17 Marketing Strategies For Landscapers in 2023

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If you want your landscaping firm to expand and get new clients, you must market your services. In the landscaping business, “landscape marketing” is the process of making and putting into action marketing plans and strategies primarily aimed at clients or companies that want to buy landscaping services. Small businesses, such as landscaping firms, may need help attracting new clients, even though this is a must for every company. When working with a small budget and competing against more prominent organizations, having an efficient marketing strategy is essential to your success. The following are 17 tried-and-true marketing methods for landscapes;

1.  Create A Powerful Brand For Your Company

A powerful brand is essential for any business, but smaller companies need one to compete with larger ones. Your brand differentiates you from other firms in your industry and assists you in establishing credibility and trust with prospective clients. When building your company’s brand, you must consider what sets your business apart from competitors and what you want potential clients to associate with your name when they hear it. To develop a powerful visual identity for your company’s brand, you must select a logo, color scheme, and typography that are authentic to your business.

2. Participate In The Activities In Your Community

Getting involved in the activities that take place in your community is an excellent way to market your landscaping firm and bring in new customers. You have the option of participating in a variety of activities, including going to trade exhibits, community festivals, and home and garden expositions. When deciding which events to attend, it is essential to keep in mind your target demographic and the venues most likely to be frequented by this population. You will also need to set aside some money for your event participation and ensure you have enough people to represent your company well.

3.  Build Yourself A Strong Website

Every company in this day and age needs a trustworthy website to be successful, but those that do a significant amount of business online must have one. Because it frequently acts as a potential customer’s first exposure to your company, it is essential that your website is polished and accurately represents your brand. It is vital that your website is polished and appropriately represents your brand. Your website must be intuitive and provide exhaustive information on your services and prices. In addition, you should make sure that your website is search engine optimized so that potential consumers can find you when they are looking online for landscaping services.

4. Establish A Listing For Your Company On Google My Business.

If you already have a website, creating a Google My Business listing, also known as a GMB listing, should be the first thing on your list of marketing tasks. Because it is your gateway to local search results, a GMB can usually provide more queries and leads than a website. The specific number of actions that a landscaping company’s GMB receives monthly is 59. When someone searches for “best landscapers in their region, Google will display local results on Google Maps and add a business to the “Local Pack” is located beneath the map. It will allow the user to find a landscaper in their area. The importance of ranking well in these two primary categories cannot be overstated. They provide instant exposure and contact information, reviews, directions, and an all-around straightforward method for local consumers to get in touch with you. It would help if you had a GMB to improve your landscaping firm’s chances of ranking here. Most of your clients will be people from the immediate area if you are a landscaper. You will be marked on the map by a GMB, and members from the neighboring locations will come to see you.

5. Give Something For Free

Now that you have a website that appears professional enough to be taken seriously, it is time to begin offering freebies to potential customers. We are all aware that the word “free” may cause some people to become suspicious. If you provide discounts on your services, customers may interpret it as a sign that they are of poor quality or that you are attempting to undercut your competitors. There is no use in trying to save money on landscaping expenses. Instead, you ought to make your information freely available to others because of the interactive nature of your site’s user base. According to the statistics, most first-time site visitors still need to purchase. Additionally, if a repeat visitor stays on your site for more than 15 seconds, there is a significant chance that they will leave. When there are so few people around, an easy way to draw attention is to offer information to individuals without charging them for it. There are a few different media available, two of which are downloadable guides and electronic books. In addition, you may earn their confidence and capture their email addresses by providing site visitors with free content that benefits them.

6. Engage In Social Media

Social networking is a great marketing tactic to help you reach new clients and develop your business. When promoting your business on social media, it is essential to provide exciting and compelling material to catch your target audience’s attention and encourage them to follow your company. You should also ensure that you are active on as many social media sites as possible to maximize the potential clients you reach. For example, you might run advertisements on social media and promote special deals or discounts to bring in new clients.

7. Create an email marketing plan

Refrain from concluding that your task is finished because you have started using social media and attracted prospective customers. It is not sufficient justification for this assumption. Your goal in staying in touch with them should be to strengthen your bond with them. In emails, you may provide these prospective customers with additional information. It is an example of a sales funnel for an email marketing campaign. The first email in the series should be personalized to the user following the content downloaded from your website. For instance, a client interested in landscape redesign may have different requirements than a client who has requested a spring yard clean-up checklist. These differences may be because a landscape redesign is a more involved project. Keep in mind that the Client-to-be is looking for assistance with a specific problem that led them to seek you out in the first place. If the email sequence includes material geared to address that issue, the prospect’s likelihood of converting into a paying customer significantly increases.

8. Connect With Other Businesses

Building relationships with other companies in your industry is an excellent approach to broadening your consumer base and obtaining referrals . When you’re out networking, one of the most important things you can do is build relationships with individuals and other business owners in similar fields. Attending industry events, becoming a member of trade associations, or getting involved in activities hosted by the Chamber of Commerce are all excellent ways to network with other businesses. You can also offer your services to other companies in your network to boost your credibility and receive more referrals.

9.  Add A Landscape Blog To Your Website

You can write blog entries on any topic related to landscaping that you can think of if your website contains a page labeled “Blog.” Every blog post you write has the potential to be indexed by Google, which would provide you with traffic and fantastic lead-generation opportunities. For instance, if someone searches for “best landscape design ideas” on Google and you’ve published a blog post titled “10 Best Landscape Design Ideas to Try Out 2022,” that person can view your content and click over to your website. Because these individuals are engaged in your services, landscapers who blog see a 126% increase in the number of leads they receive compared to those who do not blog. You can choose a topic and write a post for your blog using one of these two approaches and utilizing tools for keyword research and inquiring with customers about the types of content they like to read.

