Who Makes Pathfinder Tires – Affordable But Is It Reliable?

Who Makes Pathfinder Tires

Can you name a tire brand that is becoming more popular among truck and SUV drivers? If the name “Pathfinder” peeps into your mind, you are absolutely right! But do you know “Who makes pathfinder tires?”

Pathfinder is basically a private brand that manufactures its products by a Korean brand named “Kumho Tires.” The Korean brands are world-famous for their innovative designs and outstanding quality of products due to extensive research prior to launching any product in the market.

Pathfinder Tires is nothing exceptional in this consideration. The brand produces tires mainly for light trucks and SUV tires.

Since many people don’t know about this fantastic tire brand, this article will discuss the tire brand “pathfinder” in detail. Besides, the reader can learn about other additional information and some FAQs. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Pathfinder Tires

“Kumho” a Korean brand, manufactures Pathfinder Tires. The company is famous for providing high–quality, reliable products at an affordable price range.

The users may not know that Kumho is the 7th largest tire manufacturing company in Korea and one of the largest tire companies in the world, with almost 60 years of experience.

The purpose of the brand is to provide the customers with excellent quality tires that will offer a fantastic driving experience. Another satisfying fact is that these fantastic tires are not expensive at all.

Therefore, the Pathfinder Tires are getting popular among truck and SUV owners in the United States and other states.

South Korea is home to three Kumho Tires facilities:  the Pyeongtaek Plant, Gokseong Plant, and Gwangju Plant. Most of the Pathfinder tires are produced in these three plants.

Besides, these three plants also function as the research center for the Kumho brand. Again, Kumho Tires has another three plants in China.

About Other Manufacturers

Along with Kumho Tire, Hankook Tire Co., Ltd. also makes Pathfinder tires. Hankook is a tire manufacturing company situated in Seoul, South Korea. Hankook Tire Co., Ltd. is another largest company in South Korea that includes 200 companies.

Due to the excellent quality of the products, Hankook has become a dominant supplier of tires in the U.S. tire market. Hankook has its headquarters in Tennessee, America, from where the company distributes its product throughout the state.

If you are still doubtful about the quality of Pathfinder tires, I would like to inform you that Hankook is a key equipment supplier to Nissan. 

Another interesting fact is that if you look for Hankook tires in the market, you will not get them. Because they promote their products as Discount Tire. So, users know these tires as discount tires.

Key Designs of Pathfinder

Who Makes Pathfinder Tires
  • Wide Circumferential Grooves: this design is highly convenient for water ejection. So, the treads will not preserve water from the wet surface.
  • Solid Center Ribs: The Solid Center Ribs provide a tight grip on the terrain to retain traction. The tires can maintain higher traction even at high speeds.
  • Tri-polymer Tread Compounds: This particular design is suitable for withstanding tearing, cuts, and punctures. So, the users can use the Pathfinder Tires for a long time.
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Does Pathfinder Make Good Tires?

  • Dependable and Affordable: The company provides excellent quality tires with advanced features. The tires offer satisfying results in both on and off-road driving.

    Besides, the price range is quite reasonable. So, most customers can afford to buy them. But it is better not to use these tires in muddy or rocky terrain since they are not entirely off-road tires.
  • Safe and Reliable: Pathfinder tires are safe and highly reliable since they feature insistent tread patterns. It will tightly grip the terrain. Furthermore, the Zigzag Circumferential Grooves feature is convenient for water release on wet terrain. So the users won’t feel insecure. The tread will make noise, but it is not that annoying to distract your attention.

    Again, the tires offer advanced chip and cut resistance. So, the tires will be safe even when driving on rocks and dirt roads.

    The bigger tires can easily overcome the impediments of snow, debris, and mud. So, the tires are durable to withstand the effects of usage on rough surfaces.  
  • Middle-class Model: Pathfinder has become an enduring name for customers with tight budgets. The tires provide excellent performance in this price range. But if you expect it to perform like a high-budget tire, it would be unjustified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Pathfinder Tires?

If you live in the United States, you can purchase the Pathfinder Tires through Discount tires stores. Otherwise, you have to collect their product via the online website DiscountDirect.com.

Are pathfinder tires made in America?

No, these tires are made in Korea. Kumho Tire, the famous and largest tire company in Korea, makes pathfinder tires. But Pathfinder has headquarters in Tennessee, America, from where they distribute their products throughout America.

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Though pathfinder tires are gaining tremendous popularity, many customers don’t know about the manufacturers.

So, people frequently inquire, “Who manufactures Pathfinder tires?” In this article, I have presented comprehensive information on the pathfinder tire manufacturers. I hope the readers will find the article informative and valuable.

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