Who Makes Revvl Phones | Ever Heard of Deutsche Telekom AG?

T-Mobile has yet another mobile with impressive specs for a considerably cheap rate. Revvl is a mid-range phone and T-Mobile calls it “budget phones.” Although its price is not much, it comes with some unbelievable features.

The brand T-Mobile launched Revvl phones. The T-Mobile brand is owned by Deutsche Telekom AG. It is a German telecommunication company. Its headquarter is in Bonn. The company operates several subsidiaries worldwide, including the brand T-Mobile.

In this article, we will try to give you an idea about Revvl phones of the T-Mobile brand. This article will explore questions such as who makes Revvl phones? What’s the history of the founding company? And so on.

What are Revvl Phones

German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG makes Revvl phones. The T-Mobile brand launched these phones. We usually know Revvl phone for its large screen, long-lasting batteries, and multiple camera systems in the back.

There are Revvl V, Revvl V+ 5G, Revvl 5G and Revvl 4+

Most of the Revvl phones are affordable and still have unique features. They all come with a fingerprint recognition system, and two of them have facial unlocks. Some phones also provide 5G at the most affordable price.

Now, let’s find out about the founding company of Revvl and its history.

Who Makes Revvl Phones

German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG makes Revvl phones under the brand T-Mobile.

Mobile communication subsidiaries of the company use this brand.

The company was first founded in December 1999. The brand is also active in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and the United States.

Deutsche Telekom is currently one of the world’s most valuable brands. It now has a brand value of 60.2 billion US dollars, according to Brand Finance Global 500.

Since 1999, Deutsche Telekom has owned T-Mobile International AG’s holding company for its mobile communications subsidiaries. Later on, it became one of Deutsche Telekom’s services. The company also has ‘Broadband/Fixnet,’ ‘Business Customers,’ and ‘Group HQ and Shared Services.

The company was first founded in 1996. The current CEO of the company is Timotheus Höttges. They have 242 million mobile customers, 27 million fixed-network lines, and 22 million broadband lines.

Who Makes Revvl Phones

The History of Revvl Phones and Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom was first founded in 1996. Deutsche Bundespost was the predecessor of the company. It was the largest telephone company in Germany.

They later split Deutsche Bundespost into three entities. Deutsche Telekom was one of them. It used to be the only internet service provider in Germany until the early 21st century. The company operates in over 50 countries. They have a staff of around 226,300 employees throughout the world.

It launched Revvl around 2017. The phones have a 6.52” to 6.82” HD+ Display. They come with high battery life. Revvl V+ 5g phone has a 5000mAh battery. Other models provide 4000 to 4500mah batteries. The Revvl 5G has 128 gigabytes of storage and 6 gigabytes of RAM. Revvl 4+ has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. Revvl V+ 5G also has 64 GB storage.

These phones are affordable, and their features are excellent. So, for anyone who wants to buy a big-screened phone with better battery life at a lower price, Revvl phones can be an option.

However, Revvl Phone offers some great features with a remarkable history and making. Let’s check on them.

Now, let us find out some plus points of these phones.

Top Benefits of Revvl Phones

Revvl phone offers some excellent features at low prices. Let’s see some features and facts that make this phone buyable. They are as follows.

Affordable 5G

Revvl recently launched Revvl V+ 5G. These phones are the cheapest, providing 5G features. So Revvl can be a go-getter for someone who wants a 5G phone but has a low budget.

Large Screen

We also know Revvl for their big-screen phone. Revvl has 6.52” to 6.82” HD+ Display phones. So, this could be a good choice for people who have to work a lot on phones. It would also be a splendid choice for people who are into mobile games.

It Doesn’t Look Bad

Revvl phones are not the most appealing phones in terms of looks. But for a 200 dollars phone, it doesn’t look that bad. It has a large screen with no extra branding on the front. The back looks slick with the cameras and fingerprint sensor. The T-Mobile logo looks just fine in the back as well. So, Revvl doesn’t look bad at all for a low-cost phone.

Surprising Features

The reason these features come as surprising is that of the price. Revvl is through and through a budget phone, but it still has prominent features. These are not eye-catching features for smartphones. But for the low price, these are unexpected. It also comes with a fingerprint sensor and faces recognition system with excellent features. So it is pretty cool, to be honest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Revvl phones affordable?

Yes. People know the Revvl phone for being affordable. They come with excellent features at a low price.

Are Revvl phones any good?

Revvl phone will not be the first choice of smartphone enthusiasts. But if you have a low budget and still want to buy a phone with cool features, Revvl phones are not a terrible choice.

Do Revvl Phones have 5G?

Yes. Revvl V+ 5G and Revvl 5G comes with 5G. They are also very affordable.


Revvl phones are best known for being affordable. They come with realistic features for a cheap-rated phone. As the brand, T-Mobile launched the Revvl phone, you can see their brand logo on the phone’s models.

Mobile telephone communication subsidiaries of Deutsche Telekom AG made Revvl. It is a leading telecommunication company globally, headquartered in Bonn, Germany. We hope this article could answer the question of who makes Revvl phones. However, their phones won’t down you while relying on them with reliable prices.

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