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Who makes snap-on tools

In choosing tools for the transportation industry, many people choose Snap-On products. For your kind information, NASA and other high-caliber companies have used these tools.

They are trusted, long-lasting, and highly advanced. You may want to know, with such high-caliber reach, who makes Snap On tools?

“Snap-On Incorporated” has been manufacturing and marketing Snap-On tools and equipment for over 100 years. Snap-On is a brand of high-end tools and equipment for the transportation industry.

It is a publicly incorporated company like Coca-Cola. So there are many companies involved in making tools of different brands this company owns.

Who Makes Snap-on Tools“Snap-On Incorporated”
Founded in1920
Founded byJoseph Johnson and William Seidemann
HeadquartersUnited States
Net Worth$6.581 Billion (2021)
Snap-on Tools WarrantyLifetime!

This article will talk about the maker of Snap On tools. How the companies formed together and their history. But before that, let us find out what Snap On tools is.

Who Makes Snap on Tools

Snap-On is a brand amongst many other brands marketed by “Snap-On Incorporated”. It is a publicly incorporated company. So far, it has gained many tool-manufacturing companies.

Snap-On Incorporated focuses on making tools for professional use. It mainly focuses on the transportation industry.

They have been making their marked tools since 1920. It was first founded as a Snap On Wrench Company by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann.

Snap-On Incorporated makes revenue of 4.210 billion US Dollars (2021). It has about 6.581 billion US Dollars’ worth of assets.

 It is one of the leading professional automotive and industrial tools-making companies.

Well, a brief introduction about who makes Snap On tools has come out. Now let us find out the history behind this leading tool brand and the incorporated companies.

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What are Snap On Tools?

Snap-On tools are tools used for professional use in the transportation industry. Snap On is a world-famous brand manufactured and designed by Snap On incorporated.

People have been using Snap-On tools in automotive, aviation and aerospace, collision, and electronic industries. They have also used them for making heavy-duty trucks medical devices.

Military and medical defenses, manufacturing, power generation, mining, etc. industries also use these tools.

Snap-On has cordless power tools, pneumatic tools, hand tools, lower-end tools, etc.

The History of Snap-On Tools and Snap On Incorporated

who makes snap on tools

Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann first founded Snap On Inc. Its headquarter is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The company opened its wrench forging plant in Elizabethton, Tennessee, in 1974. The next year, Snap-On opened a manufacturing plant in Johnson City, Tennessee, and closed the plant in 2007.

Later on, they gained many companies like Pro-Cut, Car-O-Liner Holding AB, Sturtevant, Norbar Torque Tools Holdings Limited, and AutoCrib Inc.

Blue-Point and the Snap-On Wrench Company merged to become Snap On Tools, Inc. in 1930.

For many years, BLACKHAWKS has been helping to repair damaged vehicles. It is a reputed and trusted company in the damage repair industry.

Apart from the Snap-On brand, Snap On Inc. is home to many other well-known brands. Those brands are BAHCO, BLACKHAWKS, CAR-O-LINER, JOSAM, JoahnBean, etc.

In 2011, Industry Week named the Murphy, North Carolina, plant one of the top 10 plants in North America.

There are many types of products designed by Snap On. These tools are skill-proved. Then they manufacture and market the tools uniquely.

Snap On makes hand tools, power tools, shop tech, diagnostics, tool storage boxes, etc.

Snap On Inc. doesn’t sell its tools in retail or shops. They visit their customers’ places once a year with all their tools displayed in their trucks. Such a unique way of marketing!

Type of Tools Snap-on Have


Currently, they are offering more than 22,000 tools including:

  • Hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Storage products
  • Diagnostics equipment
  • Shop equipment

The Benefits of Using Snap on Tools

Snap on Tools has been in business for 102 years. Many transportation industries used it.

People have used these tools for aviation, medical devices, the military, and other crucial industries for many years.

They provide top-notch quality tools for professional use with a lifetime warranty.

The article informed about who makes Snap on Tools.
Now, let us find out some plus points of Snap On tools, amongst many other benefits.

High-Quality Material

Snap On tools provide high-quality tools. They use special steel that makes their tools more durable.

They equip their tools with nickel chrome, which prevents them from rusting. These tools come with a perfect fit and slim finish.

No wonder these tools come with a lifetime warranty.

Variety Option

Snap On has many products. It has driven tools, wrenches, torques. It has pliers, welding equipment, stabilization tools, power tools, etc.

Snap On has been the best industrial tool manufacturing company. So, I think it’s a big deal when you can buy so many types of tools from a single trusted place.

Many Incorporated Companies

A single institute can’t specialize in different tools. Some companies may be good at repairing damage, while some may be best at manufacturing medical devices.

And not all companies can provide high-quality navy equipment. Snap On focuses on the customers’ demands and needs and then provides them with the products.

So it is only logical that one invests in Snap On Inc. for their tools and equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Snap-On tools costly?

Many people find Snap On tools to be overpriced. But if you look at the high-quality steel they use, it is not unfair pricing.

They use low-carbon steel, including nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. This makes the product more durable.

Are Snap On tools made in China?

China does not make Snap On tools. But you will find Made in China stickers in some brands. They licensed it by Snap On for marketing.

Does Snap On tools come with a lifetime warranty?

Snap On tools come with a lifetime warranty. So you can use these tools for as long as you own them!

Does Harbor Freight own Snap On tools?

No. Harbor Freight does not own Snap On tools. There are no shreds of evidence of him owing anything of Snap On.


From the article, we can summarize that Snap On is one of the leading brands of industry tools. They make top-notch professional tools for the transportation industry.

Their history goes way back to 1920. And since the very beginning, this company has been a high-quality manufacturer.

We hope you found some amazing facts about Snap On from this post. We also tried to discuss briefly who makes Snap On tools. However, this would be informative to you.

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