Who Makes Doritos Chips | Who is Behind these Tasty Snacks?

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I have had a special corner in my heart for chips and snacks from childhood. As a kid, we all used to love chips. Even today, when thinking about a snack, the first thing that comes into our mind is chips. If that is Doritos Chips, it will be cherry on top. Who doesn’t like chips?

Doritos are one of the most favorite snacks worldwide. It is crunchy, crispy, and covered with a yummy orange powder. If you want to have some classic crisps, then Doritos should be your first choice. You will not be able to stop eating until the packet is empty.

Are you interested to know who makes these delicious snacks? Well, there is a mastermind behind it. In this article, we will discuss who makes Doritos Chips?

Doritos Parent Company“Frito-Lay”
Frito-Lay subsidiary ofPepsiCo
Doritos Invented ByArch West
Doritos Chips First Produced in1964
Doritos Chips First Released in1966
Doritos Headquarters inUSA
Doritos Net Worth1.48 Billion (2017)
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Who Makes Doritos Chips

Doritos chips are a popular snack food that is manufactured by Frito-Lay who is a subsidiary of PepsiCo. The company has been making the chips since 1966 and they are available in over 40 countries.

The chips were created in 1964 by a man named Arch West, who was working for Frito-Lay at the time.

Doritos have been popular after a wonderful marketing campaign and advertisements. Basically, it is a tortilla chip with a different flavor. The very first flavor was toasted corn, and they slowly invented new flavors.

Doritos have been marketed as a Super Bowl for many years. After so many years, the company started another campaign. It was promoted as “out-of-this-world.” These campaigns were so successful, and everyone loved them.

who makes doritos

How are Doritos Made

After knowing who makes Doritos Chips, you may think how are they made? Typically, Doritos are made full of corn kernels. At first, these are cooked, soaked, and rinsed really well. Then they grind the kernels to make a corn dough.

Finally, they are cut into triangles. This is the process of making the raw Doritos.

So, now it is time to create the perfect bite that everyone loves. They bake the raw Doritos triangles and fry them. A dash of salt or even unique spice is added to each triangle. The flavor is precious to add. Then, it officially becomes the Dorito.

5 Most Popular Doritos Chips Flavor

  • Cool Ranch
  • Nacho Cheese
  • Spicy Nacho
  • Spicy Sweet Chili
  • Salsa Verde

Disneyland Trash Story

There is a saying that in the early 1960s, the recipe for Doritos was launched at Disneyland. The place was a park restaurant called Casa De Fritos, and Frito-Lay owned the spot.

However, the food originally came from a local Mexican supplier. Workers from the supplier came up with the idea of frying up discarded tortillas.

The next thing they did was, they sold them to customers. Immediately, these fried tortillas were a hit. The employees took note and introduced the recipe to the mass people. They never took any credit that it was their invention.

Most people think that the story is not valid, because they know who makes Doritos Chips. They give credit to Arch West, who was an executive of Frito-Lay for inventing Doritos.

who makes doritos chips

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

Doritos was introduced as a super bowl to the mass people. The advertisement ran for many years. It has become successful in attracting consumers through its campaign. In fact, the commercials have proved that it is the cleverest and funniest among the many products.

In 2007, they invented another game called “Crash the Super Bowl“. This contest was to challenge the fans to create their own Dorito commercial. In addition, the winner will get a chance to win $100,000. This competition lasted for almost nine years.

It was said that they could not choose one advertisement but two. According to news, these two commercials for the Super Bowl earned the highest number of views of all time.

Some Fun Facts about Doritos Chips

  • In Spanish, Doritos means “little golden things.”
  • Atfirst, Doritos were not flavored. Doritos started to sell in 1966 without their now-iconic orange cheese powder. They started to flavor it up with taco seasonings in the following year.
  • Doritos with nacho cheese flavor are 50 years old.
  • These were the first-ever tortilla chips to be introduced worldwide.
  • In 1994, the company made a big difference to the original Doritos. They made it 20 percent larger and 15 percent thinner than before.
  • It has a lot of flavors. But some of them are rare such as yogurt and mint, olive, clam chowder, and so on.
  • Doritos have gone into space. It has been sent to space which is 46 light-years from earth. In 2008, EISCAT Space center in Norway exchanged the funding with advertisement.
  • Doritos are high in carbs and oil. So, it can catch fire easily. So, you can put out a campfire with the help of Doritos.
  • If you are into cooking, you can make Doritos dust. There are some recipes available on how to make nacho cheese and cool ranch dust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does India have started to manufacture Doritos?

PepsiCo India will be obtaining corn flavor to stay true to its commitment. The Doritos company has already set up a new manufacturing line. They have started to manufacture snacks in Kolkata, West Bengal.

However, the main ingredient of Doritos will be entirely from India.

Does Doritos have any logo?

Doritos was launched through an advertisement campaign. It features no brand name or even logo. At first, the target was to attract the younger generation who are not fans of everything that shows on ads.

According to the management of Frito-Lay, they want to reach such kind of generation. That is why Doritos has no logo.

Did Doritos stop making Taco flavor?

Frito-Lay stopped making Taco flavored sometime in 2020. They did it because they wanted to meet the demand. Fortunately, this flavor is back again in production.

The company confirmed sometime in November 2021 that Taco flavor Doritos has started manufacturing.

Why are Doritos triangles?

Doritos are basically tortillas that are cut into pie shapes. They are not in the shape of a triangle but a delta. For instance, we cut pizzas like this in the triangle.

Is Doritos healthy?

You may think that Doritos have the same nutrition as a traditional potato chip. But to your surprise, the serving of Doritos is relatively large with more saturated fat. These fats add nothing good to your diet. It only adds excess nutrition to your body.

Is Doritos different in Mexico?

Usually, Mexicans eat varieties of snacks compared to other countries. The Mexican version of Doritos has a more concentrated, intense cheese and jalapeno flavor than the basic version. It is distributed by the Sabritas brand. These have a spicier flavor with cheese.

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