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Jellypop is a world-famous brand of shoes. It is a fun, sophisticated, and easy-to-wear comfortable shoe brand. The design is very trendy and classy yet simple. These shoes are also known for being comfortable to wear and affordable. So women of different generations can wear it for many occasions. So who makes these Jellypops?

Jellypop is a brand presented by Evolution Design Lab and founder Jennet chow. They have made Jellypop a fun, fresh, and comfortable-to-wear shoe brand. It is perfect for a woman’s day-to-day life.

So in this article, Let’s try to get an idea about what this brand is all about. What is the inspiration behind such a brand? Who makes Jellypop shoes? What is the story behind the parent company, Evolution Design Brand, and Jennet Chow?

I will also try to have an idea about the products and why one may want to try them out!

Who Makes Jellypop Shoes

Jennet Chow is the one who makes Jellypop shoes. A brand named “Prima Royale” started as a shoe manufacturing company in 1983. It was founded by Jennet Chows’ father, Harry k. Chow.

The company, later on, got known as EDL or Evolution Design Lab in 2009. It became the first virtual supply chain, merchandising, and sales footwear industry.

The company, Evolution Design Lab, is currently located in Pasadena, CA, US. It has a total of 25 employees and generates around 2.13 million USD

Manufacturing Brand of Jellypop Shoes“Jellypop”
Owner of Jellypop ShoesJennet Chow
Parent CompanyEvolution Design Lab(EDL)
Founded in2009
Company LocationPasadena, CA, United States

The Background of Jellypop and Evolution Design Lab

So, let’s go back to the starting question. Who makes Jellypop shoes? Jennet Chow, the founder of EDL, started her company back in 2009. Her upbringing, knowledge, experience, and strong will made her succeed now.

Jennet Chows’ parents, Harry and Judy, were immigrants from Taiwan. They had to work hard to make ends meet as they only had a few dollars. They used to sell imported shoes in the local swap meets in LA.

Jennet used to help her parents out in the shop from a very early age. Even while studying management, she used to help her parents. So from a very early age, she was accustomed to running a business.

She also learned many other skills from her parents. Since then, jennet wanted to have a shoe-making company.

So in 2009, jennet used all her skills and education and founded EDL. She wanted to make a brand that would be both comfortable and stylish. She also wanted her brand, Jellypop, to be loved by different generations.

Today, Jellypop is a famous brand. It is best known for its sophisticated look and comfortable fit.

The Jellypop team travels to study fashion and provide the best products. They also try out the shoes themselves and put them out for customers.

The company has made many donations. It is living by its motto:

“The innovative bridge between artisan craftsman and emerging technologies.”

By now, you must have gotten an idea about the makers and the brand. Now let’s know some facts about the brand.

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who makes jellypop shoes

Jellypop Making Premium Shoes and other Footwear

In the beginning, a brief introduction to this brand has been given. Now, let’s know some details about the brand.

Jellypop is a shoe-making brand. It is trendy, elegant, and easy to wear. The brand is known for consistently providing high-quality shoes. It has built the trust of the customers over the years. Any woman can wear it in her office, in picnics, a casual or not so get together party and feel comfortable.

Jellypop has a varied collection of footwear. They have sandals, casual and dress shoes, wedges, and sneakers. They also have boots, flats, and slippers! These are all sophisticated enough for every type of woman to have in their closet!

When choosing a brand of shoes, one would go for the brand which has been around for a long time. And also the brand that has been proven to be stylish and easy to wear at the same time. Jellypop is just that.

Types of Footwear Jellypop Producing

  1. Casuals
  2. Flats
  3. Sandals
  4. Slippers
  5. Sneakers
  6. Boots

What to Trust in Jellypop Shoes?

When choosing any shoes to wear, one may want to check a few things. For example, who makes Jellypop shoes, What are the basic qualities of this shoe etc.?  Here are a few facts why one should go for Jellypop shoes.

Long service

CEO of EDL Company, who has been making Jellypop shoes since 2009. Although it’s been such a long time, the shoes are still what they started as. They are comfortable, sophisticated, and have a versatile design.


Jellypop shoes are trendy and comfortable, and the brand is very famous. So people may think it is not affordable. But these shoes are very budget-friendly. So you do not worry about the price as well as the quality.

Wide range of design

There are many types of footwear for Jellypop! Jellypop has toddler shoes, party shoes, casual shoes, and sneakers! They also have flats, sandals, and boots! So you have many options to choose from.

Latest Design

Along with being comfortable, Jellypop shoes are trendy. Its designs are up to date and of the latest trend. So you can always rely on these sophisticated shoes for any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jellypop shoes true in size?

Customers have said that these shoes can be a bit tight. So you might want to go for a size 8.5 if you are a size 8.

Are Jellypop shoes comfortable to wear?

These shoes are very comfortable for running, working, etc.

Can you wash Jellypop Shoes?

Yes, they are washable.

Are Jellypop shoe cruelty-free?

Yes, Jellypop shoes are 100% vegan.

Final Word

Jellypop shoes is one of the leading shoe brands presented by Evolution Design Lab. Jennet Chow, who makes Jellypop shoes with much diligence, has provided high-quality products since the very beginning.

These shoes are of fresh design and easy to wear in day-to-day life. The designs are the latest and versatile.

Women of different generations can wear these shoes on many occasions. The company and the worker team work very hard to ensure the quality of these shoes.

The customer reviews have also been consistent about these shoes. So you can rely on this brand to not disappoint you. You will always find Jellypop shoes to be comfortable, trendy, and of high quality.

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