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Pompompurin, the adorable character from Sanrio, is a beloved golden retriever known for his pudding-like appearance. With his charming personality and cute design, Pompompurin has captured the hearts of fans around the world. Let’s delve into some fascinating facts about this lovable canine!

Key Takeaways:

  • Pompompurin is a golden retriever character created by Sanrio.
  • He originated from a design competition in 1996 and made his debut in the July 1996 issue of Strawberry News.
  • Pompompurin has been a popular character for over two decades.
  • He has a laidback personality and loves soft things.
  • Pompompurin has a diverse universe of friends and family members.

Pompompurin’s Personality

Pompompurin is not only one of the cutest characters created by Sanrio, but he also has a heartwarming and gentle personality that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. His friendly and caring nature make him an endearing character that brings joy to everyone he meets.

Pompompurin is known for his kind and compassionate spirit. He goes out of his way to help his friends and always puts their needs before his own. Whether it is lending an ear to listen or offering a helping hand, he is always there when his friends need him the most.

His caring nature extends to his love for cooking and baking. Pompompurin is a talented cook, and his favorite food, milk and cream caramel pudding, is a testament to his culinary skills. He enjoys baking delicious treats for his friends, spreading happiness through his homemade goodies.

Despite being responsible and caring, Pompompurin also knows how to have fun. He loves playing games and indulging in his favorite activities, such as aerobics, hanging out with friends, sleeping, and collecting shoes. His playful nature brings laughter and lightness to every situation.

Pompompurin’s character design adds to his charming personality. With his signature brown beret hat, he exudes a sense of style and uniqueness. His fashion choices primarily include beige or cream as a base color, complemented by yellow or brown as main colors, and small touches of pink. His outfits often feature graphic prints, such as food patterns, stripes, and checkered designs, reflecting his playful and fun-loving nature.

Accessories play an important role in completing Pompompurin’s style. Cute hair clips, bracelets, food-themed earrings, and hats or ears complement his overall look. His fashion choices inspire fans to create Pompompurin-inspired nail art and makeup looks that incorporate bold and dramatic elements, as well as glitter and sparkles.

Pompompurin’s popularity extends beyond his charming personality and fashion sense. He has become a beloved character whose presence can be seen in various merchandise items. From plushies and keychains to notebooks, stickers, and stationery, there is something for every Pompompurin fan.

The love for Pompompurin even spills over into home decor. Pompompurin-themed coffee mugs, bedding, cushions, and pillows in shades of yellow, cream, and caramel bring warmth and cheer to any space.

Pompompurin’s Personality Traits Additional Information
Friendly and Caring Pompompurin loves to help his friends and puts their needs first.
Responsible and Playful He takes his responsibilities seriously, but also knows how to have fun.
Culinary Skills Pompompurin enjoys cooking and baking delicious treats for his friends.
Favorite Activities Aerobics, hanging out with friends, sleeping, and collecting shoes.
Signature Fashion Beige or cream as base colors, yellow or brown as main colors, and graphic prints.

Pompompurin’s Friends

Pompompurin, the adorable male golden retriever, is not alone in his adventures. He has a wonderful group of friends who join him in creating joyful and heartwarming memories. Let’s meet Pompompurin’s friends:

Muffin the Hamster

Muffin is a lively and energetic hamster. With his playful nature, he brings a burst of excitement to Pompompurin’s world. Muffin adds a touch of mischievousness to their adventures, making every moment filled with laughter and fun.

Custard the Bird

Meet Custard, the calm and collected bird. With her soothing presence, Custard is always there to offer a listening ear and provide comfort to both Pompompurin and their friends. Her gentle nature makes her an essential member of their close-knit group.

Bagel the Squirrel

Bagel, the energetic squirrel, is known for his mischievous antics. He fills their adventures with excitement and surprises, ensuring that there is never a dull moment. Bagel’s playful personality adds a zest of liveliness to their tight-knit group dynamic.

Scone the Mouse

Scone completes the group of friends with his sweet and caring nature. As the compassionate mouse, Scone is always there to lend a helping hand and offer support whenever needed. His kindness and thoughtfulness define his invaluable role in their little circle.

Together, Pompompurin, Muffin, Custard, Bagel, and Scone embark on exciting journeys, creating cherished memories that warm the hearts of their fans.

