Who Makes CFG Excavators? How Good Are They?

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CFG Excavators are manufactured by AGT, also known as Agrotk Industrial. As a reputable manufacturer of heavy machinery and construction equipment, AGT has established itself in the industry by delivering high-quality excavators that meet the demands of various construction projects.

Key Takeaways:

  • AGT, also known as Agrotk Industrial, is the manufacturer of CFG Excavators.
  • CFG Excavators are well-regarded for their affordability and overall quality.
  • AGT offers a range of excavator models, including the popular CFG-KU45 and CFG-40UF.
  • Customers have praised the performance and durability of CFG Excavators.
  • AGT provides comprehensive maintenance and support services for CFG Excavators.

AGT – The Manufacturer of CFG Excavators

When it comes to heavy machinery manufacturers and construction equipment brands, AGT (Agrotk Industrial) is a name that stands out. AGT has established itself as a leading company in the industry, known for producing top-quality construction equipment that meets the highest standards. As a part of AGT’s impressive lineup of machinery, CFG Excavators offer exceptional performance and reliability.

AGT’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the design and engineering of CFG Excavators. These excavators are meticulously crafted to deliver superior performance in various construction projects. With their robust build and innovative features, CFG Excavators are built to withstand the toughest working conditions, ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency on the job site.

Key Features of CFG Excavators:

  • Powerful performance
  • Advanced technology
  • Durable construction
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Easy maintenance

AGT’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the manufacturing process. They provide comprehensive support and maintenance services for CFG Excavators, ensuring that customers have access to prompt assistance and expert guidance when needed. AGT understands the importance of minimizing downtime in construction projects and strives to provide seamless after-sales service to keep operations running smoothly.

If you’re looking for a heavy machinery manufacturer that delivers reliable and high-performance construction equipment, AGT is a name you can trust. With their extensive range of products and dedication to customer satisfaction, AGT continues to be an industry leader in the field of heavy machinery manufacturing.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we will provide an overview of CFG Excavators and their specific models available in the market.

Overview of CFG Excavators

As one of the leading excavator manufacturers, CFG Excavators stands out as a top choice for construction professionals and contractors. With a reputation for producing high-quality equipment, CFG Excavators offers a wide range of models that cater to various project requirements.

One of the standout features of CFG Excavators is their competitive pricing. They offer excellent value for money without compromising on performance or durability. This makes them an ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers who still require reliable and efficient machinery.

CFG Excavators are designed with advanced technology and robust features that ensure optimal performance on construction sites. Whether it’s a small-scale project or heavy-duty task, CFG Excavators deliver efficient and precise operation, resulting in increased productivity and reduced downtime.

These excavators boast a range of impressive specifications, including powerful engines, excellent digging capabilities, and sturdy build quality. With a focus on innovation and performance, CFG Excavators continue to lead the industry with their cutting-edge designs and commitment to customer satisfaction.

When it comes to purchasing CFG Excavators, customers can take advantage of convenient options. The equipment is available for pickup in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Additionally, CFG Excavators offer free flat rate freight within the United States for hassle-free delivery.

While CFG Excavators provide exceptional quality, it’s essential for buyers to be aware of the return policy. In case of any issues, CFG Excavators offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it’s important to note that buyers are responsible for return shipping costs.

Please refer to the table below for an overview of CFG Excavators:

Model Price Condition Quantity Available Location Shipping
CFG 2024 NEW Mini Excavator US $29,999.00 New 2 Chicago, Illinois, United States Free Flat Rate Freight within the United States
CFG 3.85 Ton 40UF Hydraulic Mini Excavator US $34,998.00 New 3 (1 sold) Chicago, Illinois, United States Free local pickup, flat rate freight

With CFG Excavators, customers can expect durable, high-performance machinery that meets their construction needs. Whether it’s small-scale digging or large-scale landscaping, CFG Excavators are a reliable choice for professionals in the industry.

Continue reading our article to explore the features and specifications of CFG Excavators in more detail.

Features and Specifications of CFG Excavators

CFG Excavators are known for their impressive features and specifications, making them an ideal choice for construction projects of all sizes. These excavators are designed to optimize performance, productivity, and reliability, allowing operators to tackle even the most challenging tasks with ease.

