Who Makes Gearwrench Tools and Where are These Tools Made?

who makes gearwrench tools

As the automotive, mechanical, construction, and maintenance industry has become larger, a proper tool has also become equally important. And when it comes to the right toolset with reliability and performance, Gearwrench will always be a great option.

Over the past two decades, the Gearwrench tool has grown into an influential and popular hand tool and ratcheting wrench supplier in the American market. But do you know who makes Gearwrench tools?

The answer will undoubtedly astonish you since it is unexpected.

The Apex Tool Group, the owner of Allen, Armstrong Tools, Iseli, etc., is also the owner and manufacturer of the Gearwrench tools. Thus, it comes from one industry-leading hand and power tool manufacturer.

However, people also want to know about the brand reliability, worthiness, customer care, and credibility of the Gearwrench tools. So, we will answer all these questions in this article.

Discussion PointAnswer
Who Owns Gearwrench ToolsApex Tool Group
Power Tool50+
Most known toolsRatchet wrench, socket wrench, sockets, screwdriver, etc.
Manufacturing PlantsTaiwan and China

Who Makes Gearwrench Tools

Apex Tool Group is the main owner, designer, and manufacturer of Gearwrench tools. Gearwrench, the subsidiary brand of Apex Tool Group, excels in mending professional tools for aerospace, automotive, industrial, heavy construction, and other sectors.

The brand also supplies some hand tools for non-professional uses at home and DIY projects.

However, Gearwrench isn’t an ancient entry in the toolset industry, although it has become a popular tool brand in the American industry. In fact, with its establishment year of 1996, it is one of the newest entries in the tool industry.

Their first innovation and production was a five-degree ratcheting wrench. This original patent made the company instantly famous among professionals in different sectors. They initially produced and supplied ratcheting wrenches to professionals only.

Nonetheless, they slowly diversified their tool business as they started innovating and designing some breakthrough and truly useful tools. Now, their long production line includes the following tools:

  • Ratchets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sockets of different kinds
  • Pliers set
  • Various hand tools

This wide range of tools and toolsets has made them a highly competitive brand in the tool industry. It means Gearwrench has become a direct competitor of Tekton, Craftsman, etc., brands who also make these similar tools.

This brings a few key queries, “Is Gearwrench better than Tekton? Or, Is Craftsman better than Gearwrench?” We will answer these queries in the following sections.

Where Are Gearwrench Tools Made?

As you know, Gearwrench is a subsidiary of the Apex Tools Group, and they mainly manufacture tools in Taiwan. Nonetheless, they also have production facilities in China.

Thankfully, their research is still based in America, and Apex Tools maintains a hard line for its product quality. It means you won’t have to worry about the quality, performance, and durability of Gearwrench tools.

When they come into the American market, the brand ensures that its products fully meet the US standard. It has enabled them to serve over 70 million happy customers in less than 20 years since their establishment.

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who makes gearwrench tools

Tekton vs Gearwrench Which Tool Brand Is Better?

Tekton and Gearwrench are incredibly popular and dependable tool brands among professionals and DIYers. But, who makes better tools?

Firstly, Gearwrench tools are known for their speed, accuracy, and amazing prowess. Professionals use them mainly for medium to heavy-duty works. Their most sold tools include socket wrenches, ratchet wrenches, and screwdrivers.

Since they focus on making only a few specific tools, they have developed superior skills in manufacturing them.

Also, over the past 20 years, as the VP of Marketing of North American Hand Tools, Ray Smith said in 2017, “Gearwrench is one of the fastest-growing and leading tool manufacturers in the last 20 years.” It has been made possible due to its amazing product quality, competent customer care, and high-performing tools.

Also, Gearwrench has actually redesigned the conventional handle of the wrench. The company is also the only manufacturer of the 120X wrench. This wrench can move in 120 different positions, which gives the users the most advantages.

Lastly, Gearwrench also provides a lifetime warranty for its hand tools. So, you are promised to get the best customer care service for any defects on your tools.

On the contrary, Tekton is no ordinary tool manufacturer either. It was established in 1997 and so isn’t older than Gearwrench. They mainly manufacture mechanical and assembly toolsets.

However, they don’t make their tools only in America. Tekton also has production facilities in Taiwan and China. Yet, they have maintained industry-leading quality for all of their tools.

Thus, it’s a draw between Tekton and Gearwrench regarding better service or quality. You may depend on both tool manufacturers and enjoy an equally satisfying performance. However, Gearwrench gets the edge with its innovative products and capacity for heavy-duty industrial uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are KD tools the same as Gearwrench?

Yes, KD tools are similar to Gearwrench since Apex Tool Group is rebranding KD tools as Gearwrench. Originally, the KD tool was established in 1919. At that time, KD tools focused on making automotive tools. Since the establishment of Gearwrench in 1996 in Taiwan, Apex Tool has started selling KD tools through the new Gearwrench brand.

Does Snap-on make Gearwrench?

No, Snap-on doesn’t make or design Gearwrench tools. Gearwrench works under the subsidiary of the larger conglomerate Apex Tools Group. However, you will find Gearwrench tools in Snap-on’s mobile stores so that you may buy from their store.

Gearwrench vs. Milwaukee, who is better?

Both Gearwrench and Milwaukee offer the most streamlined production quality and performance. However, Gearwrench is tiny compared to Milwaukee since it focuses on making a few specific tools and wrenches. On the other side, Milwaukee truly makes the most versatile and widest ranges of professional and DIY tools.


As the discussion suggests, Apex Tool Group makes Gearwrench tools. Apex Tool Group is one of the leading industrial tool manufacturers with 20+ different tool brands. Also, Gearwrench has been serving its customers with excellence in innovation and top-of-the-line products that you must stand and appreciate.

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