Who Makes Kenda Tires | The Answer You Didn’t Expect

Kenda is among the top tires worldwide, particularly in the Chinese and Taiwanese markets. The tire is fairly popular in the Asian, European, and American markets. Thus, the chances are high that you may have seen or used the Kenda tires in your automobile, motorcycle, or bicycle.

But do you know who makes Kenda tires? We bet you haven’t tried to know it. So, here’s the answer.

Kenda Rubber Industrial Company makes all types of Kenda tires. The tire company operates mainly in Taiwan. However, they have facilities in different countries to meet their ever-increasing supply and demand ratio. Plus, the company makes nearly all types of tires you can imagine.

So, let’s see the origin, history, and benefits of Kenda tires.

Who Makes Kenda Tires

Kenda tires are mainly a Taiwanese company. The manufacturer is Kenda Rubber Industrial Company. Also, the company was established in 1962. Thus, they have 60 years of rich history in rubber production and tire manufacturing.

However, there’s a rumor in the market that Kenda has now become a subsidiary company of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. It has helped many people perceive that Kenda receives Cooper’s American tire technology.

Although it has assisted Kenda in increasing its sales, the rumor is a misconception. Yes, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has shares in Kenda Tire Company. Nonetheless, Kenda operates independently and has built its technology.

However, it’s not the technology but rather the cheapness of Kenda tires that have made them so popular. A pair of Kenda tires are priced almost 50% less than Pirelli or Michelin tires. Also, these tires are truly quite durable and reliable despite being so inexpensive. So, they have become a popular choice in many regions.

A Contrasting Fact about Kenda Tires

Most tire companies get the majority of sales from their automobile tire sector. Kenda is a sharp contrast in this regard. If you observe closely, you will find that Kenda isn’t a popular car tire brand in most regions.

Instead, they are more focused and popular in the bicycle and motorcycle industry. Their car rubber isn’t famous. Yet, you will see Kenda tires in ATVs, trailers, and industrial equipment. In fact, Kenda’s annual sales report shows that they made most of their revenue from ATV and industrial equipment tires in the last five years.

The History and Development of Kenda

Kenda has grown to be one of the largest tire companies worldwide in the last two decades. In fact, in 2010, Kenda was the 27th largest tire manufacturer worldwide. But how did they grow so rapidly?

The answer lies in their business strategy.

Since its establishment in 1962, Kenda has been growing steadily. Their first plant was in Yuanlin, Taiwan. There they manufactured bicycle tires first. In the 1970s, they started manufacturing scooters and motorcycle tires.

In 1978, they introduced their first equipment tires. Yes, they brought their lawn and garden tires in 1978. It helped them massively to skirmish the growing equipment market. Following the success, they introduced their 1st trailer tires in 1983. It was their first step in the heavy industrial tire manufacturing sector, and it truly made them an influential figure.

In 1985, Kenda established its second plant in Yun-Lin, Taiwan. They also enlisted them in Taiwan’s Stock Exchange. After that, they established their facilities in China and America respectively in 1990 and 1991.

They acquired a few small tire manufacturers in America and China in the next few years. Also, they brought their gold cart tires. Their next big leap came in 2004 when they partnered with Cooper Tire Company. The joint venture had established its company in China.

In 2012, Kenda celebrated its 50th anniversary. Also, they set up their 1st European center in 2012 in Germany. They named it Kenda Europe.

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Plants and Facilities of Kenda

Who Makes Kenda Tires

Gradually, the demand for Kenda tires has increased. The company has increased its facility and plant too. Initially, they operated from Taiwan, their first plant in Yuanlin, Taiwan. Their first tire plant outside Taiwan was in Shenzhen, China. They established the facility in 1990.

The company has multiple plants and facilities across Asia, Europe, and America. They have also partnered with many renowned tire manufacturers. It has helped them improve their technology and innovation for advanced tires.

You will find Kenda tire facilities in the following countries and regions.

  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • America
  • Europe

Why Should You Choose Kenda Tires?

  • Kenda tires are more affordable than most automobile and equipment tires. Also, the company didn’t compromise on quality and performance to make their tires cheaper.
  • Kenda tires always deliver above-average performance and reliability. You can depend on their performance on both dry and wet roads. The company has invested heavily in a wide and flat-run tire for the best reliability.
  • Although you won’t believe it, Kenda has the widest tires in their product lines. You will find tires for nearly all brands and models. Also, they manufacture tires for cars, SUVs, trucks, microbuses, buses, ATVs, industrial equipment, etc.
  • Kenda may not be a giant tire manufacturer like Pirelli or Bridgestone. Yet, it offers one of the best after-sales services across its sales regions. Plus, their 1-year warranty period is truly praiseworthy.
  • Last but not least, Kenda has held their performance for a long period. Yes, their tires are durable, which is worth the affordable investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kenda a good tire brand?

Yes, Kenda is a good and reliable tire brand. You will find their tires truly high-quality, reliable, and versatile for different vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, ATVs, etc.

Are Kenda tires noisy?

One of the main problems of Kenda tires is their noisiness. Many automobile owners have complained that Kenda tires were noisier than they anticipated at high-speed.


Kenda started its humble journey in the tire manufacturing sector in 1962. Within the next 60 years, it has grown to be one of the largest and most reliable tire brands worldwide.

You will find their reliability, performance, and affordability truly useful for your automobile, ATVs, or industrial equipment such as lawnmowers, golf carts, etc.

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