Advanced Features

One of the standout features of CFG Excavators is the built-in cockpit air conditioning, ensuring operator comfort even during long hours of operation. This feature enhances productivity and reduces operator fatigue, ultimately leading to a more efficient workflow.

Furthermore, CFG Excavators are EPA certified, guaranteeing environmental compliance on job sites. These excavators are equipped with advanced emission control technology, minimizing their carbon footprint and ensuring a cleaner and greener work environment.

The controls of CFG Excavators are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive layout and easy-to-use interface allow operators to navigate and operate the excavator with precision and accuracy, resulting in precise digging and improved productivity.


The specifications of CFG Excavators vary across different models to cater to diverse job requirements. Some key specifications include weight, digging depth, bucket capacity, and engine power.

Model Operating Weight (lbs/kg) Max Digging Depth (ft/in/mm)
E17C with Canopy 3,194 lbs / 1449 kg 6 ft 7 in / 2045 mm
E17C with Canopy 3,910 lbs / 1775 kg 7 ft 3 in / 2200 mm

These specifications highlight the versatility and capability of CFG Excavators, ensuring that they can handle a wide range of excavation tasks efficiently.

Whether it’s a small-scale project or a large construction site, CFG Excavators deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Their advanced features and robust specifications make them a preferred choice for professionals in the construction industry.

CFG Excavators vs. Other Construction Equipment Brands

When it comes to choosing the right excavator for your construction projects, it’s essential to compare different brands to make an informed decision. CFG Excavators, a leading construction equipment manufacturer, stands out among its competitors in terms of affordability and reliable performance. Let’s take a closer look at how CFG Excavators compare to other popular brands in the industry.

Comparison of Excavator Brands

Excavator brands in the industry vary in terms of weight, size, features, and overall reputation. It’s crucial to consider these factors when evaluating different options. Below, we compare the weight ranges of popular excavator brands:

Brand Weight Range (Pounds)
Bobcat 2,593 – 19,600
CASE 3,186 – 13,760
CAT 2,399 – 22,451
Develon 4,211 – 21,025
Hitachi 3,790 – 19,500
CFG Excavators 2,000 – 22,000

From the table, it’s evident that CFG Excavators offer a weight range that accommodates both small and large-scale projects, making them a versatile choice for various construction needs.

Leading Construction Equipment Manufacturers

When comparing excavator brands, it’s important to consider the reputation and standing of the manufacturers. CFG Excavators, produced by AGT, are backed by years of expertise and a commitment to delivering high-quality equipment. As one of the leading construction equipment manufacturers, AGT ensures that CFG Excavators meet industry standards, providing customers with reliable and efficient machines.

The image above visually highlights the weight range comparison of CFG Excavators to other popular brands in the industry, emphasizing the versatility of CFG Excavators across different project scopes and requirements.

Next, in Section 6, we’ll explore customer reviews and feedback on CFG Excavators to provide further insight into the performance and user satisfaction of these machines.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on CFG Excavators

When it comes to purchasing heavy machinery, such as excavators, it’s important to consider the experiences and feedback of other customers. Hearing from those who have already used a particular brand or model can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of the equipment. In the case of CFG Excavators, customers have shared their reviews, allowing potential buyers to make informed decisions.

One common aspect highlighted in CFG Excavators reviews is the affordability of these machines. Many customers appreciate the competitive pricing offered by CFG, especially when compared to other brands in the market. The cost-effectiveness of these excavators makes them an attractive option for those looking to invest in construction equipment without breaking the bank.

Excavator performance reviews also shed light on the reliability and functionality of CFG Excavators. Users have reported satisfactory performance, with these machines delivering on their promises. Whether it’s digging, loading, or other construction tasks, CFG Excavators have received positive feedback in terms of their overall reliability and efficiency.

However, it’s important to note that not all operators may find CFG Excavators to be suitable for their specific needs. Some reviews mention that the sizes available may not cater to all types of projects and operators. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully evaluate the specifications and capabilities of each model before making a purchase decision.

One particular observation that crops up in customer reviews is the perception of Agrotk machines being dumped by distributors. While this may be a concern for some customers, it is crucial to assess the credibility of the sources and consider the overall reputation of the brand in question.

