Tips And Tricks To Help You Clear Space On Your Iphone

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One of the things you always have to deal with as an iPhone user is the constant lack of space. Whether we like it or not, we always have to deal with a lack of space due to numerous files and clutter that ends up on our device. Which makes us wonder, how can we get rid of unwanted stuff and clear space? There are many options to consider, as you can see below.

Check the space usage

From General/iPhone Storage you can see what eats up the most space. The thing to note is that anything from conversations to photos, messages and apps can eat up a lot of space. We highly recommend checking to see what you can remove. Maybe there are pictures you don’t want to use anymore or old videos that are a waste of space. Checking those and removing what’s not necessary is a very good idea.

Remove apps

Removing apps also helps because some apps eat up a lot of space on iPhone. That’s why the best approach is to check the apps and see if you actively use all of them or if they are just a waste of space at this particular time.

Delete any photo streams

Many times, the iPhone will create photo streams that can be extremely problematic to deal with. The best thing that you can do here is to ensure that you don’t have photos uploaded to this stream, as it will just eat up your space. You can disable the feature from Settings/Photos and disable My Photo Stream.

Remove older music

The same thing is valid when it comes to music. Not all of us will listen to the music we own. And many times it can be difficult to keep all the music here on the device due to space restrictions. It makes way more sense to clear up the iPhone music and download the songs we want later on. That alone can be an excellent idea to keep in mind.

Empty the browser cache

That’s a thing a lot of people don’t really take into account. But the truth is that browser cache can eat up lots of space too. Go to the browser and remove the website data if you want. All of that can be extremely helpful and it will give you the value and results that you want. Plus, the results themselves are second to none.

We think that checking what’s on your device from time to time can help quit a lot, and it can deliver an excellent experience. Rest assured that once you use these tips, you will find it much easier to clear space on the phone. This is not a simple thing to do, and in the end the focus is always on making the most out of device space. That alone can be handy and in the end, you always want to avoid any rush. Taking all these things into consideration and implementing them accordingly can help quite a bit, and you will find it all to work extremely well. Just remember, you can always upload stuff to the cloud in order to save space. And you can also delete and redownload items to avoid cluttering the device!