Swap BTC to HNT: Godex Guide

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With the next Bitcoin halving on the way in April 2024, all eyes are on the original cryptocurrency. Almost everyone that follows the crypto market knows that Bitcoin is the market mover and once it starts rallying, altcoins will follow. 

However, even though BTC has good upside potential, altcoins can make more substantial gains, especially in the short term. In this article, we analyze whether a BTC to HNT exchange can be profitable and how to proceed with this swap securely and privately. 

To this end, we provide a review and guide of the Godex exchange and take a look at some price predictions for HNT and BTC. Let’s get started. 

Godex Review

Godex is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency exchange that offers more than 300 different coins for swapping. One major appeal for using this service is that it doesn’t require you to register an account. 

Consequently, all you need to do to access their services is to have access to a Bitcoin and Helium wallet. This ensures that you never share your personal data with Godex, keeping your ID separate from your crypto holdings. As a result, you add a layer of security to your self-custodianship. 

Another neat feature of the Godex exchange is that it doesn’t have any upper limit when swapping BTC to HNT. As such, you will be able to swap as much BTC to HNT as you wish in one go. 

And finally, it’s worth noting that Godex provides fixed rates, which shields you from the volatility of the market. You will always get the expected amount of crypto, regardless of market movements. 

Swapping BTC to HNT

Conducting a swap on Godex is extremely user-friendly. Regardless of your familiarity with crypto platforms, you will be able to swap BTC to HNT in a few minutes. Follow these simple steps to execute your exchange. 

  1. Visit the Godex website. 
  2. Select Bitcoin in the left drop-down menu and Helium in the right one. 
  3. Type in the amount of BTC you wish to swap and click on “Exchange.” 
  4. The platform will ask for your Helium wallet where you want to receive your tokens. Simply copy and paste your public address in the required field. 
  5. Finally, proceed with your payment and send the BTC using your personal BTC wallet. 

That’s it! All you need to do is wait for your HNT tokens to arrive at their destination in your wallet. 

BTC to HNT Price Prediction

Before you carry out your swap, take a look at some price predictions for both of these cryptos in the short and long term. 

For BTC, which is currently trading at $29,400, priceprediction.net has the following price targets. In the short term, BTC should reach $83,828.04 by 2025. In the long term, the website expects the price to reach $550,821.32 by 2030. 

For HNT, which is currently trading at $1.64, the forecasts are similar in the short term. Analysts place HNT around the $4.40 mark by 2025. If you are planning to hold onto HNT longer than that, consider that the price prediction for the token for 2030 is $29.50. 

Even though the price predictions are quite similar in terms of gains, HNT could experience much higher volatility than Bitcoin. Historically, BTC is less risky, but also has less upside potential, especially in the short term. Altcoins like HNT could make 50-100x gains in a short timeframe, making the swap worth your while. 

Is It Time to Swap BTC to HNT Now?

Bitcoin is the market leader when it comes to crypto, without any doubt. Altcoins follow its lead, and once it starts rallying, it can lead the rest of the market to new heights. Helium has only experienced one bullish cycle and could surpass its all-time high in the next one. Consequently, exchanging BTC for HNT now could be a profitable short-term venture, considering the HNT price is nearly at an all-time low.