Friends Description
Muffin Energetic and playful hamster
Custard Calming and collected bird
Bagel Mischievous and fun-loving squirrel
Scone Sweet and caring mouse

Origin of the Name Pompompurin

In the world of Sanrio characters, Pompompurin stands out with his adorable looks and lovable personality. But have you ever wondered how he got his unique name? Well, let’s delve into the origins of Pompompurin’s name, its meaning, and why it perfectly suits this charming pudding-loving pup.

Pompompurin made his grand debut in the July 1996 issue of Strawberry News, captivating fans with his round head and heartwarming demeanor. However, his original name was supposed to be “Boku, Pudding.” Luckily, the creators decided to make a change, and thus, Pompompurin was born.

The name Pompompurin holds a significant meaning that perfectly encapsulates this delightful character. The “Pompom” part of his name reflects the spherical shape of his head, resembling a fluffy pompom. On the other hand, “Purin” is derived from the Japanese word for pudding. It’s no secret that Pompompurin adores pudding, making it his favorite indulgence and a significant part of his identity. The combination of these two words represents Pompompurin’s appearance and his love for this delectable treat.

Pompompurin’s name exudes a sense of playfulness and charm, capturing the hearts of fans around the world. It’s a fitting moniker for a character that embodies joy, kindness, and a zest for life. Whether he’s exploring with his adorable Pudding Dog Friends or enjoying a nap in his cozy corner, Pompompurin’s name resonates with his lovable nature.

As we continue our journey through the wonderous world of Pompompurin, let’s explore his extraordinary popularity and the fascinating aspects of his life and adventures.

Pompompurin’s Popularity

Pompompurin, the lovable Sanrio character, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his adorable appearance, cheerful personality, and heartwarming adventures. With his iconic golden retriever charm, Pompompurin has become a beloved figure in the world of Japanese kawaii culture.

What sets Pompompurin apart is not just his cute looks, but also his warm and endearing personality. Depicted as a friendly and caring character, Pompompurin always brings a smile to everyone he meets. His playful nature and optimistic outlook on life inspire positivity and joy.

Part of Pompompurin’s charm lies in his diverse group of friends, which includes Muffin, Custard, Bagel, and Scone. Each friend brings their own unique traits and adds depth to Pompompurin’s world. Together, they embark on heartwarming adventures that leave a lasting impression on fans.

The Sanrio universe, home to Pompompurin and fellow iconic character Hello Kitty, has played a significant role in Pompompurin’s popularity. Created by the renowned Japanese company Sanrio in 1996, Pompompurin quickly gained a devoted fan base.

Pompompurin’s popularity extends far beyond Japan. Fans from all corners of the globe have embraced this lovable character and find inspiration in his message of spreading happiness and love. His positive impact on people’s lives is a testament to the universal appeal and enduring charm of Pompompurin.

One cannot ignore Pompompurin’s culinary skills, especially his love for purin, a delicious Japanese custard pudding. His passion for cooking adds another layer of admiration from fans who appreciate his talent and creativity in the kitchen.

To celebrate the adoration for Pompompurin, a variety of merchandise featuring his iconic design is available in the market. From vinyl pouches to adorable dolls and comfy slippers, fans can incorporate Pompompurin into their lives in different ways.

Pompompurin’s legacy continues to grow as he resonates with fans of all ages. Whether through his heartwarming messages or his lovable and relatable character, Pompompurin’s popularity remains unwavering, captivating the hearts of fans worldwide.

Pompompurin’s Hobbies

Aside from his adorable appearance and lovable personality, Pompompurin also has a few hobbies that make him even more endearing. One of his favorite pastimes is shoe collecting. Pompompurin has a knack for finding the most stylish and unique shoes, which he proudly adds to his collection. He cherishes each pair and meticulously hides them away, safeguarding his cherished treasures from prying eyes.

Another hobby that Pompompurin enjoys is participating in Purin aerobics. This involves performing various cute and energetic exercises that keep him active and fit. Whether it’s jumping, stretching, or dancing, Pompompurin’s enthusiasm for Purin aerobics is contagious. He loves moving his chubby body to the rhythm, bringing joy to anyone who watches.

When he’s not busy collecting shoes or getting his heart rate up with Purin aerobics, Pompompurin can often be found hanging out with his friends. The charming Golden Retriever dog character has a circle of loyal companions, including Muffin, Scone, Bagel, Whip, Powder, Tart, Custard, Coconut, Mint, Macaroon, Syrup, and Vanilla. They spend countless hours together, embarking on exciting adventures and creating lifelong memories.