Customer Feedback on Chinese Excavators

Additionally, in several discussions, there were mentions of Chinese equipment that is often associated with low quality and untrustworthiness. Some customers explicitly pointed out the risks and disadvantages of purchasing cheap Chinese excavators, urging others to avoid them based on their own experiences.

While customer feedback is a valuable resource, it’s crucial to weigh individual experiences against wider industry trends. The availability of used mini-excavators at auctions, particularly in comparison to other brands, highlights the demand and popularity of these machines. This suggests that, despite some negative feedback surrounding certain aspects, many customers are still choosing CFG Excavators for their construction needs.

To further enhance your understanding of CFG Excavators, let’s delve into the maintenance and support provided, as well as the warranty and after-sales service offered by the manufacturer.

Maintenance and Support for CFG Excavators

Proper maintenance is crucial for the longevity and optimal performance of CFG Excavators. AGT, the manufacturer of CFG Excavators, understands the importance of providing comprehensive support to ensure that their customers can effectively maintain and repair their machines.

AGT offers maintenance manuals that outline recommended maintenance procedures, providing excavator owners with detailed instructions on how to take care of their equipment. These manuals cover various aspects of maintenance, including routine inspections, lubrication, and component replacements. By following these guidelines, operators can minimize the risk of breakdowns and increase the lifespan of their CFG Excavators.

Additionally, AGT provides part lists for easy identification and procurement of replacement parts. In the event that a component needs to be replaced, users can refer to these lists to determine the exact part number and order it from AGT or their authorized dealers.

Excavator Maintenance Tips:

  • Regularly inspect the excavator for signs of wear or damage
  • Keep the excavator clean and free of debris
  • Check fluid levels and top up as necessary
  • Grease all pivot points and moving parts according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Replace filters and fluids at the recommended intervals
  • Inspect and tighten all bolts and fasteners
  • Keep track of maintenance records, including dates and performed tasks

Furthermore, AGT offers additional support through their website, where users can find working videos that demonstrate maintenance procedures and troubleshooting tips. These videos serve as a valuable resource for owners who prefer visual guidance in maintaining their CFG Excavators.

In the event that repairs or specialized servicing are required, AGT provides information on authorized service centers. These service centers have the expertise and access to genuine parts to ensure high-quality repairs and minimize downtime for excavator owners.

By providing maintenance manuals, part lists, working videos, and access to authorized service centers, AGT demonstrates its commitment to supporting their customers throughout the ownership lifecycle of CFG Excavators.

Warranty and After-Sales Service for CFG Excavators

When investing in a CFG Excavator, it’s essential to consider the warranty coverage and after-sales service provided by AGT. AGT, as a trusted manufacturer, understands the importance of customer satisfaction and offers comprehensive support to ensure a smooth ownership experience.

Excavator Warranty

AGT provides warranty coverage for CFG Excavators, giving customers peace of mind and protection against potential defects or issues. The warranty terms may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of the excavator. It is crucial for buyers to review the warranty details provided by AGT to understand the coverage and any conditions or limitations that may apply.

The excavator warranty plays a significant role in safeguarding the customer’s investment. In the event of a covered repair or replacement, the warranty can help minimize financial burdens. AGT’s warranty coverage ensures that customers can rely on their CFG Excavators for efficient and uninterrupted operation on the job site.

After-Sales Service

In addition to the warranty, AGT offers extensive after-sales service and support for CFG Excavators. AGT’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase, providing customers with the assistance they need throughout the lifespan of their excavators.

AGT’s after-sales service team consists of highly trained technicians who are well-versed in the complexities of CFG Excavators. They have the expertise to diagnose and address any issues that may arise, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing the excavator’s productivity.

Whether customers require technical advice, troubleshooting support, or genuine spare parts, AGT’s after-sales service team is readily available to provide prompt and effective solutions. With their industry expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, AGT ensures that every customer receives the highest level of support.

AGT’s after-sales service for CFG Excavators extends beyond repairs and maintenance. They also offer valuable guidance and recommendations for optimizing the performance and longevity of the excavators. This includes regular maintenance schedules, fluid change intervals, and best practices for operating the machine efficiently.

By providing comprehensive after-sales service, AGT demonstrates their dedication to ensuring customer success. They recognize that ongoing support is crucial for customers to maximize their return on investment and achieve operational excellence with their CFG Excavators.

