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There is no better medicine than a cup of hot coffee to start an energetic day. Again, happiness would know no bounds if someone else makes coffee for you. Then, a Nespresso machine can be the best companion for you.

Are you planning to buy a Nespresso machine? Any idea “Who makes Nespresso machines?” If not, then don’t worry. Because I’ll go through the matter today.

It may surprise you to know that Nespresso itself does not produce these coffee machines. The company depends on other companies or third parties to do this. Since many people don’t know this, it can create confusion.

Nespresso Owned ByNestlé S.A.
Nespresso Machine Manufactured ByKrups, Magimix, DeLonghi, Breville etc.
Nespresso Founded in1986
Headquarters inSwitzerland
Nestlé Founded byHenri Nestlé
Nestlé Founded in1866

So, this article will let you know about the companies which manufacture these Nespresso machines. Besides, you will go through some additional information and some frequently asked questions. So, stay tuned with me.

Who Makes Nespresso Machines

who owns nespresso machines

The full name of what we know today as “Nespresso” is Nestlé Nespresso S.A. It is a sub-operating unit of the world-prominent “Nestlé Group.” Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso has invented and designed various kitchen appliances. Coffee-machine is among the most popular ones.

Eric Favre, an employee of Nestlé, was the pioneer of the Nespresso coffee machine. The journey was quite interesting. Eric Favre noticed that a particular coffee shop in Rome, Italy had more customers than other shops.

Through investigation, he discovered that the shop used to press the plunger several times before serving the coffee than others do. The more pressing ultimately led not only to penetrate more aroma but also provided a foamy espresso. 

By utilizing this idea, he made the first Nespresso coffee machine. Now, these machines have had a worldwide appeal.

But Nespresso does not manufacture these coffee machines. They are dependable on companies such as 

  • Krups
  • Magimix
  • De’Longhi
  • Breville
  • Frismag

These companies manufacture these machines. Companies that work for Nespresso may differ from country to country.

For instance, a large share of the Nespresso coffee machine in North America is produced by either De’Longhi or Breville. However, there are two to three brands in each state to work for Nespresso machines. Let’s look at a brief overview of these brands.

Companies that Make Nespresso Coffee Machines


A German entrepreneur named Robert Krups founded this company in 1846. So, it is basically a German brand responsible for producing various small range kitchen appliances. The company brought its first Krups coffee grinder in 1956.

Since then, the company started exporting its appliances to different countries, attracting a vast customer base. Nestle collaborated with Krups in 1991 to make their very first Nespresso coffee machine.


The story started when a Burgundy butcher named Pierre Verdun intended to make the world’s first multi-functional food processor to help those professional chefs. In 1961, he made it and earned international praise.

In 1971, he launched another compact food processor under the brand “magimix.” The French Group “Hameur” owned the “Magimix” company in 1980 and remains the owner till today.

Now they are working with Nespresso to invent various Magimix coffee machines under Nespresso.


Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville established this company in 1932 in Sydney, Australia. Interestingly, the company used to sell radios and televisions before the 1960s. But they shifted their focus to kitchen appliances in the 1970s.

They have produced various types of kitchen appliances ranging from coffee-maker to air fry. Over time, this brand has become a dominant name for making the best espresso machine.


The De’Longhi family established the company in 1902 in Italy. Among the four companies mentioned in this article, this company has the most diverse range of appliances.

The company initially started its journey as an industrial parts manufacturing company. Over time, it included different kitchen appliances, and even household cleaning products.

However, DeLonghi coffee machines are internationally famous. They launched their first coffee machine, “Magnifica” in 2003. In 2004, they signed a contract with Nespresso to manufacture Nespresso machines.

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Types of Nespresso Machines

nespresso machines

Vertuo Line

Model NameManufactured By
Vertuo PlusDe’Longhi
Nespresso Vertuo NextBreville

Original Series

Model NameManufactured By
Essenza MiniBreville and De’Longhi
PixieKrups and Magimix
CitizBreville and De’Longhi
Lattissima OneDe’Longhi
Gran LattissimaDe’Longhi
Lattissima ProDe’Longhi
Creatista PlusBreville

Are Nespresso Machines Any Good?

who makes nespresso coffee machines

It is rare to find a person who doesn’t like coffee. But it is sometimes hazardous to make perfect coffee like a barista. It requires both time and effort.

Nespresso Machines are a lifesaver in this consideration. You just need your favorite coffee flavor and press the button.

You can make several cups of coffee with these machines without any mess. These machines are super easy to use. The best thing is that the coffee tastes really delicious.

Moreover, you will find a great variety of Nespresso coffee machines. Some Nespresso machines can prepare both espresso and frothy coffee. Some can make drinks like cappuccinos, and lattes. So, you just need to have one based on your preference.

Another positive side of Nespresso Machines is that the pods of these machines use Aluminum material. So, they are energy-saving and recyclable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Nespresso Machines?

Everybody has a unique choice, taste, and preference. What is best for me might not be the best for you. However, according to some reviews of Nespresso Machines, I have mentioned some best models of Nespresso Machines below:

If you are looking for an overall Nespresso Machine,

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee and Espresso Maker by De’Longhi can be a great option.

If your preference lies in a cup of foamy Latte or Cappuccino,

Nespresso Creatista Plus Espresso Machine by Breville is a lucrative option.

Besides, you can look for a Nespresso coffee machine by Magimix, KRUPS automatic espresso machine for your convenience.

Where are Nespresso machines manufactured?

Nespresso has contracts with several manufacturing companies. However, Switzerland is the manufacturing place for a large share of the Nespresso machine. In contrast, some models such as CitiZ are also manufactured in China.

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Final Word

If you are a coffee lover but don’t want to dedicate a portion of your kitchen to a barista, then a Nespresso coffee machine is indeed the most suitable option available for you.

These machines feature an easy usage, recyclable facility. Some people may doubt the quality of the product as they don’t know who actually makes these machines.

So, I have tried to explore “Who makes Nespresso machines?” in this article. I want to assure you of the quality. Because all the manufacturing companies who make these machines have excellent reputations for their premium-quality products.

Besides, Nespresso provides all the materials and instructions to make these machines. Manufacturing companies just build the machines. I hope you find this article to be useful.

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