Who Makes Viking Appliances? Is It Worth Considering?

The heart of your house is the kitchen. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, high-quality tools and equipment are necessary. When selecting kitchen appliances, reliability and high-quality manufacturing are essential considerations. Viking steps in to help with that.

The American appliance company Viking Range Corporation creates kitchen appliances for residential and commercial use. By releasing the first professional-grade line intended for residential use in 1987, Viking established the “professional” market for kitchen appliances. The company currently sells three complete lines of high-end appliances, including various outdoor equipment and appliances for cooking, ventilation, cleaning, and refrigeration.

For those who seek the highest quality, performance, durability, and value, Viking has long been recognized as the top professional option. If you want to design the ideal kitchen package for your house, consider using Viking appliances in your collection of home appliances.

However, very few people are aware of the manufacturer of Viking appliances. Thus, inquiries like “Who makes Viking appliances?” are recurrent.

Middleby Corporation, the world’s top producer of commercial kitchen technology, purchased Viking in 2013, making it a manufacturer of Viking appliances. Under the direction of The Middleby Corporation, Viking has maintained its ambitious new product development initiatives, and its product line extends to include both inside and outside the kitchen. The Viking Range, owned by Middleby Corporation in Greenwood, has a new president: Kevin Brown. Mr Brown oversees Viking’s overall business operations, sales, and design projects.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the history of Viking appliance makers, their standing in the industry, and their benefits. So, stick around.

Who Makes Viking Appliances?

Middleby Corporation, often known as Middleby Corp., is an Elgin, Illinois-based manufacturer of residential and commercial cooking equipment publicly traded in the United States. A wide variety of equipment used in the commercial food service, food processing, and home kitchen industries is developed, manufactured, marketed, and serviced by the company.

Middleby Corporation purchased Viking in 2013. With over 45 businesses in its portfolio, Middleby has a track record of acquiring and expanding businesses by launching cutting-edge, original goods. Since buying Middleby, Viking has released over 50 brand-new, ground-breaking products that have won awards. The Middleby Corporation has assisted Viking in enhancing the quality and introducing formerly exclusive commercial kitchen cooking techniques to the Viking residential line.

What Is Viking?

Before talking about them, we must examine the Viking series of appliances. Although most people are familiar with the brand, it helps newcomers. Viking has built a luxurious kitchen with Five premium collections. Innovative and feature-rich designs can meet all of your Viking appliance requirements.

3 Series (Entry-Level):

A professional collection with regular sizes and a touch of beautiful design gave birth to the Viking Series 3 line. The Viking Series 5 and 7 have configurations appropriate for commercial kitchens, although its entry-level collection has typical sizes suitable for most home kitchens. Choose from various gas, dual-fuel, or freestanding electric appliances with a 30-inch broad unit and Viking Professional Series power.

Select a Viking 3 Series dishwasher with full-size racks for larger dishes and turbo-fan drying technology. Viking dishwashers also wash dishes while being essentially silent. Three sets of robust dishwashing walls with a 42 dBA noise level won’t interfere with dinner party discussion.

5 Series (Middle-Road):

Viking’s mid-range luxury collection is called the 5-Series collection. Nevertheless, this collection is categorized as “professional style” and priced at $2,500. This 5-pack includes a commercial-sized baking pan for all your cookie baking needs if you’re a baker yourself. The oven doors are also 20% bigger than those of rivals, providing the finest visibility on the market.

The Viking professional microwave oven is another feature of the Series 5. Select a conventional microwave with a powerful convection option or an extra-large capacity (2.0 cubic feet). Viking provides customers with subtle under-counter microwaves that can be placed beneath worktops, wall ovens, or islands. Or you might spend money on furniture-mounted hybrid convection and speed range.

7 Series (Top Of The Line):

The Viking 7-Series collection offers luxurious sets, top-notch freezers, and other items. This collection is ready for the professional cook and restaurant-grade, but that doesn’t imply it’s only for specialists. If you have a Viking Series 7 in your home, you can pick between a grill or a fryer for grilled cheese sandwiches and cook with gas or dual fuel. The Viking series, which provides precise temperature control, pairs well with sauté sauces. Impress your dinner guests with this first-rate luxury choice.

