Who Makes Kobalt Power Tools: In-depth Observation

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Kobalt is an American Tool brand that has been in operation under a Joint venture business. It is known for its durability and other issues. Professionals like to use Kobalt power tools for their sturdy and durable features.

You will love these tools made with American Standard and for their longer lifespan. So, today here we will discuss the matter of who makes Kobalt power tools?

Kobalt is an American tool brand manufactured under Lowe’s Companies, Inc and has been in the stores for many years. From 1993 Chevron get the contract for manufacturing these tools and continuing with the excellent quality standard.

Through our today’s discussion, we will give you all accurate information on Kobalt tools, and you will be able to understand the facts.

Who Makes Kobalt Power Tools

It is a US brand and made in a Northern American factory. Lowe’s companies took the first initiative, and then it was a joint venture with defunct Masters Home Improvement of Australia.

Power tools are among the essential items in our workshop and office. We all use them every day, so it is necessary to know how to use them properly.

Kobalt is a power tool company that has been manufacturing for some years and won the heart of users with its durability. They have a long history in the US market, and professionals in many industries widely use their products.

Kobalt is a global manufacturer of electric power tools and industrial equipment. Kobalt has been in the business. They produce a wide range of power tools, including hand tools, electric motors, and modification tools.

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Why do Professionals go for Kobalt Tools?

Power tools are a massive part of our lives. They are used to solve everyday problems. Professionals like artisans and mechanics also use them to do their jobs better.

Kobalt provides a wide range of power tools for professional people to use in their life. Skilled people can use many devices; they choose that is perfect according to their needs. The tools can help them complete their tasks faster, more efficiently, and better.

In reality, we are constantly facing trouble in our regular work. We use a tool for a specific type of work for each of them. This is not always possible to go to a workshop here. We need a professional means, and Kobalt is the solution.

Kobalt Tools Quality Control

Who makes kobalt power tools

We will talk about the Kobalt power tools and their quality control issues here. These are the correct choices for professionals that will give those years of service. But how do they control the quality here?

The Kobalt Company follows the highest standard in manufacturing these tools.

It is a USA- Australia joint venture manufacturing company. The Kobalt tool is a well-planned tool-making plant where manual and software-based testing is done before product release.

Chevron is running the manufacturing; they are absolutely following the highest standard.

Kobalt- Brand Recognition

The Kobalt power tools are made by Chevron now, and they are very focused on their Kobalt Customer Services for feedback. They have got the recent Popular Mechanics Tool Awards for their outstanding achievements, 2022.

Kobalt is a global leader in power tools and industrial automation. They have been manufacturing and selling power tools for more than 30 years. The company has been a market leader in the USA for the quality matter and now ruling in other countries.

People Also Ask

Is Kobalt owned by DeWalt?

No, they are not. It is a different company run by separate management.

Where are Kobalt power tools manufactured?

Being first manufactured in the US, it now has its factories in China, Taiwan, and other places.

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Final Words

So, it is not a difficult task for you to understand the facts about Kobalt anymore. Who makes Kobalt power tools? This question has been addressed above, and we know the facts now. Get the right product from Kobalt and stay hassle-free for years. Not only from US makers, but it also comes with a commitment to good products and services.

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