Who Makes Chesterfield Eyewear? How Good Are They?

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Chesterfield Eyewear is a popular brand known for its exceptional quality and timeless style. But who exactly manufactures these coveted frames? Look no further than Safilo Eyewear, a leading producer in the industry. With a rich history dating back to 1773, Chesterfield Eyewear carries a reputation for luxury, sophistication, and impeccable craftsmanship.

When it comes to eyewear, quality matters. Chesterfield Eyewear is built to last, thanks to its exceptional materials and meticulous fabrication. Whether you’re in need of classic eyeglasses or stylish sunglasses, Chesterfield Eyewear offers a wide range of frames that cater to all tastes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chesterfield Eyewear is manufactured by Safilo Eyewear, a leading producer in the industry.
  • The brand is known for its exceptional materials, design, and fabrication.
  • Chesterfield Eyewear carries a reputation for luxury, sophistication, and timeless style.
  • The frames are built to last, ensuring long-term durability and comfort.
  • Whether you’re looking for classic eyeglasses or stylish sunglasses, Chesterfield Eyewear has options for every individual’s taste.

The Legacy of Chesterfield Furniture

Chesterfield Eyewear takes its name and inspiration from the renowned Chesterfield furniture brand. Established in 1773, the brand was known for creating lavish pieces, particularly sofas, that exuded luxury and regal design.

The signature Chesterfield sofa graced the office of the Earl of Chesterfield, becoming an iconic symbol of elegance and craftsmanship. This legacy of luxury and impeccable craftsmanship has carried over to Chesterfield Eyewear, making it a brand of distinction in the eyewear industry.

Chesterfield Furniture Features

Features Description
Luxury Design Exuding elegance and regality
Impeccable Craftsmanship Superior quality and attention to detail
Durable Materials Built to last with high-quality materials

Classic and Stylish Frames by Chesterfield Eyewear

Chesterfield Eyewear offers a range of classic and stylish frames that embody the brand’s timeless aesthetic. Whether you prefer a super classic style or a look with a touch of uniqueness, Chesterfield Eyewear has the perfect frames for you.

Chesterfield 681

The Chesterfield 681 is a classic wire rim frame available in three different colors. With its timeless design, this frame is perfect for those who appreciate a super classic style. Choose from a variety of colors to suit your personal taste and create a sophisticated look.

Chesterfield 28 XL

The Chesterfield 28 XL is specifically designed for individuals with larger heads. It provides a comfortable fit and features a classic square frame with metal accents. This frame not only looks stylish but also ensures a secure and comfortable wearing experience.

Chesterfield 864/T

For those who prefer a wire rim look with a touch of uniqueness, the Chesterfield 864/T is the perfect choice. This frame features a rounded wire rim design and is available in two different sizes. Express your personal style with this classic frame that adds a touch of individuality to your overall look.

Frame Description
Chesterfield 681 Classic wire rim frame
Chesterfield 28 XL Square frame with metal accents
Chesterfield 864/T Rounded wire rim design

Classic eyewear

Sophisticated Sunglasses by Chesterfield Eyewear

In addition to their stylish eyeglasses, Chesterfield Eyewear also offers a range of sophisticated sunglasses that combine fashion and function. Whether you’re looking to protect your eyes from the sun or make a stylish statement, Chesterfield has a pair of sunglasses to suit your needs.


The Husky/S is the perfect choice for both men and women who want a versatile and stylish option for sunny days. With its sleek wrap-around plastic frame, the Husky/S provides excellent coverage and protection from harmful UV rays. Its timeless design and variety of color options ensure that you can find the perfect pair to complement your personal style.


For those who want to make a statement with their sunglasses, the Pioneer/S is the ideal choice. This squared off aviator style frame combines classic design with a touch of fun. Available in matte black and shiny gunmetal, the Pioneer/S offers a sleek and sophisticated look that is sure to turn heads.

With Chesterfield’s collection of sophisticated sunglasses, you can protect your eyes in style. Whether you choose the sleek wrap-around design of the Husky/S or the statement-making look of the Pioneer/S, you can count on Chesterfield Eyewear for sunglasses that combine fashion, function, and quality.

Where to Find Chesterfield Eyewear

If you’re looking to get your hands on a pair of stylish Chesterfield Eyewear frames, you’re in luck! Chesterfield Eyewear can be found at various stores and retailers, both offline and online. Here are a few places where you can find Chesterfield Eyewear:

Eyewear Stores:

Visit your local eyewear store to browse through a diverse selection of Chesterfield frames. These stores often have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in finding the perfect pair to suit your style and prescription needs.