French door ovens are also part of our assortment for optimum comfort and tried-and-true commercial technology. With this set-up, you can effortlessly open both oven doors while holding tasty dishes in place. On the other hand, Dual Flow Convection has an extra-large convection fan and optimizes airflow for maximum fluffiness.

Viking Tuscany Series:

The distinctive aesthetics of the Italian regions had an impact on the Viking Tuscany line. This range includes high-performance burners for all fields, and its elegant design, allows you to simmer food gently at 20,000 BTU. If the Cast Black finish doesn’t quite fit the opulent design of your kitchen, you may choose from 15 different finish options to alter the color of any Tuscan equipment.

Viking Virtuoso Series:

Lastly, if the Italian countryside isn’t your thing, check out Viking’s modern Virtuoso collection. This range offers modern-looking appliances with digital touch controls for a high-tech cooking experience for homeowners.

The History Of Vikings.

Since 1987, Viking has dominated the market for high-end appliances. Fred Carl Jr., the company’s creator, started by creating his kitchen. His wife loved to cook, so he bought her high-quality cookware. But he discovered that the things that were easily accessible lacked quality. Thus, the Viking name was established. The president of Viking Range at the moment is Kevin Brown. A longtime innovator in commercial kitchen technology, The Middleby Corporation, which has its corporate headquarters in Greenwood, Mississippi, owns Viking. Viking equipment is distributed through a network of top-notch equipment dealers and resellers worldwide and is known as a prominent brand in the high-end equipment sector.

Is It Worth Considering?

Are Viking appliances worth considering? Therefore, the answer is yes; Purchasing Viking Appliances is a wise investment because their goods are well-made, well-designed, and dependable. For your benefit, we have collated the help of the Viking range.

High Quality And Reliability:

The Viking name is one of the top brands in the kitchen appliance sector, featuring superb craftsmanship, breathtaking design, and meticulous attention to production details.

The Viking Range is the best option if you want to spend money on a high-end item that will hold its value due to its usefulness and dependability. In this way, you can be sure that your significant investment will pay off in the long run.


Thanks to the effectiveness and adaptability of energy storage, Viking Cold Solutions enables businesses to reduce energy expenses by up to 35%. The following ENERGY STAR® certified products are proudly available from Viking because of the company’s dedication to minimizing the environmental effect of home appliances.

The Widest Collection

Viking offers the most extensive line of kitchen appliances, whether you need a stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator for your home or family. Chest freezers, upright freezers, box freezers, and other models are among their numerous refrigerator options. So, you may choose your cooling requirements from the extensive product list with ease.


1. Is Viking a reliable company?

With a strong, industry-leading two-year guarantee and five years of exclusive manufacturer’s coverage, Viking is now the market leader. They still have various color choices in addition to the traditional stainless steel, which is made to match all furniture and current kitchen design trends.

2. What is the life expectancy of the Viking series?

Settlements in Viking appliances are known to last 10 to 20 years. Electric and gas ranges typically last 13 and 15 years, respectively. To compete with gadgets used by professionals, the firm wants to create sets that last up to 40 years.

3. Who makes household appliances under the Viking names, and where are they made?

A firm situated in Greenwood, Mississippi, called Middleby Residential, which also owns La Cornue, Aga, Lynx, U-Line, Marvel, and Evo, includes Viking in its product line. Fred Carl, Jr. developed the Viking Range. The business is a commercial equipment maker with a Greenwood base and around 700 employees. Already in 1987, Viking introduced expert models to the housing industry. Three series—the 3-series, the 5-series, the 7-series, and Toscana—are included in their current offering.

4. Is Viking a good brand of appliances?

Viking is the first American brand on our list. One of the most well-known brands in the appliance industry, they provide various refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and range hoods. They are known as one of the most dependable producers in the sector.


It would be better if you were familiar with a Viking appliance maker. The maker of Viking equipment is Middleby Corporation. Since 1987, Viking has been a pioneer in the luxury equipment sector.

You may rely on their durability, quality, and design for domestic and commercial use. Lastly, Viking flawlessly matches your needs with hundreds of models to pick from owing to Middleby Corp.’s sophisticated marketing approach and quality control.

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