Who Makes Porter Cable Tools? – The Story Behind the Manufacturer

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If you spend the day playing with power tools, you may already know about Porter-Cable. This company produces a wide range of handy power tools and accessories to make life easier. Technically, they make all the necessary tools. But still, I want to repeat a query, “who makes the Porter-Cable tools?” Sounds funny, right?

All the tools and the company name are named after the exact phrase: Porter-Cable. But this producer is currently a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker. So, you can call both names the manufacturers of the power tools.

You can find any tools like compressors, drills, sanders, and much more reasonably priced. Also, many users are already admiring the handy tools to use in their household and commercial spaces.

I have added their historical background, popularity, and greatness. You may love to discover new info about the Porter-Cable power tools in this article.

Who Makes Porter Cable Tools

Many of us use versatile power tools created by multiple manufacturers. But very few are known for their quality and performance. Usually, the brands we know haven’t grown overnight. They have a long history of ups and downs like the Porter-Cable.

From the root, they make their products matching to their company name. For example, if you want an angle grinder, the tool’s name would be Porter-Cable angle grinder. And the fun is the name of the angle grinder is its manufacturer’s name.

However, you may get its connection to Stanley Black & Decker. It is an immense Fortune 500 American commercial tools and household hardware manufacturer.

We may need to dig into its history to find out the connection. Read the below part to know who owns Porter-Cable:

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History of Porter-Cable

who makes porter cable tools
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Porter-Cable is a brand of power tools founded in 1906 by R.E. Porter, G.G. Cable, and F.E. Harris. The company office took place in Syracuse, New York. But it is now headquartered in Jackson, Tennessee, as it is a Stanley Black & Decker subsidiary.

In the beginning, Porter-Cable was a jobbing machine and tool shop where the founders invested around $2300. They worked for a machine tool producer named Colby, Porter & Cable. At that time, they first began making electric motors.

Then, in 1910, they started selling merchandisable products. This journey was created with a pencil sharpener, automatic tire pump, and gas lamps. After four years, they moved their focus to power tools. In 1917, they bought a plant on North Salina Street.

Basic Info about Porter Cable Tools

What Company Owns Porter-CableStanley Black and Decker
Corporate HeadquartersJackson, Tennessee
Where Are Porter-Cable Tools MadeMexico & China

In 1926, the company introduced its portable belt sander first. Chief Engineer Art Emmons was the inventor of this sander. Hence, this sander was called a Take-About sander.

Then again, Emmons invented the compact, high-speed, helical gear drive saw. It was so lightweight and user-friendly that it could match a modern circular saw. Days passed, and people started using their products.

Following this, the company introduced the first portable band saw in 1953. After two years, they introduced the first random orbit sander in 1955. Unfortunately, Rockwell International bought the company in 1960. They made massive changes like phasing out the Porter-Cable name.

Also, they relocated their base of operations to Jackson, Tennessee. They produced some average power tools to compete with Black & Decker.

Rockwell produced a speedy small-orbit finishing sander in 1963. However, Pentair, Inc. owned the power tool group from Rockwell. This group includes Porter-Cable and Delta Machinery.

Again, the name Porter-Cable was restored. After that, the company introduced the Model 518 3 HP router in 1985. 2 years later, the first portable plate joiner appeared in the market of North America.

The Palm-Grip orbital sander, redesigned reciprocating saws, gradually came to the people. After spending 60 years with a lead in the router category, they released 890 series routers. In 2000, Porter-Cable united with its sister company known as Delta Machinery.

Their headquarters and distribution center was transferred from Pittsburgh to Jackson. In the same year, Pentair bought DeVilbiss Air Power Company which helped them produce compressors, generators, and pressure washers.

Last notable even for Porter-Cable was the acquisition by Stanley Black & Decker. This company bought the Pentair Tools Group, including those three sister companies.

Now, the headquarter of Porter-Cable tools maker is in Jackson, Tennessee. However, most tools are now produced in China and Mexico.

Tools Made by Porter-Cable

Porter-Cable has been a leading manufacturer of tools for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. Today, the company offers a wide range of products, from power tools and air compressors to generators and pressure washers.

  • Do you need a robust and reliable drill? Then, look no further than Porter-Cable. The company’s drills are designed for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. Also, you have the options to pick from a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.
  • Porter-Cable has a variety of air compressors to choose from, including portable models that are perfect for job sites. You can prefer them in heavy-duty DIY or corporate work without worrying about anything.
  • Maybe you want a steadfast and powerful generator? This company has a mighty generator too. You can operate your whole business using these generators. Also, you can use them at home with a total flow of power. After all, from a small generator for powering tools to a large generator for home, everything is in the catalog of Porter-Cable.
  • What do you think about a pressure washer to clean your deck or patio? Porter-Cable sells different pressure washers, including electric models perfect for light-duty cleaning. They are affordable yet very effective in cleaning jobs. You can pick these tools for occasional cleaning of heavy-duty pressure washing jobs.

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So, what do you think; who makes Porter-Cable tools? Porter-Cable, a Stanley Black and Decker subsidiary company makes these tools. No matter what your next project entails, Porter-Cable has the tools you need to get the job done right.

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