Who Makes Oil For Honda Bike Engines?

Every motorcycle company focuses on some special features for its customers. For this, they need to design motorcycles in specific engineering. The whole body exposes the outer shine and attractive look, and the bike’s engine plays the most vital part.

It covers speed, mileage, smooth driving, and other functionalities. Those who ride Honda bikes need Honda-recommended or Honda-made special oil for the engine. Then comes the question of who makes oil for Honda or why Honda engine oil is exceptional.

Unlike all other motorbike brands, Honda does not produce engine oil itself. It orders oil from the original oil manufacturers asking for their specifications, including viscosity, oil grade, synthetic level, and other things. In short, they demand everything that keeps engine performance, economical oil consumption, and overall bike performance.

Honda required, and oil manufacturer refined oil is known by its name. Moreover, it takes oil from third parties also. Idemitsu and Phillips 66 are their third-party engine oil suppliers. Let’s know the Honda, Philips, and Idemitsu engine oil, their usage, and their advantages or disadvantages.

Honda Engine Oil

You will not find a single motorbike company that produces oil. So, what do they do? A motorbike company orders oil within its terms and conditions. That means the company is not a real-time producer but gets oil from other companies. Bike companies ask oil producers to purify their oil according to their engine demand.

A bike company only gives specs to the oil producers, and they deliver oils fulfilling the bike brand’s specs. Generally, oil specs contain the viscosity of oil, additives, foam-resistant agents, grade level, etc.

The bike companies market the products with their package, sticker, label, and all other branding elements. This oil gets introduced as a concerned bike company-made oil.

Thus, Honda itself makes oil for its bike models. There are two reasons behind Honda’s bike engine oil production. One is that the bike company wants to deliver the same experience to the bikers as it is described to the users.

The company intends to prove itself as what it advertised in its campaign. Another reason is the company finds another business with its primary business. With the same setup and operation, they can run another.

Why Do Honda Engines Need Special Oil?

Since Honda is the producer, it has the best knowledge of which oil suits best with its bikes. Every bike model of Honda Company provides different facilities to the users. The core of all functionality is the engine of a motorcycle. Suppose it does not get the appropriate fuel for its best functionality. This is why Honda suggests its oil for bike model functionality.

1. Honda Produced Oil

Honda oil is of three kinds – Full Synthetic Oil (0W – 20), Semi Synthetic (5W – 30), and Mineral (10W – 30). Another notable one is the 4-stroke engine oil of a bike.

2. Fully Synthetic Oil (0W – 20)

100% Synthetic Oil always ensures the economical use of fuel and protects engines from being decayed. Moreover, you can get full sports performance from this oil. Synthetic engine oil keeps your engine clean and adds extra environmental protection.

This oil flows smoothly in the engine and creates almost zero friction. It also gives a user better mileage. Changing oil within six months is the best for the engine.

3. Semi-Synthetic Oil (5W – 30)

This type of oil is lesser quality-rich oil for engines. You will not get complete engine protection and savings with this oil. It suits best with the more intricate machines. This is also environment-friendly, but not as much as full synthetic oil.

4. Mineral Oil (10W – 30)

Among the three oils, Mineral oil is not as same as any of the two. This oil is a lesser performer, environment-friendly, and sports-suitable. From the mineral oil category, the 4-stroke engine oil is a notable one.

5. 4-Stroke Engine Oil

This is a premium-grade oil tested by the R&D of Japan. The Honda-made oil is exceptional for difficult roads and highways. With this oil, you can get excellent mileage and lower oil consumption facilities.

Benefits And Positivity Of Honda Oil

Honda bikes and oil are one of the best-known brands in the world. They always ensure quality and believe in customer satisfaction. So, they meet up with international standards, and for this reason, you can trust them without a doubt.

Honda Adopted Other Oils.

Though the Honda bike company has its oil, it has contracted with Phillips 66. As per their contract, the company will supply Honda and Acura brand engine oil per their contract. Honda will just check and maintain some specifications.

Idemitsu is another oil supplier for Honda. It started its journey almost 20 years ago with Honda. After a lot of testing and justifying, Honda took oil from Idemitsu. Idemitsu would supply low viscosity, higher grade, and unique substance-added oil – as Honda required. Whatever the oil companies’ brand, they would take one only after passing their tests.

What Will Happen If You Insert General Oil?

If you are a Honda company’s bike owner, you must listen to it. As they advised the bike owners to use their oil, you need not violate them. If you insert oil out of their recommendation, this will certainly make you suffer.

How To Use Honda Oil?

You need to change the oil at six months intervals to get a long engine life. Using oil for a longer time leads to engine damage, low performance, and less comfortable driving. Don’t pour less or more oil into the engine.

When Should You Change The Engine Oil?

Riding a bike with new oil is a very smooth and comfortable experience. On the other hand, if your oil gets old, you can realize it. Your bike will not respond to you accordingly. Prepare to change the oil when you break harder, gear shifting jam, and extra noise from your bike.


1. What brand of oil does Honda use?

Honda uses the original Honda Genuine Motor Oil. This is for the American Honda company.

2. Does Honda make their engine oil?

Honda, with no other companies, produces their engine oil independently. Honda gets oil from the producers with its desired specs. Then it adds branding on the oil container body. Thus it receives an introduction by Honda’s name.

3. What is Honda’s natural motor oil?

Honda Genuine oil is the most premium quality oil for engines.

4. Is mobile oil suitable for Honda bikes?

Mobile oil is not totally good or wrong; it is controversial. Mobile is good for several Honda engines and can fulfill demand. And for some engines, you will find this oil unfit.


Not all engine oil is applicable to all bike engines. If you apply oil from other brands to the Honda engine, it will undoubtedly create noise. Some oils may cause damage to your engine. So, you need not take yourself at risk. Leave all questions like who makes oil for Honda engines or something else when you are using Honda oil.

While the bike manufacturer offers you the better option, you should never miss that because the producer knows what suits best with its products. We hope you will reasonably be able to decide whether you should use Honda’s recommended oil or not. Leave a message if you have anything to know more.

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