Who Makes Forno Appliances | A lot of Facts About the Brand

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As a ground-breaking high-end kitchen series, Forno is a lineup that combines traditional Italian ideas with authentic professional design. Its guiding idea will never change: lower living expenses by offering high-quality, reasonably priced luxury without compromising durability or performance. So, who makes Forno Appliances?

Forno Appliances is a concern of CTM International, a Canadian company. They design their products with American Designers. Then, the products are manufactured in China in their production facilities. The products are sold worldwide in their central locations after being manufactured.

The brand has classic and convenient designs to make your life easier. It saves you time and money with an efficient and easy working process. Their product durability is promising!

Who Owns Forno Appliances?

CTM Group, a Canadian Corporation, started its journey in 1996 with Forno Appliances. The place was Montreal, Quebec.

The company has four parts – Giftware, Lighting, Appliances, and Hardware. Forno Brand falls under the Appliances section.

Major Locations

This company has a major presence in Montreal, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Hong Kong. They have other branch locations too (like the USA).


In China, the brand has its facilities and QC unit. Through their foreign joint ventures, they have access to a limitless range of goods, including glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal, plastic, wood, fiberglass, etc.

Design Team

The American support staff and designers lead the studio workshop and design team. In the case of Forno Appliances, the designs are Italian culture inspired.

Quality, Customer Service, Warranty of Forno Appliances

Everyone has their own choices when it comes to appliances. But you surely want good quality and excellent service. Forno appliances come with some great features.

Great User Value

Users are always happy with the Forno Appliances product. It has excellent efficiency, and it saves energy too.

You can have some good quality products at a great price because Forno Appliances are a lot cheaper when you compare with other brands.

Green Product

Forno appliances believe that nature is a friend. It designs the products as green products, targeting reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

For example, their fridges use r600 as an environmentally friendly refrigerant. The r600 refrigerant does not damage the ozone layer. Thus, it is environmentally friendly.

Revolutionary Design

We have already talked about their designs. Their products are made in China, but their designs are inspired by Italian culture.

Italian designs are accepted all over the world. People admire their techniques; these revolutionary designs are a comfort to your eyes.

Topnotch Quality

Forno appliances provide the best quality products. These products are durable and have great longevity.

The quality is uncompromised, though you get this at a cheaper rate. A product can last up to years until you might want to change the interior look of your home.

Saves Your Money

Other quality brands might have great reviews and quality. But those brands sell their products at a much higher price.

Forno provides you with the best quality within your purchase power. It saves you a handful of money.

Impressive Customer Care Service

Customers are delighted when it comes to Customer service. They have not compromised their service in decades.

From the company’s beginning, they have emphasized customer satisfaction and loyalty. So, they do not generally lose customers.


Forno appliances have a two-year warranty. You will get both parts and service for free in the first year. Though, the second year is parts only.

That means you have to pay for their labor. But the parts are still free! Well, these parts are costlier than the labor, right? So, it’s a win-win deal.

Forno Appliances Product Lineup

who makes forno appliances

Forno appliances cover a wide range of products from your day-to-day life. Ovens to heat and freezers to freeze – you can get everything here!


Both the design and construction of their cooktops are excellent. It features burners that produce tremendous heat and excels at boiling as well. They have a long-lasting finish and are extremely simple to clean. Again, the igniter is excellent too.

Freestanding Ovens

Their ovens are well crafted. They will provide you with higher-end product quality and are also easy to use.

Built-in ovens

The Ovens have outstanding durability with stainless steel, easy handling with the control panel, and excellent performance with grates made of cast iron. The designs are quirky.

Range Hoods

Forno Range Hoods are powerful with multiple fan levels. The LED lights are bright too.

Fridges and Freezers

These are uniquely designed to have more space. The fridges have r600, an environment-friendly refrigerant and they save energy too.

Wine Coolers

Using the extra units below, you may free up room in your primary refrigerator and store all the drinks in one location!


They have self-cleaning ovens which generate tremendous heat. The ranges have a dashing look and superb usability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Forno appliances manufactured?

Forno appliances are manufactured in their facilities. They do not have other manufacturers. The company is based in Montreal, Quebec.

Does Forno make electric ranges?

Yes, they do. You can choose from multiple designs that will be convenient for your home. The designs are unique.

Is Forno made in China?

The mother company of Forno Appliances has its own production houses in China. A separate Chinese company does not manufacture them.

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Final Words

From culinary masterpieces to renowned artisans, the Italian culture has inspired designers for centuries. It changed the view of modern society. Forno mixes authentic commercial designs of America with the height of Italian ingenuity. The outcome is a unique and inventive cuisine renaissance.

Still thinking, who makes Forno Appliances? It would be best if you did not worry about the authenticity of the Forno Appliances. They have their manufacturing unit in China for convenience and a better supply chain.

As they serve their products worldwide, you can assure yourself about the quality. Try the best products in the market with great design at a cheaper rate!

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