We Have Ranked The Top 5 Best eSIM Connectivity Plans

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New technologies are rapidly advancing, contributing to the development of both brand-new things and everyday gadgets. The average user who does not follow the innovation market is often unaware of the latest technologies. However, these technologies can make everyday life easier, save time and even money. Therefore, today we want to talk about a technology that will greatly simplify the life of those who like to travel or frequently visit other countries. This technology is esim.

What is eSIM?

Esim is a chip built into the device, which replaces the usual SIM card. This chip records the data of the sim card. It cannot be removed from the smartphone, but up to five phone numbers of different countries can be recorded on it. In order to connect esim, you need to download a specialized application on your smartphone and configure the sim card, it takes only a few minutes, for which you can get a free virtual business phone number!

Below, we have ranked the top five best apps that provide esim connectivity services. 

1. eSIM plus

This is one of the most popular services that provides eSIM connectivity. With eSIM plus you can connect services for incoming and outgoing calls, sms messages, mobile internet. The eSIM plus has a convenient application for tariff management. You can connect esim with this application for any device with chip.

In eSIM plus virtual numbers of more than 120 countries are available for purchase. The most expensive tariff that allows you to use unlimited internet will cost you €200, and the cheapest tariff for one country will cost you €5. To connect, you need to download the app and select the tariff you are interested in

2. Google Fi

This is Google’s virtual carrier that allows you to make voice calls, send SMS messages and use the mobile internet. This app is known for its innovative approach to working with mobile carriers, allowing you to seamlessly switch between multiple networks, ensuring that you always have the best signal.

Google Fi offers two payment options: prepaid and postpaid. The price of the tariff depends on the number of people connected in one package. In the postpaid plan, the price ranges from $16 to $20, and in the prepaid plan, depending on the number of people connected, the price ranges from $45 to $70.

3. Airalo

The service provides services in more than 200 countries and is one of the most popular in the world. With Airalo you can buy a virtual SIM card, which will be valid not only in one country, but also on the continent. The peculiarity of Airalo is the possibility to connect tariffs only with mobile data transfer.

The cost of connection depends on the package of countries, the number of included gigabytes of mobile internet and days of SIM card usage. For eSIM with the ability to communicate in all countries of the world, the cost is from $9 to $89 depending on the days of use and the amount of traffic.

4. Yesim

This is also one of the popular applications for connecting a virtual number. With Yesim you can connect a SIM card for a single country, a group of countries and a continent.

The prices of the plans also differ depending on the features you want. Esim for 5 days of use with 3 GB of data will cost you $8. The most expensive tariff includes 15 days of using the number, with unlimited volume given, the cost of this rate is $35.

5. Telwel

The service is available in 160 countries, the package includes only services with mobile internet inside. You will need to find out if the service provider’s esim is connected to your phone on the service’s website.

When connecting, you can choose country-specific esim or a package with a global virtual sim card. Tariffs can be selected based on the number of days of use and mobile internet traffic. Prices vary from the figures above, with the most expensive package costing €20.

To summarize, there are many services that help to connect a virtual SIM card. Services differ from each other in terms of use, coverage of countries and cost. For convenience, we advise you to try several services to see which one is the most convenient for you.