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If you love driving, you must be familiar with GT Radial Tire. But do you know who makes GT Radial Tires?

Giti Tire, a Singaporean tire company, produces GT Radial tires. It is one of the well-known and largest tire companies globally, with a vast global customer base.

Though people are familiar with GT radial tires, they don’t know about the magicians behind these tremendous tires.

Considering this fact, this article will focus on the manufacturers of GT radial tires. Besides, the readers will learn some additional information about GT Radial tires and its manufacturer company. Furthermore, I will answer some frequently asked questions as well. So, let’s start.

Who Makes GT Radial Tire

Giti Tire, a Singaporean company, makes GT Radial Tire. Established in 1951, the company is currently the 14th gigantic global tire company, with a vast global network. The company produces every kind of tire with various price ranges, for instance, passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.

Customers will get costly tires for ultra-high-performance cars and regular tires for light trucks and SUVs. So, there is no chance of getting back in empty hands.

In 2009, GITI Tire manufactured about 17 million tires, accounting for around 13% of all tires sold in China. Besides, the company exported more than 15 million tires to around 100 states worldwide during the same year.

Who is The Owner of GT Radial Tires

GT Radial Tires has no single ownership. Rather, it belongs to several parent organizations. It is basically a subsidiary company of GT Asia Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Again, GT Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd. belongs to another Singaporean private company, named “Nuri Holdings Pte. Ltd.” Different families have ownership in these parent organizations.

For instance, the Liem family largely controls Nuri Holdings (S) Pte. Ltd. since they have the majority of the share in the company.

Currently, Enki Tan is assigned as the Executive Chairman and Lei Huaichin as the Managing Director of Giti Tires. Under their decision and other instructions, the company conducts its activities. So, different people from different organizations have shares in GT Radial Tires

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Where Are GT Radial Tires Manufactured?

who makes gt radial tires

Giti Tire has several manufacturing plants to fulfill the needs of its global customers. Initially, Giti produced and distributed its products from its manufacturing company in Indonesia. Over time, the company has gained international popularity due to its top-notch quality.

As a result, they had to expand their manufacturing companies in various states.

The company established its first USA manufacturing plant in South Carolina. Apart from it, Giti has plants in Indonesia and China. Altogether, Giti now has eight manufacturing plants.

Giti carries on its massive production system in these manufacturing plants and provides service in more than 130 states. Besides, Giti has more than 6,500 retail points in North America and more than 740 in Canada. These workplaces are the source of livelihood for people from 50 states.

Launching any quality product requires thorough research and development projects. For this purpose, Giti has established R&D Technical Centers in different states, such as China, the UK, Germany, and the USA.

Are GT Radial Tires Reliable?

As aforementioned, GT Radial Tires has a wide range of tire collections to meet the demands of a diverse customer base. One will get tires for all-terrain and conditions, for instance, ultra-high-performance tires, winter tires, all-season tires, etc.

Giti launches tires after conducting several experiments, and researches. The outcome is something that can beat other top-notch tire companies in the tire industry.

Since 2005, GT Radial has achieved “the Supplier Quality Excellence Award” 7 times from General Motors. Now, one can understand the quality and performance of the GT Radial Tires. Here I have included some of the reasons why consumers feel it’s an excellent tire brand.

  • Reliable: GT Radial Tires employ the most recent tread compound, aggressive tread design, broad circumferential grooves, and improved tread blocks to provide the safest on and off-road driving experience possible.
  • Higher traction: The advanced tread compound aims to enhance the grip or traction of the tire with the ground, regardless of surface type. So, the users don’t have to worry about losing traction at higher speeds.
  • Wide Circumferential Grooves: Wide Circumferential Grooves feature helps to outflow the water rather than preserve it. So, the users will not face any struggle in driving on wet surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can customers get GT Radial Tires?

Customers can purchase GT radial tires in two ways: Offline and online.

Offline: Customers will find GT radial tires in almost all local tire shops in their respective states. Some auto repair shops also sell GT Radial tires.

Online: One can purchase GT radial tires from well known e-commerce websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, since GT tires doesn’t have their own website.

Are Champiro Radial GT Tires Directional?

Giti produces GT Radial Champiro Tires along with its co-brands. One will find these tires both in directional and non-directional types, depending on the model of the tire.

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Many people use GT radial tires worldwide, but they rarely know about the manufacturers. Therefore, some people often ask, “Who makes GT Radial Tires?” Therefore, this article discussed the manufacturers of GT Radial Tires in a detailed manner. I hope the readers will find the article informative.

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