Who Makes Michelin Tires – An Investigative Discussion

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If you own an automobile and have changed its tires, you may have already heard about Michelin tires. These tires are so popular and reliable that most mechanics suggest you get the Michelin tires for your automobile for a smooth and safe riding experience.

Also, you will get a Michelin tag in different automobile competitions on the vehicle’s tires. Michelin tires are popular automobile tires worldwide. But have you ever wondered who makes Michelin tires?

The Michelin tire manufacturing company manufactures Michelin tires. The company is a tire conglomerate and operates worldwide from France. They have a rice history in tire manufacturing that has expanded over 130 years.

Today’s article will know Michelin tires’ history, origin, and benefits. So, don’t go away if you wish to enrich your knowledge of this incredible tire manufacturer.

Who Makes Michelin Tires?

Michelin tire manufacturing company is the owner and maker of the famous tire. The company operates in the Clermont-Ferrand region of France. They started humbly in 1889 as a local tire manufacturer and slowly gained popularity.

Now, they have 133 years of tire manufacturing experience in their bag. Over the past 133 years, they have introduced many iconic and innovative technologies in the tire industry. Their top innovations in the automobile and truck tire industry include the following.

  1. Removable Tire
  2. The Pneurail Tire
  3. The Radial Tire

Although the company started as an automobile tire manufacturer, it has expanded its business in different sectors. These days, Michelin makes tires for bicycles, motorcycles, space shuttle, heavy equipment, and modern aircraft. Thus, you will see their tires nearly in every sector, and everywhere you travel.

Michelin has become one of the leading and largest tire manufacturers these days. Yet, their starting was interesting and quite sudden.

Origin and History of Michelin Tire Company

Michelin tire company started its journey from Clermont-Ferrand, France. Édouard Michelin and André Michelin, the two brothers, had a farm in Clermont-Ferrand. They were running their business without any issues until a cyclist one day came to them. The cyclist wanted his bicycle tire to be fixed.

Both brothers worked for three hours to repair the tire. Yet, the tire was damaged again only after a few hundred meters of riding. Their initial failure of them didn’t dishearten them. Instead, Édouard Michelin became even more enthusiast about the tire.

Soon after, the two brothers incorporated the Michelin tire company on 28th May 1889. They started working on pneumatic tires. They had to wait for almost two years when they invented the removable pneumatic tire. This innovation helped them set their first footmark in the tire manufacturing and automobile industry.

Who Manufactures Michelin Tires

In the next few decades, especially in the 1920s and 1930s, Michelin expanded their rubber plantation extensively. However, their rubber plantation in Vietnam was not so successful, and they were accused of labor extortion.

Yet, the company started flourishing during and after World War II. In 1934, they introduced the world’s first self-supporting tire. It was named a “run-flat tire” that could run without air. After the world war, they invented their radial tire technology.

The radial tire technology helped Michelin become one of the leading tire manufacturers within a few years. In the 1960s, they started working with Sears for their radial tire technology.

Footprint in the American Market

Following their success in the European and Asian markets, Michelin finally turned toward the American market. The company opened its first branch in North America in 1968. They grew rapidly in entire America in the next two decades.

They occupied 10% of the OEM automobile tire market in America. Its rapid growth in America meant the company focused on the region.

Participation in Formula One and Motorsport

Michelin Tires

Michelin participated in and sponsored the top automobile competitions as the premier tire manufacturer worldwide. They were one of the active participants in MotoGP for more than three decades.

Yes, they participated in the competition from 1972 to 2008. Also, they introduced their famous radial tire in MotoGP in 1984. This marketing policy worked brilliantly since Michelin had seen almost 10% growth in their radial tire sales in the next year.

Over their 36 years of participation in MotoGP, they earned 360 titles. Besides it, Michelin riders had won the MotoGP championship continuously from 1993 to 2006. Although Michelin discontinued their participation in MotoGP in 2008, it became the official tire supplier again in 2016.

Michelin also actively participated in Formula One (F1) racing like MotoGP. They participated in Formula One first in 1977. They worked with McLaren and Brabham to win the championship. However, they withdrew from the competition in 1984.

In 2001, they again returned to Formula One racing. At this time, they supplied tires to multiple competitors, including Renault, Jaguar, etc. Later, Toyota and McLaren agreed to use Michelin tires in their racing cars for Formula One.

Nonetheless, Michelin didn’t have a good relationship with Formula One racing. They had won four titles in the competition despite their active participation.

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Why Should You Choose Michelin Tires?

Who Makes Michelin Tires

Michelin is popular worldwide for automobile, bicycle, and airplane tires. But why should you choose their tires for your favorite tire? Let’s check a few interesting facts about Michelin that should convince you to choose their tires.

  • As the largest tire manufacturer worldwide, Michelin offers the widest range and style of tires. So, you will find the right tire for your automobile from Michelin with ease. Plus, it allows you to choose tires from different styles and price ranges.
  • Michelin has invented some iconic tire technologies for automobiles. The company has always focused on innovation, from removable pneumatic tires to radial tires. It has helped them keep pace with the changing automobile industry. Their tires are ideal for speeding, racing, and consistency.
  • Besides tires, Michelin brings a complete mobility lifestyle for you. You will find lifestyle items, road maps, restaurant locations, itineraries, etc. So, you will enjoy their complete mobility products during touring and long rides.

With these top-of-the-line products and services, Michelin has established itself as a premium tire seller in America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Michelin tires made in the USA?

Yes, Michelin makes their tires in America. They have 20 tire manufacturing plants in America with over 20000 employees working in these plants.

Where are Michelin tires made in the US?

Michelin has established their manufacturing plants mainly in Alabama and South Carolina. Plus, they have their servicing shops expanded across the entire USA.

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The Michelin tire company makes Michelin tires, and they operate from France. They are the largest tire manufacturer with a €23.80 billion revenue and €1.85 billion net income in 2021.

Plus, they make different lifestyle products to offer you a complete mobility experience. Their continuous innovation also helped them keep pace with the fast-changing automobile industry.

So, they bring the latest tires for all the automobile brands and their models.

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