Pompompurin’s hobbies not only showcase his playful nature but also contribute to his overall happiness and well-being. Whether he’s indulging in his shoe collection, sweating it out with Purin aerobics, or cherishing time with his friends, Pompompurin exemplifies the joy of embracing hobbies that bring us joy and fulfillment.

Hobbies Description
Shoe Collecting Pompompurin has a passion for collecting and hiding shoes. He takes pride in finding unique and stylish pairs to add to his treasured collection.
Purin Aerobics Pompompurin loves participating in cute and energetic Purin aerobics. He enjoys jumping, stretching, and dancing to stay active and fit.
Hanging out with friends Pompompurin cherishes the company of his friends, including Muffin, Scone, Bagel, and others. They embark on exciting adventures and create lasting memories together.

Pompompurin’s Birth and Astrological Sign

Pompompurin, the adorable golden retriever character, was born on April 16, 1996. As an Aries, Pompompurin exhibits characteristics of curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm. These traits perfectly align with his playful and adventurous personality.

According to astrology, Aries individuals are known for their dynamic and pioneering spirit. They are natural-born leaders who are not afraid to take risks and embrace new experiences. Pompompurin’s birthdate falls under this zodiac sign, which reinforces his lively and spirited nature.

Pompompurin’s creation in 1996 emerged from an in-house design contest held by Sanrio, the company behind beloved characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody. After winning the contest, Pompompurin made his public debut in Sanrio’s official magazine, the Strawberry News. Initially named Boku, Pudding, this delightful character soon became known as Pompompurin, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

Aside from his energetic personality, Pompompurin is widely recognized for his love of pudding. This sweet treat, especially when made by his mother, is his favorite food. Pompompurin also dreams of growing bigger and delights in anything soft, while his aversion to the word “Stay” adds a touch of quirkiness to his character.

Pompompurin’s Friends

Pompompurin’s charismatic personality extends to his wide circle of friends. Among his closest companions are Muffin, Scone, and Bagel, who share his love for adventure and fun. With their unique personalities and shared love for pudding, these friends often embark on exciting journeys together, creating memorable moments.

Additionally, Pompompurin’s family plays an important role in his life. From Papa, Mama, Grandpa, and Grandmother to furry siblings Biscuit and Cookie, his family provides him with love, support, and a sense of belonging. Pompompurin’s extended universe encompasses a delightful cast of characters such as Custard, Mint, Powder, Syrup, and Tart, who playfully navigate life’s challenges alongside him.

Pompompurin’s Birthdate Zodiac Sign
April 16, 1996 Aries

Pompompurin’s Purin-Themed Cafe

If you’re a fan of Pompompurin, you’re in for a treat! Pompompurin has his very own purin-themed cafe with multiple locations across Japan. One of the most popular branches is located in Harajuku, a vibrant suburb known for its youthful culture and kawaii shops and cafes.

The Pompompurin Cafe attracts a diverse crowd, including teenaged girls, young women, families, and even a few male customers. As you step into the cafe, you’ll be greeted by tiny tables placed closely together, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. In the center of the cafe, you can’t miss the adorable Pompompurin and his best friend, Muffin, welcoming you with their cheerful expressions.

When it comes to the menu, the Pompompurin Cafe may not offer an extensive selection, but it’s full of cute and delicious dishes. From savory meals to mouthwatering desserts and refreshing drinks, there’s something for everyone. Some of the popular food items include Pompompurin’s Mild Tasting Beef Stroganoff, Rose Meat Roast Beef Bowl, Iced Mango Soda, and Love Love Hot Marshmallow Latte. Prices range from 750 yen to 1,290 yen before tax, ensuring a delightful dining experience without breaking the bank.

One unique feature of the Pompompurin Cafe is its allowance for photography. Unlike many other themed cafes in Japan, the Pompompurin Cafe welcomes customers to capture their memorable moments. So make sure to bring your camera and snap some adorable pictures!

If you’re a dedicated Pompompurin fan, you’ll be thrilled to know that the cafe offers exclusive Pompompurin merchandise for purchase. From cute plush toys to charming accessories, you can take a piece of Pompompurin’s world home with you.

Located on the 3rd floor of the Cute Cube Building, the Pompompurin Cafe in Harajuku operates from 11:00 to 21:00, with the last food order at 20:00 and the last drinks order at 20:30. On weekends, especially Saturdays, the cafe tends to be busy, and the expected wait time can be around 100 minutes. Keep in mind that there’s a one-drink minimum policy per person.

