Who Makes Frigidaire Appliances? Is It Worth Considering?

If you are looking for home appliances, Frigidaire always comes at the top. Frigidaire appliance is a known brand popular for its qualitative, innovative, and high-performing appliances to upgrade your home as you like. People prefer their appliances, specifically refrigerators, microwave ovens, and washers, for their houses because of these aspects.

Yet, the question arises of who is behind manufacturing and managing all these products. Considering there isn’t much information, this article answers this question.

The quick answer is Electrolux owns Frigidaire appliances. Yet, for details, keep reading to know more about who makes Frigidaire appliances and if they are worth considering. Let’s get started.

Who Is The Founder Of Frigidaire Appliances?

Frigidaire appliances, launched in 1918, is a child company of Electrolux manufacturers. It is a Sweden-based company initially launched to make washers and dryers. After owning Frigidaire, it also became responsible for manufacturing all the appliances of Frigidaire, especially refrigerators, and marketing them under the name of Frigidaire. Electrolux, since then, owns this company and hasn’t changed its ownership, unlike other similar companies. Note that even Electrolux is a child company of the Swedish company AB Electrolux.

Looking back, General Motors first owned Frigidaire appliances and named it likely. They gave this name to signify the brand’s main purpose: refrigerator manufacturing. Its first appliance was an electric refrigerator, which extensively contributed to this brand’s success.

Later in 1937, Frigidaire planned to expand its business. They started manufacturing different home appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and air conditioners, to name some, providing the consumers with the best mechanical partner they deserve.

However, in 1978, GM handed over its ownership rights on Frigidaire appliances to White Consolidated Industries, which marketed the rights to AB Sweden Electrolux in 1987. Since then, Electrolux has owned the company, constantly leading it to new heights with its innovative and qualitative inventions.

Where Do Frigidaire Appliances Manufacture?

Frigidaire manufactures its appliances in Mexico, South Korea, and the United States. However, the United States is the main manufacturing premises of Frigidaire appliances.

Frigidaire appliances have other recently opened manufacturing factories, like North Carolina, South Carolina, and Minnesota. Breaking it down, plants in South Carolina manufacture top freezer refrigerators of mainly 15 to 18 cubic feet in size. Other freezers, including plumbing appliances, get manufactured in a Minnesota plant. Mexico Frigidaire plants accommodate the manufacturing of washers and dryers. It was previously in one of the Webster cities, Lowa.

You can get an idea of the origin of the appliance through the code provided by its manufacturer. Moreover, you can identify the product’s origin through its model and brand.

Most Common Types Of Frigidaire Refrigerators

Frigidaire appliances offer a wide range of refrigerators concerning different consumption types. Let’s analyze the most common ones below.

1. Side-by-Side

Frigidaire’s side-by-side refrigerators are the best of their kind. They feature two doors, one for the freezer section and one for the fridge. Side-by-side refrigerators are perfect for families that need a lot of ice. The ice maker is perfect for parties and hangouts and is large enough to meet the needs. Frigidaire’s refrigerators are available in many colors and sizes to match the color coordination of your kitchen.

2. Top Freezer

Frigidaire has a wide array of top freezers for customers to choose from. Top freezers suit various kitchen styles and are regularly seen in restaurant kitchens and households. Top freezers offer various advantages, such as greater fridge space and keeping food fresher for longer periods. In addition, the fridges have precise temperature control and optimal air control that keeps food fresh. Frigidaire’s refrigerators are available in many colors and sizes.

3. Single Door

Frigidaire’s Single Door Refrigerator is intricate yet has a simple and minimal look. They are specifically built for large kitchens as they have a lot of capacity. Frigidaire’s Single Door Refrigerators are spacious as they contain ample space for storage. Their sleek design is attractive, and the stainless steel is pleasant to watch. They are usually paired with a Frigidaire’s Single Door Freezer and are placed side by side.

A Brief Background Of Frigidaire Appliances

The origin story of Frigidaire dates back to 1918 when the acquisition of Guardian Frigerator Company took place by General Motors. The company had created its first electric refrigerator five years earlier, in 1913. However, mass production only began when the company was formally given a name. The following century was a period of constant ups and downs until it reached stable success.

