Who Makes Ohtsu Tires and Their History

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Ohtsu tires can be the one solution needed for many types of vehicles. There’s an Ohtsu tire of your SUV, light truck, passenger car, and performance car. They are best known for being affordable and of functional design. These tires have paved the way for drivers with utmost comfort!

Japan’s Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd is the one who makes Ohtsu tires. Also known as SRI, it is a global tire and rubber manufacturing company. The company is a part of Sumitomo Group. They have been operating since 1909. 

Ohtsu tires are versatile, and one won’t be spending too much money on changing the tires as they are very affordable.

What Are Ohtsu Tires

Ohtsu tires are a sub-brand of Falken Tires. Falken is a Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd, a part of Sumitomo Group.

There is a variety of Ohtsu tires. Sumitomo makes tires for passenger cars, light trucks, medium trucks, etc. these tires come with many extraordinary features such as all-season high performance.

You can easily steer and drive with them. They are compatible with all terrains and can even be mounted for race cars, minivans, and crossovers.

Who Makes Ohtsu Tires

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd is the one who makes Ohtsu tires. It is a Japan-based tire and rubber manufacturing company operating globally. The company is a part of Sumitomo Group. 

Sumitomo brands include Dunlop Tyres, Falken Tire, and Ohtsu Tire.

Apart from making tires, the company also makes other rubber-based products such as golf balls and tennis balls. They found it in 1909 and have a revenue of US$7.8 billion (2017).

The History of Sumitomo Rubber Industries and Ohtsu Tires

As mentioned earlier, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is a tire and rubber manufacturing company. It was founded in 1909, 113 years ago. It’s based in Japan. The company is a part of Sumitomo Group. Apart from making tires and rubber-based products, Sumitomo Group operates in many other industries.

The company was called Dunlop Japan, a subsidiary of British Dunlop Rubber. It got acquired by the Sumitomo Group in 1963 and was renamed Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

The company’s net income is US$419 million (2017) and the number of employees as of March 31, 2018, is 36,650. They launched the Falken Tire Brand in the year 1983 in Japan. Two years later, the brand got introduced to North America. As we mentioned earlier, Ohtsu is a sub-brand of Falken.

Ohtsu is well known for being of comfortable design and affordable price. Ohtsu’s tires come in many types and different sizes.

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The Benefits of Ohtsu Tires

Who Makes Ohtsu Tires

These Tires are easy to drive. They also offer many prominent features which prioritize them amongst drivers. The article highlighted a few benefits below.

Many Options to Choose From

You won’t have to worry about your car’s tire type. The brand has many types of tires. They have tires for minivans, SUVs, crossovers, trucks, etc.

Whether it is a snowy or wet road, Ohtsu tires can graze through them without a notion. Almost all of them are compatible with many terrains. No matter the season, you can always trust Ohtsu’s Tires.


The design of these tires is inexpensive and straightforward. Although they are made of high-quality material, one won’t have to spend lots of money on them. So you would get great value for your price if you choose these tires. 

However, Ohtsu is a subsidiary of a top-class manufacturing company. So there’s very little room for mistakes. So you can always rely on the brand.


If a tire is affordable but not durable, there’s no point in buying it. But you won’t have to worry about the durability issue of Ohtsu Tires. These tires come with an average warranty. Different tire types vary in mileage. They mostly need a change in 30,000miles (48,280.32 km) to 80,000 miles (128,747.52 km). So an affordable tire type that lasts for such a long time must be made of high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to handle Ohtsu Tires?

They enhance the handling of the car. They are made of high-quality material and are of compatible design. As a result, you can easily steer them and get good traction. It has a directional tread design which increases traction on different terrains.

Is Ohtsu’s Tires made by Falken?

Ohtsu is a sub-brand of Falken. They are both made by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Are Ohtsu Tires the best tire in the market?

We can easily dub Ohtsu tires as the best tire. They are quiet have excellent grip. You can handle them quickly, and they run smoothly at high speed.

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Ohtsu tires are reputed for a no-nonsense performance. Almost every review shows that they got what Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd, who makes Ohtsu tires, had promised. They come in different sizes and types. They are of intelligent design and outstanding features.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. has been making the tires for decades. Being a world-renown company, their products are almost always up to the mark.

However, Ohtsu Tires have a similar success history, just like the SRI manufacturer.

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