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A good pair of tires goes a long way in boosting your driving experience, smoothness, and safety on the roads. Thus, people always want a pair of reliable and long-lasting tires for their automobiles. In this regard, Kumho tires have become a premium choice for drivers, thanks to their dependable performance for the past few decades.

However, people have many misconceptions about Kumho tires. One such misleading information is related to its manufacturer. So, who makes Kumho tires?

Many people think that Kumho tires are made in China by a Chinese manufacturer. But that’s not true. Kumho is a Korean brand, and its main manufacturer is the Kumho Tire. It is an industrial conglomerate and currently supplies good-quality tires worldwide.

Over the years, the company has manufactured over 100 million tires. Isn’t it incredible?

Thus, today, we will discuss the history of Kumho tires, so you know better and deeper about this famous tire company.

Who Makes Kumho Tires

The brand KUMHO TIRE manufactures Kumho tires. They formerly operated as a part of Kumho Asiana Group. However, the parent organization of Kumho is Qingdao Doublestar.

Kumho is a South Korean tire manufacturer known worldwide for its quality, safety standards, and premium tires. In fact, the company currently has three different brands of tires. The brands are:

  1. Kumho tires
  2. Marshal tires
  3. Zetum tires

All these three brands have great popularity among drivers and car owners. Also, apart from the automotive industry, Kumho works in the aerospace industry. However, the company didn’t come to this position in just one day.

Kumho tires have been in the automotive industry for the past 60 years. Yes, Park In-chon, the Korean businessman, established the tire company in 1960. Currently, their headquarter is located in Gwangju, South Korea.

Nonetheless, the company has developed three different production plants across South Korea to meet the increasing demand for their tires. Their three manufacturing plants are at:

  1. The Pyeongtaek Plant
  2. The Gokseong Plant
  3. The Gwangju Plant

The Gwangju plant is also their center for Research and Development. The R&D team works from the Gwangju plant. The company is constantly working to improve the quality of its tires to meet the market’s growing demands worldwide.

Also, they have two other R&D centers worldwide that we will discuss in the latter part of this article.

Plants in China, Vietnam, and the US

Who Makes Kumho Tires

Although Kumho tires are primarily based in South Korea, they also have plants in other countries for their massive demand. Currently, they also have three plants in China. These plants are:

  1. The Tianjin plant,
  2. The Gaoxin Plant
  3. The Changchun Plant

Apart from the production plants in South Korea and China, the company has also established plants in the United States and Vietnam. The United Kingdom plant basically manufactures tires for the US and European region. The plants are:

  1. Binh Duong Province
  2. Macon, Georgia

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Research and Development Centers

We have already mentioned that Kumho tires work relentlessly to improve their tires’ quality, safety, and reliability. Thus, as part of their commitment to their clients for the safest and most reliable tires, they have established three Research and Development (R&D) centers worldwide.

These research centers are located at:

  • The Gwangju plant
  • Birmingham, England
  • Akron,  Ohio

The Gwangju research center is the largest one. The Birmingham center is dedicated to the European region, and the center in Akron, Ohio, looks after the worldwide market.

The company has been serving millions of customers through these three R&D centers and five plants. It has helped them mark their presence in the automotive industry.

Annual Turnover, Net Worth, and Employees

Kumho is among the largest tire companies worldwide. It has been featured in the top, and largest tire manufacturers list in different websites and automobile magazines. Both the Car Treatments and the Car Logos have included Kumho Tires in their list of the top tire manufacturers worldwide.

As the current data shows, the company has produced over 100 million tires since its establishment in the 1960s. The Ecsta lineup is their most popular tire. It is popular for sporty passenger cars in Europe, China, and Korea.

The massive popularity of the company has helped it earn massive profit in the market. Currently, its revenue is $2.16 billion, which ranks it among the top 100 companies in different magazines.   

  • Revenue: $2.16 billion
  • Operating income: $65 million 
  • Net income: $150 million

As you see, the company has a net worth of over $3 billion. It makes the Kumho Tires among the top manufacturers in South Korea. All the data are derived from the 2018 annual report of the company.

Also, the company has several thousand employees working in their different plants and research centers. Currently, 8579 workers are employed in their plants and research centers. Also, the company is looking forward to boosting their production after the post-pandemic condition as car sales have gone up once again.

Interesting and Unknown Facts about Kumho Tires

  • According to a Twitter published in 2014, Kumho is officially NBA’s supplier for the tires.
  • Kumho has sponsored the La Liga team and European Formula 3 racing team.
  • Kumho has tied with the Manchester United FC as their platinum partner since 2007. They have started a “Play Safer” campaign with the team as part of their social responsibility. Aso, the campaign creates awareness among people about safe driving.
  • Kumho was once truly an eco-friendly tire manufacturer. They used recycled rubber in their tire. However, increasing complaints and a report in China Central Television showed that the company uses too many recycled tires. It has reduced the reliability and durability of their tires. So, the company was forced to stop production. They even call for an official apology to their customers.

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Final Words

With over $2.16 billion of annual revenue, Kumho Tire Inc. is the 2nd largest South Korean tire manufacturer. It has tire production plants in South Korea, China, Vietnam, and even in America. Their relentless research and progression have made them one of the top tire manufacturers worldwide. So, does your car have Kumho tires?

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