Who Makes Pirelli Tires | The Real Answer

Who Makes Pirelli Tires

If you have ever seen Formula One or MotoGP racing competitions, you may have seen automobiles and motorcycles with Pirelli tires. Pirelli is one of the leading and largest tire manufacturers worldwide, only next to Michelin tires.

Over the last few decades, they have presented the automobile industry with many wonderful tires. It has made them a pioneer in different tire technologies. But do you know who makes Pirelli tires?

Also, have you ever wondered how Pirelli started its journey to become the pioneer in the rubber and tire industry?

We bet you haven’t looked into these matters. You have only used Pirelli tires in your motorcycle, bicycle, or automobile for safety, reliability, durability, and performance. So, here’s the answer you should know.

Pirelli & C. S.p.A is the owner and manufacturer of Pirelli tires worldwide. The company operates from Milan, Italy. However, it has different production plants across the globe. Plus, it is one of the most influential sponsors for different automobile and motorcycle sports events.

So, let’s get with this article to know the amazing Pirelli facts.

Who Makes Pirelli Tires?

Pirelli & C. S.p.A, an Italian rubber and tire manufacturer, makes the world’s leading Pirelli tires. They are the second-largest automobile tire manufacturer and supplier with an annual net income of €42,7 million.

It is staggering, given that Pirelli only focuses on making tires. It is unlike its competitors, that has a wider product range. Yet, most tire companies with broader product lines have failed to surpass the sales and popularity of Pirelli.

The History of Pirelli Tires

Pirelli is one of the oldest tire and rubber manufacturers worldwide. Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded Pirelli after his name in 1872. So, the company is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. However, during its early time, it didn’t manufacture automobile tires.

At first, it focused on rubber production and its derivate products. Plus, it made rebreathers for scuba diving. Slowly, Giovanni Pirelli focused on manufacturing automobile tires and different cables. The company manufactured its first tire for cars in 1901. Also, they started producing cables for electrical uses.

They, however, discontinued their cable production in 2005. Goldman Sachs brought their cable section and rebranded it as Prysmian in 2005.

Pirelli had seen steady growth in their business throughout the 18th century and 19th centuries. In fact, they were among the only few companies that weren’t affected during World War I and II. In fact, their business grew during the Second World War.

It helped the company owner, Alberto Pirelli, to found their Pirelli Tower. Alberto Pirelli started the construction of this iconic skyscraper in the 1950s. Also, they choose their 1st industrial location for the headquarter. It showed their consciousness towards their route. The workers also appreciated this initiative, and it got them a massive marking boost.

A Big Leap in 1974

Who Manufactures Pirelli Tires

One of Pirelli’s top competitors, Michelin, introduced its radial tire during the 1960s. It put Pirelli into serious competition, and the company lost a good part of its market share. So, they tried to come back and regain their market share. Thus, they started trying different tire technologies.

Following the process, Pirelli introduced their wide radial tire in 1974. It was their answer for Michelin’s standard radial tire. However, it invented the wide radial technology upon the request of Lancia. It was a leading rally racing time at that time.

Although the tire technology didn’t succeed in the first year, it helped Pirelli gradually get its market share. The big leap came when Porsche introduced their iconic Porsche 911 Turbo with the wide radial tire of Pirelli.

In the early 1980s, Pirelli introduced the radial tires for their motorcycle section. It gave them a strong platform in the motorcycle tire industry. Also, the company still holds a great foothold in the motorcycle and bicycle tire industry.

The Late Reformation

After the 2000s, Pirelli started reforming its business strategy. They said they would like to keep pace with the changing automobile industry in the 2000s. Consequently, it went through a series of reforms.

Firstly, they sold their cable section in 2005 to Goldman Sachs. Later, in 2010, they also dismissed their Pirelli & C. Real Estate and Pirelli Broadband Solution. The company said that they did it to focus only on the automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle tires.

The decision turned out successful because they soon became the 2nd largest tire company.

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Sponsorship and Activity In Sports Events

Pirelli Tires

Like most leading tire manufacturers, Pirelli has actively participated in different sports racing events. It includes Formula One and MotoGP mainly. Since 2011, Pirelli has become the sole tire supplier for Formula One races for all cars.

Plus, it supplies tires for the following championships.

  • FIA Formula 2 Championship
  • FIA Formula 3 Championship

And for motorsports, Pirelli owns the title sponsorship right for the Grand Prix of Spain and Hungary. What’s more, Pirelli has stretched its sponsorship in football too. They were the official sponsor of Inter Milan from 1996 to 2021.

Product Line and Net Worth

Pirelli now only manufactures different tires. So, they have a limited product range. It helps them maintain the quality and performance of their tires. They have three different product lines with various ranges. It includes:

  1. Their products for cars include PZero, Scorpion, Cinturato, and winter tires.
  2. For motorsport, they manufacture Scorpion, Diablo, and Angel tire series.
  3. Their Velo product line is mainly for bicycles, including Scorpion, Cinturato, Pzero Velo, and Cycle tires.

Although the product range of Pirelli is limited, its quality has helped the company to earn massive revenue. In 2020, their net annual income was     €42.7 million. Also, their 2020 report showed that Pirelli has a staggering €4.300 billion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pirelli a good tire brand?

Pirelli tires are one of the best performing and durable tires you can buy with money. They have different high-speed tires for speed lovers. Also, their wide tires are an engineering masterpiece.

Are Pirelli tires made in China?

Yes, Pirelli has its production line in China. Nonetheless, the company follows the worldwide standard for its tire production line. So, you don’t need to worry about Pirelli’s quality and performance.

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Pirelli has established its superiority in the tire market with its excellent innovation, quality tires, and 150 years of manufacturing experience. Their wide radial tires have helped drivers drive their vehicles equally in wet and dry conditions.

Henceforth, the tire company has seen immense success throughout its business years. Plus, their continuous support of different sports has helped them gain great popularity among the general audience.

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