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Ironman tires produce tires for trucks, passenger cars, and SUVs. The price of the Ironman tire is low, but the performance is outstanding. Ever thought about who makes Ironman tires?

Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. manufactures Ironman tires in China. An Ironman Tire provides durability, comfort, and safety at a cheaper rate. It’s best known for SUVs and truck tires. 

The Ironman GR906, All-Season Tires, and SUV tires are some of the popular tires from this famous brand. Their unique iMove technology enhances tire performance and delivers a super smooth ride.

Like other tire brands, Ironman tires come with some cons. You don’t have to worry about them if you have proper knowledge about them. Keeping the tires on a regular check increase both the tires and the car’s safety.

History Of Ironman Tires

Hercules tires generally make Ironman tires. In 1960, Cooper Rubber and Tire Technology and Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. started manufacturing Hercules tires. Technically, Cooper Rubber & Tire Technology is the owner of Ironman Tires.

Hercules began production of tires in 1952. They use Cooper tires headquarters in Findlay, Ohio. Most of the Ironman tires are made in China. After the production, Hercules distributes tires to retailers.

In North America, Hercules also has some distributors. So don’t be surprised if you see Ironman tires on a North American highway.

ManufacturerHercules Tire & Rubber Co.
Founding Year1952
HeadquarterFindley, Ohio
Revenue$810,000 (in 2021)
Official Websitewww.ironmantires.com

Manufacturing Process Of Ironman Tires

Ironman tires are made following some interesting techniques. The Ironman Tire lab invented simple ways to produce a more robust and durable tire. Find out how an Ironman tire is made here:


A tire’s design is determined by the materials used. This company’s experts create a wide range of tires. After a successful test, the design is chosen.

Soon after, a prototype is tested, and then mass production begins.

Material Mixing

The basic materials include silica, carbon black, natural and synthetic rubber, reinforcing cables, and chemical agents.

These components are used to provide the finest possible combination for increased stability.

Basic Part Production

Steel cables and wires are constructed from high-strength steel. Silica, carbon black, natural and synthetic rubber, reinforcing cables, and chemical agents are among the fundamental components.

Calendaring & Extrusion

High-strength steel is used to make steel cables and wires. The basic components are silica, carbon black, natural and synthetic rubber, reinforcing cables, and chemical agents.

A calendar creates a wide range of inner tire lines. The extruder shapes up the tire entirely.

Making Green Tire

To make the green tire, these semi-processed elements are put together. When manufacturing a green tire, the casing is done first. After that, it’s time to tread.


Vulcanization is done at a steady temperature and pressure for the best results. It improves the tire’s flexibility and durability. This technique imbues the tire with the brand logo and treads patterns.

Quality Control

Ironman performs some compulsory tests to make sure the tire is strong. They check the resistance to wear and how noisy the tire is. Traction and grip tests are performed for better results.

Famous Ironman Tire Types

Who Makes Ironman Tires

Ironman has some of the popular tire types in the market. A quick overview of these tires will give you a transparent idea about the quality.

Ironman GR906

The GR906 might be your perfect fit if you’re looking for a cheap tire that can handle all seasons and weather situations. This tire has a contemporary fine tread pattern with gripping sipes that aid in traction and grip on slippery roads or light snow.

Ironman tires are particularly good on wet or dry roads and have a low roll resistance, saving you money on gas.


Ironman iMove GEN2 AS, a high-performance tire, is the most popular type of Ironman tire. The asymmetric, silica-based tread improves handling, steering responsiveness, and traction.

Reduced roll resistance provides a quiet ride while saving a significant amount of fuel.

SUV Or Truck Tire

The iMove technology used in SUVs tires increases the sporting performance along with durability.

These tires offer an asymmetrical tread pattern that looks amazing. It provides a quiet and comfortable ride with outstanding grip in wet conditions. You won’t even hear loud noises from the tires while driving.

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Advantages Of Using Ironman Tires

Advantages speak about the quality and service of Ironman tires. You must be aware of the benefits a product offers.

Here are the reasons you should use Ironman Tires:

  • Budget-friendly despite being cheaper than most premium brands.
  • Perform on the same level as the premium brands.
  • Traction is excellent on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • The quality of Ironman tires hardly falls to an unexpected level.
  • Ironman tires look awesome on a vehicle.
  • Because of those tires, everyone on the road will notice your car’s bumper.
  • Use an Ironman tire if you want a cool car in the neighborhood.

Disadvantages Of Using Ironman Tires

Ironman’s tire features several fundamental drawbacks with some unique advantages. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of using Ironman tires.

  • Cheap tires do not have a tread life that matches the price tag.
  • Most winter tires have a 40,000 miles tread warranty.
  • Treads start to wear out once they reach the limit.
  • All-season tires do not have warranties.
  • Products are not available in every location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Ironman tires available online?

Ironman tires are available online. You can buy tires from their official website. Just put your car type and model, and it’ll show you the available tires. Online shops like Walmart and Amazon also sell Ironman Tires.

Are Ironman Tires cheap?

Ironman Tires are cheaper than most premium brands. The price is low, but the quality is top-notch. Some of the tires range surprisingly from $50 to $70. They offer all-season, high-performance tires of the same quality as the premium brands.

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Ironman Tire is a well-known tire brand. It has become a household brand because of its durability and flexibility. Although the price is low, the benefits are comparable to leading brands.

We hope that our investigation into who manufactures Ironman Tires has given you a better understanding of the tire brand.

It’s ideal for any vehicle, but particularly SUVs and pickup trucks. Research the market price and inspect the local retail price before buying some tires of this brand.

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