Online Retailers:

If you prefer the convenience of shopping online, there are several reputable online retailers that carry Chesterfield Eyewear. One recommended online retailer is GlassesOnWeb. They offer a wide range of authentic Chesterfield frames at affordable prices, making it easy to find the perfect pair from the comfort of your own home. Plus, with their hassle-free online ordering process, you can have your new frames delivered straight to your doorstep.

Chesterfield Eyewear

Safilo Eyewear Website:

You can also find Chesterfield Eyewear directly on the Safilo Eyewear website. Safilo is the manufacturer and distributor of Chesterfield Eyewear, ensuring that you’re getting genuine products straight from the source. On their website, you can explore the latest collection of Chesterfield frames and make a purchase with confidence.

Whichever option you choose, you can be sure to find a wide variety of styles and designs to suit your taste. Whether it’s classic eyeglasses or sophisticated sunglasses, Chesterfield Eyewear has something for everyone.

Now that you know where to find Chesterfield Eyewear, it’s time to start exploring the options and find your perfect pair!

Retailer Availability
Eyewear Stores Offline
Online Retailers Online
Safilo Eyewear Website Online

Quality and Durability of Chesterfield Eyewear

Chesterfield Eyewear is committed to providing customers with high-quality and durable frames that are built to last. The brand’s dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of their eyewear, from the materials used to the manufacturing process.

When it comes to quality, Chesterfield Eyewear spares no expense. Each frame is meticulously crafted using the finest materials available, ensuring a premium and long-lasting product. From acetate to metal, every material is carefully selected for its strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Not only are the frames made with top-notch materials, but they are also built using the best technologies available. Advanced manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure precise and consistent construction, resulting in frames that are both sturdy and comfortable.

Customers can trust Chesterfield Eyewear to provide them with eyewear that not only looks good but feels great as well. The frames are designed for long-lasting comfort, making them suitable for extended wear throughout the day.

With a focus on quality construction and durability, Chesterfield Eyewear stands the test of time. The brand’s commitment to producing eyewear that lasts ensures that customers can enjoy their Chesterfield frames for years to come, making them a smart investment.

The Benefits of Chesterfield Eyewear’s Quality and Durability

  • Long-lasting frames that resist wear and tear
  • Frames that maintain their shape and fit over time
  • Durable materials that can withstand daily use
  • Comfortable frames for all-day wear
  • Avoidance of frequent replacements, saving time and money
Features Benefits
Finest materials Ensures strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal
Precision manufacturing Result in sturdy and comfortable frames
Long-lasting comfort Suitable for extended wear throughout the day
Smart investment Frames that last and provide value for money


In conclusion, Chesterfield Eyewear, manufactured by Safilo Eyewear, is a brand that embodies authenticity, craftsmanship, and timeless style. As one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, Chesterfield Eyewear offers a diverse selection of classic eyeglasses and stylish sunglasses to cater to every individual’s taste.

Whether you prefer the elegance of a classic wire rim frame or the sophistication of an aviator style, Chesterfield Eyewear has you covered. Their frames are made with exceptional materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting quality.

When you choose Chesterfield Eyewear, you can rest assured that you are getting an authentic product from a reputable brand. Their commitment to excellence has made them a trusted name in the eyewear industry.

For a wide range of authentic Chesterfield Eyewear options, look no further than the Chesterfield Eyewear manufacturers directory. Whether you prefer to shop at eyewear stores, online retailers, or directly from the Safilo Eyewear website, you will find a vast selection of well-made frames that will make a lasting impression.


Who manufactures Chesterfield Eyewear?

Chesterfield Eyewear is manufactured and distributed by Safilo Eyewear, a leading producer in the industry.

What is the legacy of Chesterfield furniture?

Chesterfield Eyewear takes its name and inspiration from the renowned Chesterfield furniture brand, which was known for creating lavish pieces, particularly sofas, that exuded luxury and regal design.

What are some classic frames offered by Chesterfield Eyewear?

Chesterfield Eyewear offers a range of classic frames, including the Chesterfield 681, Chesterfield 28 XL, and Chesterfield 864/T.

What sunglasses does Chesterfield Eyewear offer?

Chesterfield Eyewear offers sophisticated sunglasses, including the Husky/S and Pioneer/S.

Where can I find Chesterfield Eyewear?

Chesterfield Eyewear is available at a variety of stores and retailers, including eyewear stores, online retailers, and the Safilo Eyewear website. One recommended online retailer is GlassesOnWeb.

Are Chesterfield Eyewear frames durable?

Yes, Chesterfield Eyewear is dedicated to creating superior products that stand the test of time. The frames are made with the finest materials and the best technologies to ensure durability.