Who Makes Mastercraft Tires | History With Crucial Drawbacks

Who Makes Mastercraft Tires

The All-American tire brand Mastercraft tires is a popular name among drivers. Despite being a premium brand, Mastercraft has provided top-quality tires for over a century. Ever thought about who makes Mastercraft Tires?

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, the parent company of Mastercraft tires, produces Mastercraft tires. They follow a simple process to manufacture quality tires.

Tires of this brand are categorized according to vehicle type. All-Season, winter, and performance tires are the top name of this brand.

Mastercraft’s All-Season tire performs best in any weather condition. The unique tread design and see-through grooves give the tire a catchy look.

These tires have some incredible benefits plus some disadvantages. Though they are insignificant, knowing them will solve the issue faster and choose the best among all in the market.

Chronology Of Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft Tires, an American tire brand, was established in 1909. It has been in the tire manufacturing business for over a hundred years. Giant Tire & Rubber Co. and Cooper Corp. bought this tire brand in 1930.

In 1946, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company acquired both of these companies. Cooper Tire first introduced the Mastercraft series in 1995. Mastercraft took the All-Season tire to another level in 2007.

Since then, it has made tires for SUVs, Crossovers, Sedans, and Vans. This famous brand has manufacturing plants in England, Mexico, China, and Siberia. The table below will help you with some technical information about Mastercraft Tires.

OwnerCooper Tire & Rubber Company
Founding Year1909
HeadquarterFindlay, Ohio
Official Websitewww.mastercrafttires.com
Gross Revenue$143 million (in 2020)
Number Of Employees9,200

Production Process Of Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft Tires follow the basic method of manufacturing top-quality tires. Here’s a quick step-by-step guideline about how Mastercraft manufactures its tires.

Gathering Raw Materials

Natural and synthetic rubbers are the essential ingredients to make a tire. Antioxidants, fillers, and textiles are mixed with rubbers to make the base mixture of the tire.

Mixing The Raw Materials

The raw materials are combined to obtain a black and gummy mixture. Extruders and calendars play a vital role in integrating these ingredients. The blend is then sent to the milling unit.

Making The Green Tire

In the milling unit, the mixture is cooled at a low temperature to get the basic structure. Then casing, sidewalls, and tread walls of the tire are made from inside the tire.


This green tire is pressed in the curing unit for a stable form. Curing makes the tire flexible and strong.

Quality Check

Abrasion test, grip, traction on a dry and wet surface, and wearing of the tire are inspected in the quality checking process. These tests ensure the durability and flexibility of tires.

Renowned Types Of Mastercraft Tires

Who Makes Mastercraft Tires
photo: mastercrafttires

Mastercraft makes some of the best types of tires in the tire industry. These tires’ quality varies on the weather, road condition, gripping, and traction capability.

Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus

Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus is primarily used in sports trucks. The see-through groves combined with sipes produce strong grips. With a unique tread design, the tire hardly makes any noise.

A built-in rim protector keeps the rim safe from curbs and debris found on the road. The tread of this tire lasts longer than other tires.

Mastercraft Avenger G/T

This tire gives a vintage and classic look to the car. You’ll enjoy a super smooth ride because of the tilted tread design.

Plus, increasing the road contact, Avenger G/T’s tread provides quality dry traction with outstanding handling. Fine-wearing design enhances traction and prevents zigzag wearing of the tire.

Mastercraft Courser MSR

Courser MSR is a premium winter tire with advanced traction technology. These tires use snow grooves to provide an edge on an icy road for smooth driving.

The D-squared sipes provide extra gripping and traction on the road. Mastercraft makes these sipes longer for better performance and a longer lifespan.

Mastercraft Courser STR

Providing high performance every season, the Mastercraft Courser STR has become a people’s choice. Even fine tread design allows superb dry traction and excellent cornering grip.

Using four wide-range grooves, it takes out the water to decrease the hydroplaning probability. Plus, this feature delivers reliable traction and flexibility on any terrain.

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Benefits Of Using Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft tires not only perform better but also offer some unique benefits. Every type of tire bears different advantages. Knowing them will help you to compare the brand with other brands.

Benefits Of Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus

  • Delivers better dry and wet traction.
  • Outstanding performance in different weather.
  • Offers high cornering performance.
  • Responses faster while handling.
  • Durable and delivers a quiet journey on various roads.

Benefits Of Mastercraft Avenger G/T

  • Makes less noise while braking.
  • The wet and dry traction is out of this world.
  • Flexible and quick response to hard braking.
  • Wear of this tire lasts much longer.
  • Has a 50,000-mile tread life warranty.

Benefits Of Mastercraft Courser MSR

  • A perfect all-season tire.
  • Superb traction and gripping in heavy snow.
  • The handling is pretty smooth.
  • It can be used on any surface.
  • Comes with outstanding durability and stability.

Benefits Of Mastercraft Courser STR

  • The corner gripping is impressive.
  • Removes water faster from tire treads.
  • Treads stay longer because of the advanced tread pattern.
  • Makes the ride quiet and smooth.

Cons Of Using Mastercraft Tires

Like some unique benefits, Mastercraft’s tire has some fundamental disadvantages. Being aware of them will help you recognize the problem and fix it early.

Let’s take a quick peek over the cons of using Mastercraft’s tires.

  • The Courser HTR Plus is the wrong choice for heavy snowy roads.
  • It’s better not to drive off-road with Courser HTR tires.
  • The collection of tires is very limited.
  • LT size of the MSR tire is hardly available in the market.
  • The Courser AXT makes a loud noise while driving.
  • Traction on a stony surface is average.
  • Some of these tires are not suitable for rock climbing.
  • The Courser HTR tire’s tread has an average lifespan.
  • Winter tires of this brand are responsible for noise pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the owner of Mastercraft Tires?

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is the owner of the Mastercraft tires. Technically, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Manufacturing Company owns Mastercraft tires because Cooper Tire is a subsidiary of Goodyear tires.

Is Mastercraft tire a premium brand?

Mastercraft is a premium tire brand. Tire brands like BFGoodrich, Yokohama, Bridgestone, and other popular brands are the primary competitors of this 100-year-old company. The characteristics and the easiness of using this tire made it one of the premium tire brands.

Are Mastercraft tires expensive?

Mastercraft’s tires are expensive. The average price is $40 to $50 higher than other tire brands. But the quality is top-notch. These tires last longer than other tire brands available in the market.

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Final Words

Mastercraft Tires is a trusted name around the globe. This premium brand sells tires of top-notch quality. These tires may be expensive, but the superb performance on the road is worth the money.

Hopefully, the debate on who makes Mastercraft Tires has given you a clear view of the manufacturing company.

Before buying a pair from this tire brand, try to understand the benefits deeply. Do regular maintenance of these tires for a longer lifespan. Inspect the price list before you buy Mastercraft’s tire.

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