5 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

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Running a business page on Facebook requires a lot of patience and hard work especially if you are new to the trade. You need to focus on several factors such as the number of likes, number of followers, page reach, and engagement among other factors. With the rise of influencers, Facebook has become a platform that attracts a lot of big brand names. This has made the task of getting famous on Facebook even more daunting for new influencers.

In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks that will help you out in your success journey. We have shared some tried and tested ways to get more likes on Facebook.

Should We Focus on Likes on Facebook?

Yes, likes are still important on Facebook contrary to popular belief. Likes are the first step to gaining a reputation on Facebook. The more likes you can get on your page; the more people get attracted to your page. So, this becomes an endless cycle of likes. Likes act as social proof of your page that it is genuine and not some scam. Also, likes can help in increasing engagement and reach on your Facebook page. So, it is a must to focus on likes and you can try both organic and paid methods for the same.

The Secrets to Gaining More Likes on Facebook

Below mentioned are the top 5 ways that can help you get more likes on Facebook:

1. Work on your Facebook page

We can not emphasize enough that your business page is what serves as your first impression. A business page that has all the necessary details with a clear and attractive profile picture does the trick. You should also focus on selecting your cover photo. It is necessary to complete all required details on the page and make sure the information is real and relevant. Also, it is wise to add a link to your website on your Facebook page if you have one. And make your page URL easily searchable, it should be simple and related to your page. If you are prioritizing likes on your page, change the action button on your page from “follow” to “like”. One more thing that you can do to catch the audience’s attention is to pin your top-performing posts on the top of your page. This gives your audience an idea of the type of content you create.

2. Curate your content

When it comes to creating content, the first thing you should understand is what your audience expects from you. Tapping on your audience’s nerves is the best way to create content that resonates with your audience. Your content should not deviate too much from your brand’s image but it should be entertaining at the same time. It is essential to decide on the frequency of your posting. You should not post too much content continuously and neither should you totally disappear from the timeline. Also, schedule your posts. Try to push your content on the platform in the hours when your audience is most active. This will ensure that your posts are not missed. You can also share some behind the scene videos and photos that will help in creating a human image of your page. Tutorials are another great option that will ensure that your likes count keep on rising.

3. Utilize Facebook features

Facebook offers a lot of features that help a creator when creating content. You can go for a live video and connect with your audience in real time. Or you can share a photo or video in 360-degree mode. Reels on Facebook are yet another option that you can utilize to create videos that are of short duration. You can hop on the trend wagon and create a viral video. Just make sure that you are not too late to the party and are adding something new to the trend. Resharing your viral content is yet another way to gain more likes. Just add a twist to your old videos. Using hashtags in the correct way can make your content discoverable. It is also easier to interact with such posts.

4. Expand your network

Being a part of a community on Facebook is one way to expand your network on the platform. You can either join a group or create one and it would be best if the group has members that cater to the same community as yours. Ask your friends, family, and acquaintances to like your page and invite them to like your posts. Share your Facebook posts on other social media platforms as well. Collaborate with other influencers and make sure to comment on their posts. Also, connect with your audience through your comment section. Also, you can use emails and newsletters to ask people to like your page. One more way to gain likes is to add a like button on your website. The more you connect with people on Facebook, the more your page will gain traction.

5. Use Facebook ads

If you are comfortable with paid methods, opt for Facebook ads. It is a great way to attract more people to your page. Facebook ads are easy to set up and you can easily spend according to your budget by setting a budget limit. This method allows your page to appear on the top of the user’s newsfeeds and hence your page gets more clicks. Facebook ads are especially great for small businesses as it provides more likes by investing only a small amount. This method is also time-saving.

So, these were the top 5 tips that you can use to get more likes on Facebook. You can also opt for FBPostLikes if you are ready to spare some bucks for getting genuine likes. It is a social media growth tool that promises genuine likes and it is totally scam-proof. Plus, they have a support system in case you need any help in deciding on your purchase or face any issues. So, here is to hoping you gain more and more likes on your Facebook page and run a successful business page.