Do You Know A Popular Brand is Making Mickey Thompson Tires?

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Mickey Thompson is famous for its high-performance and off-road tires. The company hasn’t been long in the rubber and tire market. Yet, they have established themselves as a top American tire seller in the past few years.

Established by a racing legend, Mickey Thompson tires truly deliver the best performance, reliability, longevity, and stability on the roads. Following their incredible quality, their products have become popular across America shortly. But do you know who makes Mickey Thompson tires?

Well, I bet you will be confused. The company has undergone multiple ownership changes in the recent past. It has made people confuse about its manufacturer and supplier these days.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is the actual owner of the Mickey Thompson tires. It was previously a subsidiary of the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. When Goodyear bought Cooper, it also acquired Mickey Thomson tires.

Who Makes Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson tires have set a different league of quality in the automobile and motorsport industry. Its racing, performance, off-road and standard tires have blazed the market with premium quality in all its products.

Although the tire brand has seen great business success in the last few decades, it has undergone a few hiccups. One of its main focus points is the continuous change in ownership. Initially, Mickey Thompson, the famous American sports car racer, founded the tire company.

Later, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company acquired the company following the founder’s death. They made the Mickey Thompson tires their subsidiary brand until 2021. In late 2021, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company purchased Copper.

As part of the purchase, Goodyear acquired all the subsidiary brands of Copper. So, they also inherited Mickey Thomson tires. Currently, Mickey Thomson is made under their supervision. However, you will find these tires still on Cooper’s website. There these tires are listed as a sub-brand of the Cooper tires.

History of Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson established the tire company in 1963 in Findlay, Ohio, on his name. If you don’t know who Mickey Thomson is, here’s some insight.

Mickey Thompson is an American sports car racer. He holds the record of the 1st American to break the 400MPH barrier. He broke the record at Bonneville Salt Flats in 1960 with his Challenger 1. He designed the racing car, and it brought great fame to him.

After fame and continuous experiment with sports cars, he founded Mickey Thompson Tire Company in 1963. The company saw great success thanks to Mickey’s fame. Also, it ensures top-level quality for its racing and performance tires.

The company grew smoothly for the next two decades. However, it came to a standstill following the death of Mickey Thompson. He was shot to death by two hooligans in 1988. The sale of the company reduced after that.

Ownership Change

As the sale of Mickey Thompson tires reduced, its management looked to sell the company. After a long discussion, Copper Tire and Rubber Company took over Mickey Thompson tires in 2003. They continued the production till 2021.

In 2021, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company acquired Cooper. Consequently, they owned all the sub-brands of Cooper tires, including Mickey Thompson. Nonetheless, Mickey Thompson works almost independently without any influence from Goodyear.

Dominick Wycoff is the President of Mickey Thompson Tire and Wheel. During the ownership change, he remarked that the merger of their company with Goodyear would help them leverage the best technologies of Goodyear in their tires.

Therefore, its manufacturing facilities nowadays use superior tire production technologies.

Also, the collaboration has enabled them to manufacture tires for drag racing with better performance. It was a big leap since the company was already famous for its performance, off-road, and drag racing tires.

Where Is Mickey Thompson Tire Made

Since its establishment, Mickey Thompson tires have focused on being an American company. It had a production facility in Ohio. Even after its acquisition by Cooper, its production continued in the same facility.

However, their production plant has been shifted to Akron, Ohio, following its acquisition by Goodyear. So, it is one of the fewest tire companies that always manufactures tires solely in America. It has helped them to maintain exceptional quality throughout their product line.

Therefore, people trust the performance and reliability of their tires.

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Popular Mickey Thompson Tires And Wheels

The company takes pride in manufacturing various tires for different vehicles. The next section will discuss its top sold and popular tires.

High-performance tires

These tires are designed for racing and dragging with superior performance. Its unique tread design allows the rider to accelerate the vehicle faster. It also helps maintain stability and traction as you speed up the car.

Thus, many racers love high-performance tires for their racing competitions.

All-terrain tires

As the name suggests, these tires are for both on and off-road riders. With these tires, you can ride through bumpy terrains, mud, or highways. Plus, its deep lug and medium traction protect the car against any terrains.

You will love its brilliant stability and controls for sure. Also, with an average lifespan of 65000 miles, these tires offer excellent longevity.

Drag tires

The company is best known for its drag tires. Its popular models include ET Drag, ET Front Dragstar, Pro Bracket Radial, etc. Also, the tires have low rolling resistance. It comes in handy when accelerating the vehicle during races and dragging competitions.

Plus, its unsprung weight reduction facility is useful for dragging too.


Mickey Thompson also manufactures a few wheels for automobiles. Its popular wheel models include the following ones:

  • Sidebiter Lock
  • Sidebiter II
  • Classic Baja Lock
  • Classic III
  • Classic III Black

Thus, you will most likely find the right wheels for your automobiles. It is a great benefit since you can use both wheels and tires of the same company. Also, the Mickey Thomson wheels are known for their aggressive design, aerodynamics, and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mickey Thompson tires any good?

Mickey Thompson tires deliver excellent performance. These tires are preferable for their aggressive and appealing look. Also, these tires deliver superior longevity and stability on the roads.

Where are Mickey Thompson Baja boss tires made?

Mickey Thomson makes all of its tires in the USA. Currently, their production facility is in Akron, Ohio. The company makes the Baja Boss tires using Goodyear’s technology and facility.


Mickey Thompson Tires have been in the market for the past 60 years. They have dragging, street, track, and racing cars along with wheels. Goodyear owns the company. However, the company continues to manufacture its tires using Goodyear’s technology. The marriage of the two companies has benefitted them and the riders. They are getting some iconic tires for different road conditions with greater performance.

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