Is Hurley A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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The men’s and women’s swimsuits and accessories sold under the Hurley brand are of the highest quality. With the assistance of his close friends, Bob Hurley launched the company and has since built a highly desirable and well-loved clothing empire that exemplifies the surfing culture. The company has earned a reputation for generating novel concepts and goods, which have captured people’s attention in the past and will continue to do so in the future. By merging comfort, quality, and style, Hurley can provide high-end surfing and beachwear that is also easily accessible and fashionable. Hurley is undeniably one of the most well-known brands in the world, but can its reputation be justified? It is a topic on which many people are currently deliberating.

 With so many different brands, it can take time to determine which ones make the best financial investments. In this article, we’ll talk about the Hurley brand and look at what it has to offer. 

The Hurley History

1979 marked the beginning of Hurley, an apparel company specializing in surf wear. Bob Hurley started the company after having worked there in the past as an employee of Vanguard Skateboards. The first products that Hurley ever produced were T-shirts, and then they expanded into board shorts, hats, shoes, and other accessories. The Phantom board shorts are the company’s most popular product and are known for reducing rashes and chafing while surfing. Hurley is known for creating apparel for various extreme sports, including motocross, snowboarding, and skating, in addition to surfing. The company supports several well-known athletes competing in various sports financially, including Michael Phelps and Kelly Slater. Nike acquired Hurley in 2000. Nike has worked to improve its reputation in the skateboarding and snowboarding industries and keep its good name as a maker of high-quality surfing gear. 

Is Hurly Budget-Friendly?

Hurley is an excellent store to go to if you need new surfing clothes but need more money to spend. Their rates, which range from ten to sixty dollars, are significantly lower than those of other enterprises in the athleisure industry. Despite this, they are on par with the quality offered by more expensive companies. In addition to their trendy, form-flattering patterns, they use durable materials that are washed numerous times without losing shape. Because Hurley provides free shipping on orders over $50, you can maximize your discounts and stock up on more of your go-to items while still enjoying this customer service perk.

 Because of its low prices and high standards of quality, Hurley is an excellent choice for anyone on a strict budget who still wants to care about how they appear when working out. Some Hurley products may be on the pricier side. One of the primary contributors to the comparatively high price tag of Hurley clothes is the brand’s superior overall quality of construction. In addition, Hurley has a team of talented designers on staff. These designers are responsible for producing attractive and innovative clothing that caters to many customers.

 It is because Hurley has strong marketing and endorsement relationships with some of the top athletes in the world that the company has increased its brand awareness and attraction to consumers. In addition, Hurley’s items are of very high quality.

What Makes Hurley A Good Brand?

Since its founding, Hurley has built its name and reputation by long-lasting manufacturing products of great quality and available at reasonable prices. The visually distinct appearance of the brand has never failed to pique the interest of consumers and earn their continued patronage. Despite the abundance of options offered by its rivals, Hurley has established innovative strategies to safeguard the company’s clientele from being swayed in the opposite direction. Utilizing a wide range of skills ensures that its designs and products will continue to be of interest to its customer base in the future. The talented craftspeople working with Hurley are tasked with creating innovative and exceptional new designs using only the highest quality materials. The company manages to keep its class and functionality without compromising on comfort level or cost. One of the reasons that people enjoy Hurley so much is its ability to continuously create a balance between function, style, quality, and cost in its products. Their equipment is not only long-lasting, but it is also designed to resist the rigors of participating in various outdoor sports, such as skiing, surfing, and other similar activities. Only products of the highest quality are offered for sale by Hurley. Hurley allows you to shop with complete confidence because the company provides high-quality clothing and excellent value for the customer’s money. 

Is Hurley Brand Sustainable?

Its impact on the surrounding environment is rated as “extremely minimal.” The use of environmentally friendly materials is limited. There is no evidence that it reduces the amount of carbon or greenhouse gas emissions produced along its supply chain.

 There is no evidence to suggest that major actions have been taken to cut down on or get rid of the use of dangerous substances. In addition, its score in terms of the labor market is “very low.” It needs to make publicly available a sufficient amount of relevant information to its labor policy, preventing it from moving up in the rankings. As a consumer, you must become aware of how the goods purchased from a particular company influence the lives of the people who produce those goods. Because there needs to be more information about the business and its procedures, the Hurley brand cannot be considered sustainable.

It was rated “good” in the section devoted to animals. It uses a very small amount of animal byproducts and scraps to produce its goods. The price does not include angora, wool, feathers, fur, the skin of exotic animals, or the hair of exotic animals. In this particular scenario, leather is utilized.

Hurley’s Net Worth

In recent years, the growing popularity of Hurley among celebrities and fashionistas has been a significant contributor to the company’s increased sales. Nike, the parent company of Hurley, is predicted to have a market worth $32 billion as of 2018. Even though Nike does not make publicly available specific financial information regarding any of its brands, industry experts estimate that Hurley is responsible for approximately 2% of Nike’s overall income. A conservative estimate places Hurley’s annual revenue at approximately $640 million. Because Hurley is involved in the lucrative fashion industry, there is reason to believe that the company’s market value will continue to increase in the years to come.

Pros Of The Hurley Brand

The brand is based on the idea of carefree beach living, which makes it a perfect option for the warmer months of the year. In addition, garments and accessories for both sexes are offered at Hurley, making it easier to select anything that matches any particular outfit or style. Any item you buy from Hurley will serve you well for many years to come because the brand is known for producing goods utilizing superior-quality materials and talented craftspeople. The best thing about Hurley’s items is that they are competitively priced, making the company a fantastic alternative for individuals shopping on a limited budget. If you are looking for the perfect pair of shorts that you can wear daily or a swimsuit for the beach, check out Hurley. The fashion brand has something for everyone.

Cons Of The Hurley Brand

Anyone who has ever made a purchase there can attest that Hurley’s prices may be quite exorbitant. For instance, a straightforward t-shirt might go as high as $40.

 It may be off-putting to many people, particularly those with limited financial resources. The designs produced by Hurley have an occasional tendency to be highly busy and noisy, which may appeal to the preferences of only some customers. The brand is also known for having a very laid-back vibe, which means that it is only sometimes suited for situations that call for more formal dress. Lastly, Hurley’s retail stores need physical distribution, making it impossible to try on clothing before making a purchase.

5 Facts About Hurley Brand You Didn’t Know

  • Hurley was only 23 years old when he first launched the company. However, he did not accomplish this feat alone; rather, he solicited the assistance of Joe Knoernschild, a business manager, and Bob Rowland, a business partner of Joe’s.
  • The 1978 World Champion Rabbit Bartholomew grew to love Bob Hurley and frequently went to him for new surfboards.
  • When the license for Billabong was not renewed in 1999, the brand name Hurley was born.
  • When Hurley International was first started, approximately 150 people worked there full-time. After the first year, actual profits were far higher than forecasts, and the total number of workers increased rather than decreased.
  • Hurley has won many awards, one of which is “Board Short of the Year,” which has been given to the Phantom board shorts line four times. 

Bottom Line- Is Hurley A Good Brand?

The clothing company Hurley can be relied on because of its innovative designs, the high-quality fabrics it uses, and the inexpensive prices it offers. The vibrancy and modernity of the brand’s style reflect the company’s originality. It is undeniable that Hurley is a big player in the world of fashion, even though some individuals may consider the designs developed by the brand to be incredibly condescending. The business is always up to date on the latest trends in the fashion industry, and it uses this information to design apparel that is fashionable and functional. Therefore, if you are seeking classic essentials and fashionable clothing, Hurley is a great choice for you to consider as an option.