Who Makes Tekton Tools – Are Tekton Tools Good?

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If we talk about the most wanted thing as a kid, our dad’s toolbox would be the most treasured. We used to be so curious about what it had in that box and why our dad was so protective of that toolbox.

Apart from that nostalgia, we all have a toolbox in our house. As a DIY lover, you must need a toolbox to show your creative side. If we see the tools closely, we can see that we must have a Tekton tool in our house. Am I right? Of course, I am, let’s give you some information about Tekton and who makes Tekton tools.

The Brand Tekton

As I mentioned earlier, every house must have a toolbox. Tekton tool company has been fulfilling that need for many years.

The name Tekton they adopt from an ancient Greek language which means Technician. That means they metaphorically tried to say that the tools can work technically or professionally.

The Tekton company has been in the market since 1991; this is a family-owned business. They started in Grand Rapids, Michigans.

They focus on providing the best hand tool anywhere in the world. And they are pretty successful on that target, and Tekton is a famous hand tool brand globally.

Who Makes Tekton Tools and Where Are These Tools Made

Tekton company itself owns Tekton tools. Michigan Industrial tools is a parent company of Tekton, which was established in 1969.

They make hand drive sockets, ratchets, impact sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and pilers.

Tekton tools are made in different countries like Taiwan, the United States, Canada, China, and others, depending on the tool variety.

In the table below, I am showing which country makes how much of them.

United States21%
Other countries1%

As we can see that Tekton makes its tools in various countries across the world. Most of the tools are made in Taiwan.

The best thing is that they don’t hide anything from the consumers. It’s already written in the tool what country made it.

Is Tekton a Good Tool Brand and Is it Reliable?

who makes tekton tools

Tekton is a widely popular brand. If you ask for hand tools recommendations, there is a vast chance that 6 people out of 10 would recommend Tekton tools. You can use them for your daily purpose for a long time.

And they are pretty much reliable as they promised to make world-class tools at the lowest price on the market. They offer comparatively low prices, but they never compromise on their quality.

So you can consider it as one of the top hand tool brands in the world. And I believe most people would agree with that.

How is Tekton compared to Craftsman, Gearwrench and Snap On?

Craftsman, Gearwrench, and Snap-On, all of them, are the most popular hand tool-making companies.

Craftsman is one of the leading tool brands in the market. They are a house brand that makes hand tools, garden equipment, and heavy work gear. The brand craftsman has contracts with other companies who make the tools for them. They have won Readers choice awards for their excellent tools. They had nearly 200 Million dollars in revenue by last year.

Gearwrench is also one of the top tool-making brands. They make professional-level hand tools that have excellent performance and durability. They use chrome alloy steel in their tools. It had 11.9 million dollars revenue in last year.

Snap-on is an American high-end tool brand that makes automotive, transportation-level professional tools. It had 4.21 million in revenue by the end of the previous year.

As you can see, all of them are very high-profile tool-making companies with huge gains. If you compare Tekton to them with quality and warranty, and product type, you can trust Tekton as it made 16.84 million dollars of revenue. There is no chance to make Tekton look any smaller.

Would I Suggest Tekton Brand?

Tekton has a wide range of tools for your home and your DIY enthusiasm. If you are looking for high-quality and durable tools on a budget, Tekton would be your top choice.

If we explore some of Tekton’s tools, we can see they have made every tool we need. And they offer every tool for only a dollar, so you can easily have a set of 30 to 40 pieces only for $30.

Tekton has a unique socket model which is multifunctional. It has every small to big possible size so that you can use it for any purpose.

Another best thing is that they make all their tools with chrome vanadium steel and corrosion resistance black phosphate finishing.  The tools and toolsets are travel friendly. You can carry them anywhere, and they will take only a tiny space in your house.

Their reasonable price is another point for recommending them. They made it affordable with quality.

So I would definitely suggest the Tekton brand for hand tools.


With the products, employee numbers, and annual net worth, Tekton can easily compete with any large company with its quality and variety. Its versatility has made its existence more graceful. Their motto is to deliver their product to every corner of the world.

You can easily get their products by visiting their website. They have lots of retail sellers too. You purchase any tools from Amazon, e-bay, or Ubuy even a lot of super shop like Walmart has their products.

Frequently Asked Questions

To have a toolkit, you would find a lot of varieties in the market that you might get confused about. I already cleared who makes Tekton tools to help you to make decisions.

Now answering some of the most asked questions about hand tools for better knowledge. I hope it will make your thoughts clear.

Are Tekton tools made in USA?

Tekton company makes their tools in various countries like Taiwan, the USA, Canada, China, and other countries. Taiwan and the USA produce most of the Tekton tools so far. Taiwan makes 74%, and the USA makes 21%.

So there is a huge chance that if you buy a Tekton tool, that will be made either in Taiwan or USA.

Angle wrenches, crowfoot wrenches, dead blow hammers, groove joint pliers, hard handle screwdrivers, high torque screwdrivers, nut drivers, and pick and hook sets.

And they also mention in the tools that are made of what country.

Do Tekton tools have lifetime warranty?

Tekton is one of the best hand tool-making brands. And they have proved it with their guarantee policy. Every Tekton tool is guaranteed. And they proudly say that if you purchase any of Tekton’s products, they will give you their service for your entire lifetime.

So, this is the specialty of Tekton; they offer you a lifetime warranty.

What are Tekton tools made of?

Tekton always ensures you the best quality. Tekton claims that all the tools are made of chrome vanadium steel and corrosion resistance black phosphate finishing. That makes the tool durable and convenient to use frequently.

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In this DIY era, everybody has already known their own creative sides. And to keep up with that side of creativity, you just need a toolbox to practice and prove yourself.  Besides, every house should have a toolbox for a quick fix too.

In that case, Tekton has made a place in your home as an essential for sure. Their affordable price range has made the toolbox available in almost every household. So, if you are concerned about your Tekton toolbox origin, you must read this article as I described Who makes Tekton tools here. I hope it will be helpful for you.

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