Who Makes Falken Tires – Can You Guess its Life Expectancy?

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Falken tires are pretty famous, especially among motorsport enthusiasts. They have developed a reputation for over five decades. The company focuses only on ultra-high performance for cars. There are so many distribution centers across the globe. But who makes Falken tires?

SUMITOMO Rubber North America INC bought the Falken brand in 2003. But it was originally established by a Japanese company named Ohtsu Tire and Rubber. In 2006, SUMITOMO rubber established the first plant of Falken tires at Buffalo. At present, it’s a flagship brand for motorsports.

The Falken tires also have several varieties. But its most significant contribution is in motorsports. The company also produces consumer-level products at an affordable range. But the quality is always top-notch.

Brief History Of Falken Tires

Falken Tire is a sub-brand or part of SUMITOMO rubber North America INC. It has six distribution locations across the USA in Florida, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Texas, and Tennessee.

However, there are many retail stores of Falken tires across the USA. Well, it’s an international brand, so there are many franchises across the world.

But the Falken was first launched in Japan in 1983. And after two years, it was introduced in North America.

Though the company was under Ohtsu Tire and Rubber as their flagship high-performance radial brand at first, it’s been a part of SUMITOMO Rubber Company since 2003.

Even after 35 years, the Falken tires are among the top choices among the customers because of their ultra-high performance. It’s also well known among the professional motorsport programs.

Owner of the CompanySUMITOMO Rubber North America
Corporate HeadquarterRancho Cucamonga, California
Distribution CentersSix centers across the USA
Official Websitewww.falkentire.com
Production Output10350 tons per month

Manufacturing Process Of Falken Tires

The Falken uses the “ribbon method” to manufacture special-grade tires. And because of that, it’s become possible to manufacture ultra-high precision tires. Here are the basic steps they follow to manufacture the Falken tires:

Step 1: Collect Raw Material For Metal Core

The company believes in sustainability. Therefore, they tend to use all kinds of environment-friendly materials across their tires. In the manufacturing process, combined metals are used to form the metalcore.

It’s crucial to maintain the quality because, properly, any weak or imbalanced raw materials can destroy the entire batch.

Step 2: Metal Core Production

It’s known as the former. The size and shape of the former depend on the specs of the tires. The combination for metalcore is molded at high temperatures and gives an exact shape to maintain precision.

Step 3: Automatic Precision Of Outer Part

Now comes the outer part of the tire. Composite materials are used to form the outer rubber part of the tires. Automatic engineering techniques are used to maintain the quality without any interference.

Therefore, no need for additional manufacturing tolerances. It reduces the tire weight by up to 10% and reduces the environmental burden. The precision is so accurate that it can differ by 1/100 millimeters.

Step 4: Assemble All The Components

Now, it’s time to assemble all the individual parts. For that, the manufacturers use the ribbon method. It’s a wrap-up technique. All the pieces are wrapped through the sidewall with extreme precision without overlapping. 

Types Of Falken Tires

The Falken tires are suitable in various sectors. All of them have high technological advancement and durability.

Who Makes Falken Tires

Here are the most popular types of Falken tires:

Falken Wildpeak M/T

It’s suitable for mud terrain models. The tires have shoulder blocks, reinforced sidewalls, stone ejectors, and three-ply sidewalls that make them worthy of being used on rough roads.

Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

These types of tires are compatible with max terrain tires. They have various designs like silica tread designs, large tread blocks, and biting edges. 

Falken Sincera

These types are mainly manufactured for luxurious and sports cars. They are Hi-speed rated tires.

Falken Ziex

These are all seasoned tires that notably feature wide tread voids. Their unique design gives the ability to ride on wet, dry, and snowy roads.

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Advantages Of Falken Tires

As a well-established brand, the Falken tires have numerous benefits. And because of these advantages, the brand has special consideration among the users.

Here are the pros of a Falken tire:

  • Long-lasting
  • Longer tread life warranties
  • Suitable for high-performance motorcars
  • Relatively affordable
  • Compatible with all-terrain models
  • Innovative design technology
  • Gives motorsport experience
  • Minimal noise

Disadvantages Of Falken Tires

Despite being such a famous brand, the Falken tires have some drawbacks. But they are trying to get over these shortcomings.

Here are the cons of a Falken tire:

  • Excess fuel consumption
  • Limited tire variety
  • Not suitable for “no-frills” passengers
  • Not the best choice in winter
  • Hard to purchase online

Life Expectancy And Cost

Life expectancy will always be the prime question, no matter how famous and expensive tires you buy. The same goes for Falken tires.

A Falken tire can last up to 80000 miles on average. However, it depends on different models. For example, if you use Falken tires on motorcars, they will have a lower lifespan than the average tires.

When it comes to the cost of Falken tires, they are not very expensive if you are using them for motorsports.

An average Falken tire can cost you from $150 to $240. But if you want Falken for your racing car, it will cost you around $300 and above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Goodyear own Falken?

Technically yes. Both Goodyear and Falken are a part of SUMITOMO Rubber Company.

It was their part of the deal to acquire the Goodyear tire company. SUMITOMO started its Falken brand in 2006 as a tire manufacturing brand.

Can I trust the Falken brand for my car?

Yes, you can absolutely trust the Falken brand. For over five decades, it’s gained the trust of its customers.

It’s an excellent choice for high-performance motor cars like in motorsports. You can also use the Falken tires with your terrain models without an expensive price tag.

Can I get warranties for Falken tires?

Yes, you will get free defects, and problem solves warranties with your Falken tires. They will fix or change any defective piece within six years from the date of craftsmanship and production.

Even if there are legit causes or issues, the company will also replace your tire to cover the warranty claim.

How to maintain Falken tires?

To maintain the Falken tires, you need to check the air pressure once a month. Always use nitrogen to inflate the tires. It helps to minimize the moisture and maintain the pressure.

Don’t forget to rotate the tires after riding 5000 miles. And lastly, never go 3% over or lower than the overall diameter.

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Bottom Line

The Falken tires are well featured and durable. Anyone can easily recommend the Falken tires as all seasoned tires or special motorsports graded. The quality gives you enough lifespan within your affordability.

Hopefully, the discussion on who makes Falken tires has covered all of your curiosities. Despite having some drawbacks, the tires are one of the most recommendable choices globally. So, if you want new tires for your sports car or regular terrain, you can definitely get one of the Falken tires.

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