Fridgerator’s products went through constant progression to accommodate the populace’s needs. The company made products using hydrolene initially in 1921 before further developing and introducing more features such as ice cream cabinets. By 1929, the company sold its millionth fridge, which reflected its immense success.

Over the next century, Frigidaire immensely upgraded its products along with the progression of technology, and their constant dedication is why the company is such a household name today. In 1979, General Motors lost Frigidaire to White Sewing Machine Company. Electrolux took control of the company in 1986 and has been in control ever since. Despite all these changes, the company has been constantly successful and kept very high standards.

Are GE And Frigidaire Appliances The Same?

Frigidaire is a small part of GE’s appliance line, but Frigidaire is a separate brand name from its website. GE appliances are not available on Frigidaire’s website and are not for sale in any of their outlets. GE, also known as General Electric Company, is one of the largest names in home appliances, specializing in refrigerators and other home appliances. The brand has grown a lot over the past few years due to advancements in technology and has made use of its implementation in its appliances to good use. GE’s appliances have a minimal design that saves up a lot of space. Their ice-making machines, multiple drawers and storage spaces, easily accessible and safer doors, and more efficient temperature control systems

Frigidaire projects are known for their reliability and for lasting for long times. The brand offers many products and features, such as mobile shelves, water dispensers, and ice-making machines. It was the foremost organization that integrated ice-making machines in its refrigerators, and this unique quality is what makes it stand out among others. In addition, the company has greater shelf space, better filtration, sliding drawers, and even temperature cooling systems that help to elevate Frigidaire’s products in the market.

Both GE and Frigidaire’s appliances have unique features that make them distinct and special in their own way. The primary focus of Frigidaire’s appliances is to make them easy to use and access, while on the contrary, GE emphasizes saving energy and making products more efficient. As a result, Frigidaire’s products are more energy efficient, affordable, more functional, and better looking. On the other hand, GE’s products are more reasonable, have a wider range of selections, and have a minimal design. Out of all the properties mentioned above, Frigidaire’s products have better efficiency and are a great investment as they have better value for money.


1. Which one offers the best refrigerators: Frigidaire or GE?

If we compare Frigidaire and GE appliances, Frigidaire appliances consume less electrical energy. Thus, it reduces electrical consumption. However, it also depends on the consumer’s preference. Frigidaire refrigerators are more aesthetic in style and are energy savers. Yet, GE refrigerators are durable and more advanced, and trustworthy. So, both are win-win manufacturers in their way. The final choice is yours.

2. Why do my Frigidaire refrigerators make so much noise?

If your Frigidaire refrigerator is making noise, it is more likely that your appliance’s evaporative fans or compressor have undergone some defect. You can get it to check for your nearby electrician or contact the professionals to resolve the problem. We are also here to assist you with any inconveniences. Note that new models do cause some noise. Yet, you can consult a professional if the problem persists.

3. How many years of warranty do Frigidaire appliances offer?

Frigidaire appliances offer around a year warranty on all the appliances and ten years warranty for the essential parts on all the new Frigidaire models. This package is indeed a treat.


We understand that it is easier to trust any company if you know its origin and who is behind all the manufacturing. Therefore, we have compiled all the essential information regarding Frigidaire appliances to answer your queries.

Give this article a read for a brief overview. Yet, shortly, Electrolux owns Frigidaire appliances, so it is responsible for all Frigidaire manufacturing, including refrigerators, washers, and cooking appliances.

AB Sweden Electrolux owns both the GE and Frigidaire companies. Therefore, both aren’t much different. Yet, Frigidaire appliances surpass GE regarding their high performance and insufficient electricity.

We hope that you now have a comprehensive idea about who makes Frigidaire appliances worth considering. They lead the home appliances market due to their aesthetic quality, high performance, durability, and consumer satisfaction. For good measure, Frigidaire aims to provide its consumers with a cost-effective home partner that is also worth their money without compromising the quality.

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