So, if you find yourself in Harajuku, don’t miss the chance to visit Pompompurin’s charming purin-themed cafe. Indulge in adorable dishes, capture precious memories, and immerse yourself in the world of everyone’s favorite golden retriever!

Pompompurin’s Favorite Words

Pompompurin, the lovable Rank B Yo-kai from Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, has a penchant for adventure. His favorite words are “let’s go out,” reflecting his desire to explore the world and experience new things. Pompompurin’s curious nature and boundless energy make him an ideal companion for exciting escapades.

On the flip side, Pompompurin’s least favorite word is “stay.” He prefers not to be confined or restricted, always yearning to be on the move. Whether it’s a stroll in the park, an exciting quest, or a fun-filled outing with friends, Pompompurin thrives on the joy of being active and discovering new places.

His adventurous spirit resonates with fans who share his enthusiasm for exploration and a zest for life. Pompompurin’s uplifting personality reminds us to embrace the world with open arms and never shy away from the wonders that await outside our comfort zones.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a thrilling journey, join Pompompurin and heed his favorite words – let’s go out and make unforgettable memories!

Pompompurin’s Stats at Level 50 Pompompurin S’s Stats at Level 50
HP: 311-527 HP: 446-731
Attack: 240-402 Attack: 304-512

Pompompurin Products You Must Own

Pompompurin, the beloved Sanrio character, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. If you’re a fan of this adorable golden retriever, you’ll definitely want to add some Pompompurin products to your collection. These must-have items not only showcase Pompompurin’s cute design but also bring a touch of joy and happiness to your everyday life.

One of the most popular Pompompurin products is the vinyl pouch. This versatile accessory is perfect for keeping your essentials organized while adding a delightful charm to your bag or purse. Whether you use it to store your makeup, stationery, or small accessories, the Pompompurin vinyl pouch is both practical and stylish.

If you’re looking for a soft and cuddly companion, the plush dolls featuring Pompompurin are a great choice. These huggable plushies are made with high-quality materials and detailed craftsmanship to capture the irresistible charm of Pompompurin. Whether you place them on your bed, desk, or shelf, these plush dolls will bring a smile to your face every time you see them.

For those cozy days at home, don’t miss out on the Pompompurin slippers. These comfortable and adorable slippers will keep your feet warm while adding a touch of Pompompurin’s sweetness to your loungewear. Whether you’re relaxing on the couch or walking around the house, these slippers are a must-have for any Pompompurin fan.

Complete your Pompompurin-themed collection with a Pompompurin hairbrush. Designed with Pompompurin’s iconic face, this hairbrush is not only practical but also a delightful addition to your daily routine. Comb your hair with the cutest companion you could ever imagine.

Now that you know about these amazing Pompompurin products, it’s time to treat yourself or surprise a fellow fan with these must-have items. Turn your everyday life into a whimsical adventure with Pompompurin by your side. Explore the world of Pompompurin merchandise and discover the joy it brings.

Product Description
Vinyl Pouch An adorable pouch to keep your essentials organized.
Plush Dolls Huggable dolls featuring Pompompurin’s irresistible charm.
Slippers Comfortable and cute slippers to keep your feet cozy.
Hairbrush A hairbrush with Pompompurin’s iconic face, adding charm to your daily routine.

Pompompurin’s History

Pompompurin, a charming Sanrio character, was introduced to the world in 1996. He was born out of a design competition within Sanrio and quickly captured the hearts of fans around the globe. As one of Sanrio’s most beloved characters, Pompompurin’s history is filled with remarkable achievements and a dedicated fan base.

Sanrio, the renowned Japanese company behind Pompompurin, boasts a rich legacy of creating over 450 captivating characters. However, it was Pompompurin’s unique charm and adorable appearance that set him apart from the rest. With his signature golden beret and sweet personality, Pompompurin won the hearts of fans worldwide.

Pompompurin’s popularity soared over the years, leading to remarkable milestones. He has been the top-ranked character in the annual Sanrio Character Ranking three times, showcasing his enduring appeal and impact. In the 2020 Sanrio Character Ranking, Pompompurin secured an impressive second place, capturing the adoration of fans worldwide.

Pompompurin’s Online Presence and Engaged Fan Community

With over 600,000 followers on his official Twitter account, Pompompurin has a thriving online presence. Fans from all corners of the globe eagerly follow his adventures, making him a beloved icon of cuteness and joy.

Pompompurin’s popularity has led to the establishment of the Pompompurin Ambassador program, known as “Pombassadors.” This exclusive community boasts over 20,000 registered members who actively promote and celebrate the lovable character. Their dedication and enthusiasm further underscore Pompompurin’s widespread influence.

