Who Makes Waverly Chalk Paint | Should You Buy It?

Chalk paint is an adorning paint mostly recognized for its matte and chalky color. It is an exoteric selection for providing home decor and furniture with a natural, vintage look. 

The chalk paint is ideal for having a vintage charm in the room. You will find many brand chalk paints. Among them, you can choose Waverly chalk paint for a better look. 

It gives a really good finish and helps to decor the home and furniture as well. Do you know who makes Waverly chalk paint? If you don’t know, read this content to learn about the Waverly chalk paint.

Waverly Chalk Paint Manufacturer“Waverly Inspirations”
Company Founded in1923
Based inUSA
Operated byIconix Brand Group, Inc.

Who Makes Waverly Chalk Paint

The company “Waverly Inspirations” manufactures Waverly chalk paint. Waverly is a very popular elegant home fashion and lifestyle brand that is operated by Iconix Brand Group, Inc. Waverly chalk paint is manufactured in the USA.

Waverly’s chalk paint produces smooth matte paints carefully select, organize and look after the chalk paints to harmonize with substances and compositions. No preparation is required before pertaining the highly pigmented color to walls, metal & wood furniture, and adorning appliances. 

This paint is stunning and really easy to apply and also covered well.

This brand Waverly has many types of colors. You can easily choose your one for good coverage and a smooth matte finish.

Waverly chalk paint

Similar Types of Paint from Other Brand

Waverly chalk paint colors are very pigmented. But besides this brand, there are other brands and types of paints. All brands are great, but some are specifically great for some specific things. These types and brands of paints are also great.

Some are given below for you. 

  • KILZ Chalk paint gives an overall finish as the best chalk paint. This chalk paint is perfect for the full-coverage matte finish. It is good for indoor use.
  • FolkArt home decor chalk furniture and craft Paint. This chalk paint is specifically good for furniture and craft paints.
  • Country chic chalk style is best for kitchen cabinets. You can easily use this chalk paint in your kitchen cabinets.
  • Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint. It is another good chalk paint color for indoor decoration.
  • Shabby Chic Furniture Chalk Paint best for walls. This chalk paint gives an elegant look to the walls.

How does Chalk Paint Work

Chalk paint is greatly utilized to provide the furniture with a dull and flat look. It can also be utilized to color the whole wall if you love the effect. It can swivel a bedroom closet into a beauty chunk and provides dining area furniture with old-school allure. 

There is nothing to worry about peeling earlier coatings of paint while coloring the furniture is best for chalk paint. 

Nevertheless, for a very smooth appearance first, you may need to grit the chunk lightly and mop it down with a wet fabric before wiping it on the chalk paint. This kind of color is recognized for being very cubic and fuzzy.

who makes waverly chalk paint
Photo: “Finding Beauty in the Little Things”

Why Should You Buy Waverly Chalk Paint

This paint is flawless for home decor, craft paint, and especially for indoor use. It doesn’t need any prep work before applying.

  • Waverly inspirations chalk paint is easy to apply.
  • It gives a matte finish.
  • This paint is also non-toxic and water-based chalk paint.
  • This chalk paint is easy to clean up with soap and water.
  • It gives good coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Which chalk paint is best?

Annie Sloan is one of the best chalk paints. It is the original chalk paint brand, and this chalk paint was trademarked in the year 1990.

Is Waverly chalk paint waterproof? 

Though numerous names operate many mixtures for their chalk paint. As the Rustoleum chalk paint, Annie Sloan chalk paint all are water-resistant.

But they are not waterproof. Like them, Waverly chalk paint is also water-resistant but not waterproof.

Does Waverly chalk paint need to be sealed?

Yes, it needs to be sealed. It is highly instructed to seal the chalk paint for the maximum protection of the project. Utilize Wax to attain a faded, creamy glaze.

Ending Note

There are many brands of chalk paint color for home decor and furniture. But Waverly chalk paint color is more pigmented and easy to use. This chalk acrylic paint gives the home walls a matte finish smooth look and makes them more beautiful. 

The company produces these pigmented chalk paint colors and sells them on online platforms as well. You can easily buy your preferable color online. 

Now, this information is known about who makes Waverly chalk paint from above. Use this amazing chalk paint color and decorate your home nicely. Give your home an ultra-matte finish look.

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