magazine feed have been reported, they do not significantly affect the rifle’s overall performance. Some users have also explored modifications and upgrades to further enhance its capabilities. These include replacing springs and studs for improved reliability and functionality.

In summary, the Citadel Levtac-92 review presents a positive verdict. The rifle’s quality construction and performance make it a valuable asset to any shooter. However, the decision to purchase the Levtac-92 ultimately depends on individual preferences and specific requirements. Whether you are in need of a dependable weapon for personal defense or a reliable companion for hunting, the Levtac-92 is worth consideration.


Who makes the Citadel Levtac-92?

The Citadel Levtac-92 is manufactured by Citadel, a reputable firearms company.

What are the features of the Citadel Levtac-92?

The Citadel Levtac-92 is a lightweight, accurate, and handy rifle. It comes with a red dot sight, has a polymer buttstock, and a reliable handguard with two securing screws.

Are there any modifications and upgrades available for the Citadel Levtac-92?

Yes, you can replace the magazine spring, magazine follower, ejector spring, and hammer spring for better performance and reliability. Some users also suggest changing the front sling stud and lever loop.

What types of ammunition are compatible with the Citadel Levtac-92?

The Citadel Levtac-92 can feed and cycle well with various loads, including Federal 158JSP .357 Mag, Fiocchi Soft Point 357 Mag 158gr, Hornady American Gunner .357 Magnum, and more. It is also compatible with .38 Special loads such as Armscor 158grain and Streak 38 Special 125 Grain JHP Tracer.

How does the Citadel Levtac-92 compare to other lever-action rifles?

While the Citadel Levtac-92 is often compared to the Marlin Dark and Henry BBX, it stands out for its affordability and inclusion of an MLok rail. Some users mention its similarity to the Rossi 92, but it is manufactured by Legacy Sports.

Is the Citadel Levtac-92 compatible with Boyd’s stocks?

There is no specific information available about the compatibility of Boyd’s stocks with the Citadel Levtac-92, but it is worth exploring as a potential stock replacement option.

What is the verdict on the Citadel Levtac-92?

The Citadel Levtac-92 is an innovative tactical rifle offering reliability and affordability. While there may be minor issues and potential upgrades to consider, it delivers good overall performance. The decision to purchase this rifle ultimately depends on individual preferences and requirements.