10.   Make Videos To Post On Your Website And Social Media Networks.

Your website needs content if you want to achieve your SEO goals and provide your visitors with the information they seek. However, it would help if you didn’t undervalue a good video’s influence on someone still debating whether you are the perfect landscaper for them. Most landscapers need to recognize the importance of video material because they believe it to be an expensive luxury item or something necessary only for experts who work on mansions that cost over one million dollars. A video can be cut up into ten times more manageable segments for use on Instagram. You can also upload the complete film to YouTube and embed it on your website. It is still another alternative. Your audience will be more interested in your words if you regularly use videos.

11. Make Use Of Programmatic Advertising.

Programmatic advertising is a fantastic tool for expanding your consumer base and bringing in new clients, and it’s one that you should consider using. When employing programmatic advertising, it is essential to produce relevant advertisements for your target audience and use keywords that your target audience is likely to look for. Through programmatic advertising, you can specifically target clients based on their geographic location, demographics, and interests. Programmatic advertising is used to reach people similar to your current customers. Therefore, it is a beneficial way to use this type of advertising.

12. Market Your Products And Services Before Customers Need  Them

Be sure to begin marketing your services early; spring is commonly associated with yards that have become overgrown and the possibility of starting major garden development projects. Because the early bird gets the worm, you will have a better chance of capitalizing on trends even before they become popular if you plan your marketing strategy for the entire year. Although it is impossible to anticipate which will be more popular this year, patios or pergolas, market research methodologies can aid in understanding historical trends. Patios and pergolas are both outdoor structures. Google offers a free service called Google Trends, which monitors users’ search behaviors over time. Consider keeping a record of searches in a particular region to observe how customers implement new landscaping ideas over time. You don’t want to start advertising seasonal services just as the season begins. Utilizing Google Trends will allow you to get a head start and begin advertising before a surge in interest. Customers looking for outdoor goods and services online will come across your business and contact you.

13. Connect With Real Estate Agents In The Area

A real estate agent is the only specialist with direct access to your customer’s requirements. Your landscaping company may access a significant stream of leads by cultivating relationships with area realtors. Inquire with family members, close friends, and coworkers if they have any recommendations for real estate agents. You can also seek assistance organizing these meetings from business organizations such as your local Chamber of Commerce or other similar groups in your community. Once you have a connection with someone, you should get ready to offer a lot of professional materials. Remember that for a partnership to be effective. Both parties must benefit from it. If the realtor sends any customers your way, consider giving them a discount or some other kind of incentive for their business. You can boost the possibility that people will refer your landscaping company to their friends and family if you assist the real estate agent in providing something of value to the realtor’s audience.

14. Request Feedback And Referral

Because potential customers often trust the opinions of previous clients about your company, marketing strategies such as testimonials and word-of-mouth recommendations are two of the most effective ways to promote your company. If a landscaping company continually provides its customers with positive results, it is more likely to develop a dedicated customer base. If your company is one of those talked about, you should encourage your present customers to help spread the word. For instance, they can comment on a Facebook post that requests recommendations for landscaping companies; they might leave a review on Google or submit a testimonial for your website. In addition, consider developing a referral program for your company in which existing clients can get a service discount or some other form of remuneration for each new client they bring. Finally, pay attention to the need to provide any incentive for bringing in new customers. After all, they are trying to assist you.

15. Print and hand out landscaping leaflets

When trying to disseminate your flyers, take advantage of the bulletin boards in your area’s local cafés and stores. Inquire whether it is acceptable to present some to satisfied customers with the request that they share it with their loved ones and friends. If you so choose, you can leave them at people’s front doors for them to pick up. Next, create a flyer for your landscaping business that stands out by combining high-quality photographs and bright colors. Make a list of all the landscaping services you provide in the form of a bulleted list that is easy to read. You will be able to determine how successful your flyers are by the number of people who respond to them; therefore, including a promotion code and prominently displaying your contact information is essential. Printing on thick paper yields the best results.

16. Send Out Direct Mail

Glossy postcards can be hand-delivered to residents’ doors in a specific neighborhood or community, allowing you to target those individuals. Add a line that describes you as “the best landscaper trusted by [their neighborhood name]” to make it your own. Include high-resolution photographs of the grass in the area. Maintain the same eye-catching and vibrant aesthetic as your flyers, and print them on glossy quality paper for a more professional look. Consider participating in “new movers” postal campaigns in your region to reach people who have recently moved into new homes.

17. Use Retargeting Advertisement

Retargeting in advertising is an excellent method for promoting your business and establishing connections with potential new clients. When employing retargeting advertising, it is essential to produce advertisements that apply to your target demographic and contain terms that are likely to be searched for by the said audience. For example, customers who have previously engaged with your business on social media or visited your website may be the focus of your retargeting ads.


You can spread the news about your landscaping firm in various ways, some of which are entertaining and inventive. You can use this list as a springboard for further brainstorming, but keep in mind that any marketing initiatives you do should align with a more comprehensive strategy. Looking at this extensive list may make you feel on edge. After reading everything, rather than allowing yourself to become confused, choose one or two of the suggestions that can assist you in moving your company forward.