Who Makes Metabo Tools? Can You Rely on It?

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Are you looking for tools that encompass true German ingenuity and engineering? Metabo tools are a very good choice for you. Each and every Metabo tool reflects the development of innovative ideas by the company. But who makes Metabo tools?

Koki Holdings America Ltd (KKR) Makes Metabo Tools.

The world-famous Metabo company located in Nürtingen, Germany, has been producing different types of accessories and pioneering tools for professional use. It has been doing so since its inception in 1924. 

Their core emphasis is on ensuring quality at every stage of product manufacturing. Hence, they have developed reliable and strong partnerships with industries around the globe. 

The article will favor you by offering details about Metabo tools – like the manufacturer of Metabo tools, their production place, quality, price, and selling point. Some FAQs are also added for your convenience. 

Who Makes Metabo Tools?

Koki Holdings America Ltd manufactures Metabo Tools. They are a North American company and a subsidiary of Koki Holdings Co, Ltd.

Most of the Metabo products are produced in Germany. Metabo Power Tools are mostly made in Nürtingen, Germany.

In addition, factories located in Shanghai, a major commercial and industrial center in China, also produce them. The consumers get tools, maintaining higher production standards from both locations.

Hitachi Koki, part of Hitachi Group, acquired Metabo on March 1, 2016. Later HK Holdings Co. bought the Hitachi Group in March 2017. Investment firm KKR is its entity.

Who Owns Metabo toolsKKR & Co. Inc
Owner name American investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Established year 1924
Headquarters in Nürtingen, Baden-Württemberg       
Type GmbH
Total employees 1800 (as in 2014)
Annual turnover/net worth 348 Mio. Euro (as in 2013) 
Website www.metabo.com

Metabo Tools Brand and Its Strength

Metabo tools brand is not new in the tool market. It has a prolonged history. It has been operating in the market for about a century and the company name is derived from a hand drill.

In its long-time operation in the market, it has blessed its customers with numerous quality products. And consequently, it has attained customer satisfaction.  

Are Metabo Tools Good and Worth the Money?

who makes metabo tools

Metabo tools are specifically produced for professionals’ use. And you know who makes Metabo tools. The genuine Metabo brand is renowned for supplying professional tools to be used in craftsmen and industry.

Due to the product quality and great acceptance among the consumers, Metabo HPT holds the position among the line brands.

The company produces a wide range of products like angle grinders. They are treated as the best tools for industrial use.

Their quality in respect of productivity, quality, power, safety, and durability is unbeatable. Most of the consumers have rated them five out of five stars.

They are also the market leader in producing batteries. Their battery technology is outstanding, and they have extended their production areas.

Later, they concentrate on Building Renovation and Trade, MRO, Metalworking in industry, welding supply markets, Concrete finishing, etc.

Some of the Metabo tools with great acceptance are:

  • Metabo HPT 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw
  • Metabo HPT Brad Nailer Kit, Pneumatic, 18 Gauge
  • Metabo HPT Pin Nailer Kit, 23 Gauge, Pin Nails
  • Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer
  • Metabo HPT Cordless Screwdriver Kit
  • Metabo HPT 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Kit with Folding Sawhorses
  • Metabo HPT Angle Grinder
  • Metabo HPT Framing Nailer
  • Metabo HPT Finish Nailer Kit
  • Metabo HPT Palm Nailer

Now let’s come to the price. If you consider the price, the tools from Metabo are expensive. But quality matters. In a true sense, you are getting the tools, what you are paying for. You won’t be deceived in any way. The merchants may treat the price as worth the investment.  

Why Do You Buy Metabo Tools?

Metabo produces quality products. Among some of Metabo’s best tools, Angle grinders are world-famous. They are of higher quality. The tools from Metabo are treated as the best of the best. 

If your pocket is heavy and you are ready to pay top dollar, choose top-notch Metabo tools. You can depend on the versatile and sturdy Metabo tools. They are user-friendly. You will like the lightweight tools for being easy to handle and safe to use. 

You must love Metabo products for their 30-day satisfaction guarantee protection. 

Not only that, they provide excellent customer service, before and after the sale of the products. Besides, you are going to enjoy a warranty for one, two, or five years depending on the product type.  

Who Sells Metabo Tools?

Metabo manufactures different types of power tools and supplies various accessories. The company makes its tools production in Shanghai and Nürtingen, but it sells its products worldwide. They have 23 distribution companies to work with. Almost a hundred importers deal with them.

Now buying Metabo tools is almost hassle-free. It is just a matter of a click. You may buy Metabo tools online, and you can get them from Metabo Power Tools UK through tradecounterdirect.com.

They are available on Toolmart Australia, Amazon.com, Lowes.com, acmetools.com, ebay.com, Power tool World, etc. 

My Raw Opinion about Metabo Brand

You have already got an idea about Metabo tools and their key features. If you look for my personal opinion regarding the Metabo brand, I will say they are really fantastic, dependable, and comfortable. 

But your expectations and choice may differ from that mine. So it’s better to visit different websites that sell synonymous products. There you will get information about the intended products from different brands.

Then, have your own assessment, considering the different brand product features, customer service, etc. I hope, thus, you will be able to select the most suitable tool for you.    

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People Also Ask

Is Metabo and Bosch the same?

Metabo and Bosch are two different German brands. Both of them have been producing different types of products, including numerous power tools. They have individual categories of products or signature products. All the products are of excellent quality. Among them, Metabo products are more budget-friendly.

Are Metabo tools made in china?

Germany has been the great producer of Metabo tools since 1924. And the factory is in Nürtingen, Germany. Later in 2004, there was an extension of the company. Since then, smaller power tools have been produced in the factories located in Shanghai, China.

Is Metabo made by Hitachi?

In recent years, Metabo has been trying to enter the US market. Hence, they started operating in the market along with Hitachi. As a part of the incorporation process, Hitachi owned Metabo a few years back. Later KKR bought both of the brands.

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