Options and Customizations for CFG Excavators

CFG Excavators offer a range of options and customizations that allow customers to tailor their machines to meet specific project requirements. With an extensive selection of excavator options and accessories, AGT ensures that their machines are versatile and adaptable to various job site demands.

One of the key areas where customization is possible is the bucket type. Customers have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of bucket sizes and designs to optimize excavation performance. Whether it’s a standard bucket for general digging or a specialized bucket for specific applications, such as trenching or grading, AGT provides options to suit different needs.

Additionally, customers can enhance the functionality of their CFG Excavators by selecting from a variety of additional attachments. These attachments can expand the machine’s capabilities, allowing it to perform tasks beyond traditional digging, such as hydraulic hammers for breaking concrete or thumbs for handling irregularly shaped objects.

When it comes to safety, CFG Excavators can be customized with various features to ensure a secure working environment. Options such as backup cameras, additional lighting, and advanced safety systems provide operators with enhanced visibility and help mitigate accidents on site.

It is important for customers to discuss their customization requirements with an authorized AGT dealer. This ensures that the excavator is tailored to meet their precise specifications, maximizing efficiency and productivity on the job site.

Excavator Customization Options Description
Bucket Types Choose from various bucket sizes and designs to optimize excavation performance.
Additional Attachments Expand the machine’s capabilities with attachments such as hydraulic hammers and thumbs.
Safety Features Enhance operator safety with options like backup cameras and advanced safety systems.


After a comprehensive evaluation of CFG Excavators, it is clear that they offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for construction equipment needs. Manufactured by AGT, one of the leading brands in the industry, CFG Excavators have been praised by customers for their performance and value for money.

While choosing the right excavator is crucial for any project, CFG Excavators provide a range of features and specifications that cater to various job requirements. However, it is advisable to conduct thorough research and compare different brands and models to find the best fit for specific project needs.

In conclusion, for those seeking an affordable and dependable excavator, CFG Excavators from AGT present a compelling option. With their positive customer feedback and the reputation of AGT, CFG Excavators have proven to be a reliable choice for construction equipment.


Who makes CFG Excavators?

CFG Excavators are made by AGT, also known as Agrotk Industrial.

How good are CFG Excavators?

CFG Excavators are known for their affordability and reliable performance. They offer a range of models to cater to different project requirements and have received positive feedback from customers.

What other brands make excavators?

There are several top brands in the construction equipment industry that manufacture excavators, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, and Volvo.

What are the features of CFG Excavators?

CFG Excavators come with features such as built-in cockpit air conditioning, EPA certification, and easy-to-use controls for precise operation. Specific features may vary depending on the model.

How do CFG Excavators compare to other construction equipment brands?

While each brand has its own unique offerings, CFG Excavators stand out for their affordability and reliable performance. It’s important to consider factors such as durability, after-sales service, and availability of spare parts when comparing excavator brands.

What do customers say about CFG Excavators?

Customers have praised CFG Excavators for their affordability, reliability, and overall value for money. However, individual experiences may vary, and it’s advisable to thoroughly research and test a machine before making a purchase decision.

How can I maintain and support my CFG Excavator?

AGT, the manufacturer of CFG Excavators, provides maintenance manuals, part lists, and working videos to help users properly maintain their machines. Authorized service centers are available for any repairs or issues.

What warranty and after-sales service does AGT offer for CFG Excavators?

AGT provides warranties that cover certain components and defects for CFG Excavators. The specific details of the warranty coverage may vary, and after-sales service and support are available for customers.

Can CFG Excavators be customized?

Yes, CFG Excavators can often be customized to suit specific project requirements. Options and accessories are available to enhance the functionality and versatility of the machines. It is recommended to discuss customization options with an authorized AGT dealer.

Where can I find more information about CFG Excavators?

For more information about CFG Excavators, it is advised to visit AGT’s official website or contact an authorized AGT dealer for detailed specifications and assistance.

What should I consider before purchasing a CFG Excavator?

Before purchasing a CFG Excavator, it’s important to research and compare different excavator brands and models. Factors to consider include durability, after-sales service, availability of spare parts, and overall reputation to ensure the best fit for specific project requirements.