Celebrating Pompompurin’s Milestones

Pompompurin’s rich history has been commemorated through various merchandise and collaborations. For his 25th anniversary, three unique designs were created, allowing fans to cherish their favorite character in new and exciting ways. These commemorative products embody the essence of Pompompurin and serve as beloved collectibles for his adoring fanbase.

One remarkable collaboration is the Pompompurin x Pastel Desserts partnership, which resulted in a special pudding-flavored 25th-anniversary chiffon cake. Available exclusively at Pastel branches in Japan starting from March 15th, this delectable treat pays homage to Pompompurin’s love for sweets and serves as a delightful way to celebrate his milestone.

Year Event
1996 Pompompurin is introduced to the world.
2020 Pompompurin secures second place in the Sanrio Character Ranking.
Present Pompompurin has over 600,000 followers on Twitter and a dedicated fan community of Pombassadors.


Pompompurin, the adorable golden retriever dog character, has captured the hearts of fans all around the world with his cheerful personality and heartwarming adventures. As a beloved member of the Sanrio universe, Pompompurin has joined over 400 different characters, including iconic figures like Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll.

Since his debut in 1996, Pompompurin has become a symbol of cuteness, spreading joy and happiness wherever he goes. Whether it’s his love for caramel pudding, his circle of friends, or his passion for fun hobbies, Pompompurin brings a smile to the faces of both children and adults alike.

As we explore the wonderful world of Sanrio, it’s clear that Pompompurin holds a special place in the hearts of fans. With his adorable charm and endearing personality, Pompompurin continues to captivate and inspire, making him a true treasure in the Sanrio universe.


What is Pompompurin’s personality like?

Pompompurin is known for his endearing and gentle personality. He is friendly, caring, and always ready to help his friends. Pompompurin is also responsible, playful, and loves to have fun. He enjoys playing games and is a talented cook who loves to bake delicious treats for his friends.

Who are Pompompurin’s friends?

Pompompurin has a diverse group of friends, including Muffin the hamster, Custard the bird, Bagel the squirrel, and Scone the mouse. Each friend has their unique personality and traits. Muffin is energetic and playful, Custard is calm and collected, Bagel is mischievous and fun-loving, and Scone is sweet and caring. Together, they have many adventures and make the most of every moment.

How did Pompompurin get his name?

The name “Pompompurin” is a combination of words that perfectly captures the character’s essence. The “Pompom” part comes from the round shape of his head, resembling a pompom. “Purin” is the Japanese word for pudding, which is Pompompurin’s favorite dessert. His name reflects both his appearance and his love for pudding.

Why is Pompompurin such a popular character?

Pompompurin’s adorable appearance, cheerful personality, and heartwarming adventures have made him a beloved character worldwide. His positive outlook on life, love for his friends, and ability to find joy in the little things resonate with fans of all ages. Pompompurin has become an iconic symbol of Sanrio and continues to inspire and delight audiences around the world.

What are Pompompurin’s hobbies?

Pompompurin has a few hobbies that he enjoys. He has a slight obsession with shoes and loves to collect and hide them. Pompompurin also likes to do “purin aerobics,” which involves cute exercises. These hobbies add to his lovable and playful nature.

When is Pompompurin’s birthday?

Pompompurin was born on April 16th, making him an Aries. Aries traits of curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm align well with Pompompurin’s personality, making his birthdate fitting for his character.

Where is Pompompurin’s purin-themed cafe located?

Pompompurin has his own purin themed cafe in 4 locations across Japan: Harajuku, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Osaka. The cafes offer a variety of menu items, including curry, beef stroganoff, udon, Chinese dumplings, and kawaii desserts and drinks. It’s a must-visit for Pompompurin fans!

What are Pompompurin’s favorite and least favorite words?

Pompompurin’s favorite words are “let’s go out,” reflecting his adventurous nature. His least favorite word is “stay,” as he prefers to be out and about, exploring and having fun.

What kind of Pompompurin products can I own?

There are many adorable Pompompurin products available, including vinyl pouches, plush dolls, slippers, and hairbrushes. These products feature Pompompurin’s cute design and make perfect gifts or additions to a Sanrio collection.

How did Pompompurin become a popular character?

Pompompurin was developed as a result of a Sanrio internal design competition in 1996. His design was well-liked, and he made his debut later that year. Since then, Pompompurin has become one of Sanrio’s most beloved and recognizable characters.